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I desire to commune with God which is my greatest strength.

I seek oneness with Jesus with my whole being.

As I depend continually on Jesus, my whole perspective changes.

I begin each day with joyful expectation watching what He will do through me.

The intimate adventure that I am seeking is for me to consciously live, move, and have my being in Him desiring oneness with Him.

I let the dew of His Presence refresh my mind and heart.

His presence revitalizes me as I sit quietly with Him.

In the intimacy of His Presence, I am energized.

When I commune with Him in the garden of my heart I am blessed.

My way of living in the world is through Him, thereby pushing back the darkness, for He is the Light Of The World.

Living in His Presence means living in two realms simultaneously -- the visible world and unseen, eternal reality.

I enjoy the warmth of His Presence shining through me as I bask in the light of His Love.

As I rely on His empowering Presence, He infuses His strength into me, moment by moment, giving me all that I need for this day.

His reality is eternal and unchanging, therefore, far more real than the world I see around me.

I am created to, first and foremost, to know Him and live in rich communion with Him.

By staying close to HIm I present myself as a living sacrifice.

The most routine part of my day can be a spiritual act of worship, holy and pleasing to Him.

I am designed to live in union with Jesus -- when I try to live independently of Him, I experience emptiness and dissatisfaction.

I wait quietly in His presence while His thoughts form silently in the depths of my being.

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