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For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21

I was born and brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, where we worshipped idols and gave priority to goddesses. We were very zealous about caste; we used to ridicule people of lower castes and tribal people. We even thought that Christians were also of the low caste. This is why we never allowed any Christians or low-caste people into our home nor let alone touched them. We had our own isolated puja (prayer) room in our house, which contained 27 pictures of various idols. Twenty years ago our entire family was attacked by witch craft, performed by our neighbor. Consequently, my mother and I were demon possessed. For example, while we were starting to have our food, the cooked rice turned into worms. Many nights we couldn’t Sleep because we heard somebody knocking at our door at nights, but when we opened the door no one was there. In the morning, we woke up to see all our things scattered about. We approached many magicians to try to get rid of these problems and demons. We spent a lot of money and went to many Hindu temples to offer money and materials. But we couldn’t find any deliverance, rather the problems increased even more than before. At last, one Sunday all eight of our family members decided to commit suicide. But fortunately a lady who was serving in a Catholic Church behind our home passed through our house. She asked us, "Why do you look very sad?" As she was talking to my grandmother, the lady entered our home and looked into our puja (prayer) room. Then she said, "In this puja (prayer) room you are keeping many gods, pictures and idols. Did any god died for your sins, except Jesus Christ?" Though we had read some books about Hinduism, we never found any god like Jesus, who died on the cross and who was resurrected from the dead.

Finally we confessed that Jesus is the only God, who died for our sins. Then we shared our problems with the lady and she invited us to attend church. Miraculously, our family escaped from committing suicide. We obtained peace of mind but as we discovered later, not full deliverance from the demons. After some time, one of my mother’s colleagues invited us for an all-night prayer meeting at the Church of South India (Madras), which we attended for seven months. But on the seventh month the demons attacked my mother and me more vigorously. Then the pastor told us about confession of sin and salvation through Christ. The same days my mother was delivered, but I was yet to receive any deliverance. My parents sincerely repented and were baptized. We went back home burned all our idols, pictures, etc.

Three months after my parents` conversion, I was again terribly attached by the demons and laid in bed unconscious for seven days. Even my parents lost hope that I would gain consciousness again. But the pastor from the Pentecostal Church prayed without taking a drop of water for seven days and I got life back. Thorough this event, all the rest of our family came to the Lord and since that time our entire family have been devoted only to Christ. All this occurred in 1979.

After that I went on to further study. While I was completing my degree the Lord called me to serve him full time. He confirmed my call through Luke 6:13 \"AND WHEN DAY CAME HE CALLED HIS DISCIPLES AND CHOSE TWELVE OF THEM, WHOME HE ALSO NAMED APOSTLES\'. I had the privilege of studying the word of God for three years in a seminary(B.D) school at Dehra Dun Uttranchel in North India.

There I received the burden for Punjabis to share the love of Jesus Christ and in 1993, I became a pioneer missionary along with my family. I worked as Project Manager under World Vision in Dehra Dun in the state of Utter Pradesh. He was promoted as Coordinator and transferred to Chandigarh when the Lord spoke to me in 1993 to be a church planter.


After I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ! as my Lord and Savior I started walking in the Lord by reading scriptures and meditating His Word regularly. By His grace I had got admission for B.Sc. under Madras University. While I was doing the course I began to pray in the college every day during lunch hour for the salvation of other students in the college. First year of my course no one use to come for prayer but on second year the Lord brought some three students came to the Lord and I started regular prayer cell in the college, but we used to gather evening for an half hour for prayer in a Christian school which was so close to the college. By His grace final year there were 16 students came to the Lord in spite of huge problem against me and a Professor Premula Newsam who also involved with spiritual activities through me and pupil protested and asked principal to dismiss me because I distributed Gideon New Testament and 16 students conversion. At last there was three months college closed and made big inquiry against me and the professor By the grace of God the Lord changed all the officers and directors mind and heart. Again reopened the college with peace and those were against me they also became friends to me. After I was praying regularly for further step for my future and happened to attend an all night prayer , while dawn 5 am the Lord spoke to me Luke 6:13 When morning came, he called for his disciples to come to him. He chose 12 of them and made them apostles. It was understood that the Lord is calling me for full time to serve HIm. Again By His grace I have got B.Sc., in first class and my parents and brothers forced me to go for further studies in the secular but I stubborn of His call and fasted for three months continuously. During these hard days with my brothers and sisters and parents , i had an opportunity to get an high position in the fisheries department as Fisheries Inspector which is gazetted rank with good money, but I refused to join. Finally at the end of my fasting and prayer the Lord worked powerfully and changed the minds of my parents and other brothers and sisters in order to get rid of their obstacles for me to go full time ministry. However they all were come to an conclusion to delivered me full time ministry. Praise the Lord!!!!!

Of course the Lord had opened a door to join in Disciple Training School and School of Evangelism under YOUTH WITH A MISSION,US based in Madras ( South India) in 1983. After the completion of training I had started doing ministry. By His absolute Grace of God, I have had completed my course .

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