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When God reveals to me the assignment that I was born to fulfill, I prioritize my life in keeping with that vision.  There are some good people who are “bad” for me because they’re distracting me from my purpose.  V – 460   8-24-22


Our spiritual learning shouldn't be just theology books but a distinguishable crazy love that goes public.  What the world really wants to see is a Christian who is totally enthralled with Jesus.  V – 461  8-24-22


The Spirit of the resurrected Christ living in me has disqualified me from the mundane and ordinary. I am qualified for the impossible, because I'm a believing Believer.  V – 462     8-24-22


You will find deep refreshment in the move of God that He is going to birth through you as you build with Him. Pray and fast, lean in and listen, for you are being positioned to HOUSE wells of His glory.  V – 465   8-24-22


The enemy has manipulated and controlled many through distractions during 2022. Awaken and lift up your eyes to see His kairos timing and experience your breakthrough.   V – 466   8-24-22


His Word will come forth as His life within you, and that life cannot be stopped. His word within you is being watered even with your tears of frustration and sorrow. Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory!   V – 467    8-25-22


Live a worshipful lifestyle, and a non-reactionary lifestyle to the enemy and his schemes. Take communion often -- remember where you are seated and live from that place.  V – 468   8-25-22


The Holy Spirit likes to stretch us and expand the borders of our tents. In this way we grow to experience and carry greater measures of revelation and vision concerning God’s Purpose for our life.  V – 469  8-25-22


God is calling us be who He made us to be. He created us and spoke life into us to empower us to take hold of our calling in Christ and to see the fruit of that in our lives.  V – 470   8-25-22


Most people just exist. We need to know that the life Christ came to give us doesn't automatically fall on us like the sunshine and rain He gives us;  we must find His calling on our life.  V – 471   8-26-22


Whatever you are facing or dealing with, and no matter how hard the situation may be, God has sent the Fire of the Holy Spirit. He equips you to do the work needed. You are an aggressive spiritual warrior carrying the Christ truth.   V – 472     8-26-22


TODAY, all that Christ has done, and is now doing in heaven, and is able to do within me -- this very day --- it is within my reach.  TODAY the wondrous love of God is for me -- it is even now being poured out into my heart.   V – 473    8-26-22

Abide in Jesus; become obsessive about resting in Him; speak the Word out loud over yourself, praying in the Spirit and meditating on His Word. The enemy cannot compete with passionate obedience to God's Word.   V – 475    8-26-22


Even if you have lost all hope -- if you feel you're going to break, act like Jesus is your Magnificent Obsession, because He is. REFUSE to back down, refuse to be cast down, refuse to give in.   V – 476   8-27-22


Your treasure – your calling and ability to live for Jesus – is the focus of your life. You need to know that the way to get through this season is to press into Jesus for more revelation than you ever have before.   V – 477    8-27-22


The victim mentality is when we have allowed life's circumstances to dictate our worth and to compromise our purpose. When we walk by faith in His word, we are confident that He will not fail us.  V – 479   8-27-22


You were born to be an influencer, a game-changer, a pioneer for His Kingdom. Don't allow your circumstances to confuse the truth about who God has deemed you to be.  V – 480  8-27-22


The minute we focus on what is going on around us, we lose sight of the direction we need to take. We cannot trust in our understanding; instead, we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.   V – 481   8-29-22


I am no longer going to sit in the wilderness where the devil steals the blessings of God Out from under me.  I have God’s permission and His power and His ability to take the land.   V – 482   8-29-22


How blessed that when everybody around you is interested in everything else, you are thinking about Jesus Christ.   V – 483  8-29-22


I don’t sit around waiting for God to produce my harvest.  I find precious promises from the word of God and plant them in my heart and in my life.   V – 484      8-29-2022

The Holy Spirit is working in us and bringing us to a condition where we know He is doing a work in us.  When people look at us and see the glory, they will see the luster of the glory of Jesus Christ.   V – 486   8-30-22


I start watching over my land (my heart and my mind) to keep it moist, watered with the word, and free from weeds (unforgiveness, doubt, fear, and discouragement).   V – 487        8-30-22


The word of God in my mouth is spoken into my heart. The words I speak – if they are words of life – give life, quicken, make alive. Until I speak the word, it has not reached its highest form.  V – 488        8-30-22


All we need is to choose to believe His goodness, declare it, meditate on it, speak it over our lives and circumstances, receive it by faith, and watch what the Lord will do on our behalf!      V – 491        3-15-22


Righteousness is not something you get through right behavior. It is right standing with the Father. Paul calls it the “gift of righteousness.” To “seek” this gift is to be conscious of the fact that you have it.   V – 492    8-30-22


Our work is not to make the gospel relevant to the world.  To change the world we must be different from the world. We must challenge what people think. The spirit of the resurrected Christ is in you -- find it.  V – 493   9-1-22


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