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When things are going a different direction, we have to know that our identity is -- to fellowship with the Living God.

We were created to fellowship with Him; and that is to be so intimate, that wherever we are, we feel His breath, His hand, His pleasure. We feel the brush of angels' wings. We're so aware of Him that that's why we go some places, and that's why we don't go other places, because we're aware that He would not be comfortable there, and it would not bring Him pleasure.

Every day you face hundreds of choices – choice, after choice, after choice. And with each choice, just as with each step, it could draw you closer to Jesus, or away from Him. For the enemy would come and sow seeds of doubt, unbelief. He would put work, after work, after work – of failure, of discouragement, of disappointment – to where you begin to say, 'Where are You?'"

He would say back to you, 'Where are you?' Is that not what He said to Adam and Eve? -- 'Where are you?'

Where are you with Him this night? Are you in the fold of His arms? Are you where His hand can rest upon your head, and give you right thinking and right understanding? Are you so close that He needs only to whisper, and you feel His breath, and know exactly what He is sending you to do, and the message He will send you to carry?

Let the distance cause you to come closer and closer and closer. Learn to run into His arms. Learn to acknowledge His presence in every hour of the day, until you become so aware that you too cannot escape His presence, just like David. Because if you too were locked in the pits of Hell, He would come and get you, for you are His property.


You were created by a Creator who wanted you. Perhaps the circumstances of your birth were not the highest on this earth, but in heaven there was dancing. Part of God's family had come to the earth, made in the image of God, for fellowship, for identity.

Know that you were created for a purpose. And after you know that purpose, then begin to pray. Seek His face for strategy, for what you were placed on the earth for. And know that you too must come to the point in your life that man cannot persuade you to take a left, or a right, to stop, or to run.

But you too will have a song in your heart, and that song will be the same song that Jesus sang: 'I must be about My Father's business. I only do what the Father shows Me.' But you must be very close, to see when He directs you, when He whispers, when He nudges, when He restrains you, and He says, 'Wait. Rest.'

Be not concerned about pride, of always being right. But be more concerned about -- "Seek first the Kingdom of God and My righteousness, and everything will be added unto you."


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Started by Albert Finch Oct 3, 2018.

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