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Jesus gives "divine glimpses" into the destiny of His people. He is more faithful than people realize!"
Disappointment, discouragement, weariness, past experiences, hope deferred and hurt have limited many of God's people from being able to dream big and to have faith for greater things.

Expectation is a great key—it's time to "Come up here and see" - Revelation 4:1!  Jesus releases glimpses of destiny prints to His people. What He shows them is so much bigger than they could have ever imagined! They are plans for their life and destiny that were not possible to be completed by them and only He could do it.  As He begins showing them glimpse after glimpse of what is to come—life, hope, and healing are being brought to their hearts and souls. His joy explodes within them, igniting the fire to dream again.

He is looking for alignment and expectation. His amazing plans for His people, these glimpses, lifts the people of God up higher in their expectation, their faith and ability to dream again.


The time is now, for the winds of destiny and breakthrough momentum to collide, releasing believers into the next phase of their destiny and breakthrough. For such a time as this! It's time for His people to move into the new level of their destiny position.

The people of God are coming alive with passion, clarity, insight and revelation of the greater realm of destiny that He is opening up for them, and the JOY of what He has called them to. Even those who did not know, those who were confused, had lost their footing, those who were disorientated, not sure what He is asking them to do, what they were called to or what He was doing—those things are falling away and they are being overtaken by the joy of the destiny glimpses He is revealing.

This is the season of greater throne room encounters are upon the Body of Christ. You shall see His goodness and glory like you never have before. You will be awakened by His love and His fire in new ways. Your desires and dreams are being breathed upon, but that's just where He is beginning. He is going to exceed your biggest dreams and wildest imaginations that you have dreamed with Him and delighted in Him. He is restoring you!

He is challenging expectations! What are your expectations of this season? Are you dreaming big? Those things that have stopped you from dreaming big, He is healing them, and He is calling you higher.

The wonder and awe of "who He is" is being restored!


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Started by Albert Finch Oct 3, 2018.

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