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Poor Devil in my world!

Poor Devil in your world! WHY is Satan SO poor? He only flaunts his ideas of destruction; but, everything that he does is lie to people.

I see HOW he operates; and, it is hard for a person to see the evil in Satan; unless they are walking with the Holy Ghost and keeping Christ’s commandments.

Satan’s ways indeed appear beautiful and sensible; but, the cost to the human soul of following him leads to the same destruction that he himself will face…


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The Fear of The Lord

Hello my dearest friends in Christ Jesus!

No matter HOW MUCH we learn or know, God will always be smarter and wiser than we are.

There is NOTHING that was and is and is to come that the Father does not already know about.

Therefore, since the Father has hidden himself in his Son, and his Son has hidden himself in us, we have been hidden in him; as well.

Therefore, through his fear and grace, we understand the depth of all…


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God’s holy name is Jehovah. His kingdom has been established through his Son, Jesus Christ; and, ALL of Christ’s commandments are the way that The Kingdom of THE LORD JEHOVAH operates.

The risen Christ and his name lives forever; and, every creature can know THE LORD JEHOVAH as both Father and God if they trust in the name of JESUS CHRIST for their salvation.

Oh How happy are those who know THE LORD JEHOVAH. Amen!…


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JESUS CHRIST, The Son of the Living God - The Authority of Heaven, Itself


HOW does the Father see the world? How do the angels see the world?

They see people - having an opportunity to accept the good news of the kingdom of God, for their salvation.

WHERE then does this kingdom come from? It is NOT from this planet. It is ONLY from heaven.

Yes, it is from God’s…


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The “GOD” Question - The Honor of Kings


The Power of The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is his GREAT, GREAT LOVE; and, there are many questions that people may ask; but, EVERY answer to ALL questions are found in the TRUTH of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.

Therefore, just because people do not believe in Jesus Christ, does NOT mean that, he is a fake. And,…


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EASY - Dare to Follow Jesus Christ


The Salvation that Jesus paid for is much more than to just sit around and not act upon it.
But, in order to be productive in our faith, we must consider the very one who gave it to us, in the first place.
As we think like Jesus and learn his ways, his kingdom begins to really reign in us. THIS makes life SO EASY. Amen.

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Leadership - Equality and Truth in Business


Capture the heart of the Father, and do his will; and everyone will be blessed around you.
As disciples of the living Christ, every one of us has an equal opportunity to receive of him.
Christ’s good news message spells justice for ALL. And TRUE LEADERS display this message, in the lives that they live.

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Truth and Lies - True Light - True Darkness


Everyone wants to put the blame on others; yet, YOU are accountable for what you hear from the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no mystery the choice that people have to choose; the mystery is WHY they reject Jesus Christ.

The fact is, only ONE is the truth; and, ALL others are liars.

My question is this: If ALL will…


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God’s children share in partnership with the Father. And, all those who are his are required in finding out about his righteousness and calling.

Once we see HOW the Father operates, we must get busy and use our efforts in serving him.

HOW then shall we say that our faith is working, if we don’t understand his…


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The Father’s hands are not only on us, they not only lead and comfort and guide us; but, they show themselves through our hands, as HE reaches humanity with HIS GREAT LOVE - through the gospel of his holy child Jesus Christ.

As his instruments, we are reminded of his awesome power that he performs through…


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CHRIST’S Glorious Bride - “But he that is JOINED UNTO THE LORD is ONE SPIRIT.” I Corinthians 6:17


The calling of Christ’s Glorious Bride stands out; as the love and power of the Father is ever more showing himself alive - to a very dark and selfish world.

But, what if Christ’s Glorious Bride were not faithful? Even so, this action would not change the GROOM; for his gifts and calling are irreversible.

In the…


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EYES - Accountable and True


Although the issue for the forgiveness of sins has been paid for by Jesus on Calvary; sin still lies at the door.

The evidence of this is found in our deeds or actions. But the source of our actions comes from our EYES.

If we live by faith, our EYES stay sinless. If we live by sight, death reigns in us.

The keeping of the…


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“NEW” is what humanity had before they fell. It is also what they have NOW been restored to; but, it will do them no good, unless they choose to ACCEPT what Jesus Christ has paid for them to have.

What Jesus Christ has paid for us to have is EVERYTHING that he has.

Shall we stay in the “OLD” and not in the “NEW” and thereby not…


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Smart - Christ’s Beautiful FAITH


The wisdom of the Father is the love of the Father; and, the love of the Father is found in the gospel of his Son.

So, faith in Christ’s gospel not only has the power to convert us, it has the power to make us SMART and to live victoriously in a lost and directionless world.

This book/sermon reminds of the Beautiful Faith of Jesus…


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Sinking Ships - Where Goes The Soul?


Have we forgotten THE VALUE of our souls?
Has THE LOVE OF MONEY blinded us into rejecting the righteousness of God?
Have we lived holy before our Maker; or, do we believe in our own righteousness?
What hope do we have then without the Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ? For without it, are souls are sunk. Amen.

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The very nature of The everlasting Father has been revealed through his holy child, Jesus Christ.
HIS voice of LOVE has penetrated the hearts of humanity from ALL walks of life.
NONE is more REAL than the presence of the Father in us - even as it was and is in the Lord Jesus Christ, himself. Amen.

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Thank You! The Sound of the Music of Heaven


The world seeks perfection by and through their own means; but, the only perfect one is Christ Jesus.
As we follow and obey the commandments of Christ, he fills us with his love; and, when his love fills us, a most beautiful sound comes from out of our hearts and out of our lips. That sound is THANK YOU!

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Identification - BEYOND Partnership - Called out of Darkness


The Father’s desire for fellowship with his creation has come to reality.

THIS journey of faith requires honesty; otherwise, God is made (by a people) a liar.

The Father respects no particular people; but, those who honor him honor his Son; and they receive ALL spiritual blessings.

Could we - not knowing WHO we are, be…


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The LIVING Word of God - Reflections of Eternity


The Father’s nature is in his Word. When his LIVING Word is in us, we begin to do as Jesus did. We begin to speak as Jesus spoke. He begins to show his love through us towards people. We see as the Father sees. We hear as the Father hears.

We have become his honorable instrument. All of a sudden, we go back to…


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Getting Real with JESUS - A Basic Boot Camp in Christianity


Some quotes of this book are as follows:

“If we are going to GET REAL WITH JESUS, we must emulate him IN EVERY WAY”.

“If we are ever to accept the truth of Jesus, we must NOT EVER be ashamed neither of his resurrection power nor of the gifts of the Holy Ghost!”

“My friends, it is NOT a question of your…


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SUNDAY SCHOOL - July 11, 2021

John 8:39 - "They answered and said to Him, 'Abraham is our father.' Jesus said to them, 'If you are Abraham's children, do the deeds of Abraham.'"Abraham was an alien and a stranger on the earth. The goal of his life was to have a place in what God…Continue

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