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Exercise 1

Exercise #1 (May be done in a small group or individually - one-on-one)

Have a class member read out loud the synopsis of Galatians.

Synopsis of Galatians

Main Themes:

A defense of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith, warnings against Reversion to Jewish ceremonial laws, and a vindication of Paul's Apostleship.

Chapter 1:
Paul proclaims the gospel which he preached came directly by revelation from Christ. He expresses his disappointment that the Galatians have turned away from the true gospel he has preached to them and are now following a false gospel preached by a group of Christian Jews.

Chapter 2:
Paul declares that FAITH alone justifies a person in God's sight. Nothing else is to be added to this basic requirements for salvation. (Romans 3:28)

Chapter 3:
Paul states that anyone who would exchange the grace of Jesus Christ for keeping the Jewish law, as the Galatians were tempted to do, was foolish indeed. The Jewish Christians had been insisting on making Gentiles sons of Abraham through the rite of circumcision. But Paul declares that Gentile Christians are already Abraham's sons because they share the faith that he demonstrated.
He indicates the purpose of the law as a schoolmaster to prepare the way for Christ.

Chapter 4:
Paul's criticism of the Galatian Christians for observing "days, and months, and times, and years" is a reflection of the influence of false teachers. He calls these false teachers "dogs" and "evil workers" for undermining the true gospel. (Philippians 3:2)

Chapter 5:
Freedom in Christ is not a license to live as one pleases. We are saved to a life of love and service toward others. Believers are compelled by God's grace to follow only one law -- the royal law of love. When they lapse into legalism (making keeping the law a requirement for salvation) the lose their spiritual liberty and make Christ's sacrifice of no avail. The fruit of the Spirit in the believers life is a natural result of God's grace and love in the human heart.

Chapter 6:
Paul reminds the Galatians that Jesus and His death on the cross are the central focus of the salvation story--not whether a person should be circumcised.


Homework Assignment

1. Read book of Galatians
2. Write out in full the scriptures containing the following "key
words" that are our "Inheritance In Christ":

In Christ, through Christ, unto Christ, into Christ, in me, by Christ, be Christ's, in the Spirit.

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