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For those who are faint in their heart be of good cheer for the Lord has overcome all that surrounds you. Remember He said, "lo, I am with you always, even until the end of time." (Matthew 28:20)

Draw Him into the situation that is trying to draw you into the valley of fear. As you draw Him in His faith within you (Galatians 2:20), rises up, fear will bow down and diminish.

Let the faith that He has given you -- let that gift be opened to a greater degree. Release the faith that is within you. Allow Him to take that faith, even that tiny mustard seed, and speak multiplication, for He has not come to judge your unbelief. He has come to celebrate your mustard seed.

Call Him in as the One who brings the breakthrough. Call Him as the One who holds time in His hand. Call Him in as the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega. Call Him in to be the One who stands as the Good Shepherd, and takes His staff and hits the ground, and takes His rod and beats back all that would come to oppose you.

Let His Word rise up, mixed with faith. Let praise be the crown that you would send on the wings of an angel back to Him. As you bring forth honor and glory to His name, He will turn the tide that wants to drown you and rob you of your faith, for He comes to multiply faith -- to take your hand and your broken heart, and to hold them in His hands and bring healing and wholeness.

Use the authority of His name. Cease to tremble. Let the demons flee and tremble. Command the waves to be still. Command the storms to cease. Command the Peace of Understanding to penetrate situations as He brings to your understanding revelation knowledge and crowns you with favor.

For such a time as this He is lifting up a people who will decree, and who will declare, that Jesus is not only Lord, but that they will say also in one accord, 'It is Finished. It is Written."

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Holy Spirit, I pray for the joy, the wine, the music, the dancing and the freedom that is in the Father's house.Dear Holy Spirit I ask for a release upon me holy laughter and prophetic laughter. May freedom, healing, and deliverance come out of Your…Continue

Started by Albert Finch Oct 3, 2018.

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