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We get delivered from Egypt (the world) and settle for church (the desert) when there is a promised land flowing with milk and honey with signs and wonders and deliverance of unsaved loved ones.  V – 186  10-22-2022


Every day must be a day of advancement.  If you have not made any advancement since yesterday, in a measure you are backsliding.  We must catch the vision of the Master day by day for His purpose for your life.   V – 187  10-22-2022


Do you want to know Him? Do you want to be found in Him? - God wants you to see that unless you are dead indeed, unless you die with Jesus, you are not in the fellowship of his sufferings.   V – 188  5-25-22


An impossibility?  If you do not venture, you remain ordinary as long as you live.  If you dare the impossible, then God will abundantly do far above all you ask or think.   V – 189  10-23-22


All the glory that ever comes is from Jesus.  You have the glory in the measure that you have the Son of glory in you. If you are filled with Jesus, you are filled with the glory.     V – 190   5-25-22


Your Christian witness to the lost will be more effective if you regularly pray, "God, lead me to people who are ready to hear and ready to accept the good news of Jesus."  V – 191  10-23-22

When we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places, we can see and understand spiritual things.  Spiritual insight comes when we live by and walk in God's light -- we become visionaries.  V – 192   10-23-2022


Don't let the giants in your life scare you into hiding. Let God know you'll trust His Word no matter what the circumstances say -- knowing you'll see Him demonstrate His power and faithfulness on your behalf.  V – 193 10-23-2022


No matter how the world may be trying to put out your light, do not let it! Jesus is the light of the world inside us – our spirits burn bright and come alive making every day new.   V – 195   5-26-22


The Lord is doing a mighty work in your midst. Keep your eyes on Him, come up where He is and He will show you the tactics of the enemy. Pray and decree as you hear and see.   V – 199  10-26-2022


I set myself on God’s altar today to allow myself to be consumed by His fire of purging and His fire of love. I refuse to allow the move of God in me to be mis-carried.   V - 200   10-26-22


We have been given the power to act as intercessors --- we need to decree our freedom and our blessing and extend that freedom to others by reversing the curses of darkness.   V – 202  5-26-22


God wants us to be so in tune with His Spirit that we are able to feel His heart of compassion toward those around us who are hurting or afflicted with sickness and pain.   V – 203  10-26-22

The Holy Spirit, the Helper, is ready to give out gifts and is giving out gifts to those who are ASKING, KNOCKING, and SEEKING to come to understand and carry out God's purpose for their life.    V – 205    10-26-2022


If you are not praising and giving thanks to God, then there is no praise to be inhabited. God's presence is true substance and life. Give God some praise to inhabit! Create a steady diet of praise in your life.  V – 206   10-27-2022

The devil and various circumstances have tried hard to move me, but I have made up my mind that I am not moving from the place where Jesus called me to give my heart!    V – 207  5-27-22


Many of us are challenged with RELIGIOUS MINDSETS, OLD BELIEF SYSTEMS, and OLD PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR.   Paul addressed these strongholds and also stated that they were to be pulled down.    V – 208  10-27-2022


I am a new creature in Christ and His power resides within me.  God’s anointing on my life breaks the yoke of what is holding me back from entering into HIS PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE.    V – 209    10-27-2022


One of the marks of an overcomer is hunger and complete dissatisfaction with business as usual. It’s time to remove all lids of limitations off -- believe God for big things – we don’t hold back.    V – 210 10-27-2022


I confess that God is filling me with supernatural endurance to stay put until I have successfully completed the assignment He asked me to do.  V – 211  6-1-22


It doesn’t matter how hard the devil tries to hack away at my mind, I still stand strong because I know what Jesus’ death and resurrection purchased for me!   V – 212   11-1-22



Rest is abandoning the need to control. Resting is not a matter of physical stillness;  it is peace in the inmost being, which comes from trusting Him with all your circumstances.    V – 213   11-1-22


Consider that Jesus is called “The Word.”  The “kisses of His mouth” is nothing less than the vital communication of the Word of God to me.  V – 214   5-31-22


Repent and be restored to your rightful place of authority. Realize that His Blood is much more powerful than your past.  Discover and move into the purpose of God for your life.     V – 218     11-1-2022


You have that anointing -- the Anointed One -- residing on the inside of you if you are born again. Stir up that anointing.  Stand up in the midst of the storm.   ZZ – 140   11-1-22


Rejoice in the Lord (Habakkuk 3:17-19). Our circumstances may not produce rejoicing, but we can rejoice in Him.   V – 221  6-1-22


Don't rush ahead of the Lord. Be sure to inquire of the Lord concerning every door of opportunity. Remember the examples of Abraham and Sarah when they got ahead of God, and Joshua.   V – 222   6-1-22


How can we position ourselves to move forward? The Lord is looking for us to engage -- Worship, rejoicing, and "dying to self.  There is grace on these practices to unlock strategies.     V – 223   6-1-22


The young maiden (the Church) asks to be drawn to her Bridegroom (Jesus) with her spirit.  "Draw me," she says "into the most inward parts of my spirit, so that I might completely run to you."  V – 224   1-20-21



Power in prayer is not based on emotions, feelings, or the theories of men, but upon the Word of God, our agreement with it, our oneness with Christ, who is the Living Word.   V – 225   6-2-22



My faith is tough, resistant, persistent, obstinate, and stubborn. My spirit is so tenacious that it refuses to let go! It isn’t a question of “IF” my victory will come – It’s only a question of “When” it will come!     V – 226  6-2-22



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We get delivered from Egypt (the world) and settle for church (the desert) when there is a promised land flowing with milk and honey with signs and wonders and deliverance of unsaved loved ones.  V – 186  10-22-2022 Every day must be a day of…Continue

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