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Belive on GOD and wait the call of God in his life and in his every work

Monday 17/11/2014:

                                    (Belive on GOD and wait the call of in his life)

Today if we look the world. Every persons want more money, big home and car and Bank balans everything want every first in his life. But every one not like the wait in his life and not turt. Wait is long time. But if you read the Bible then, Bible told us about wait. Bible says we must accept with in his life.

PSALMS chapter number 40, verse number 1, in which verse Dawood says “i waited patiently for the Lord help” in verse Dawood says we must belive the God and must accept the call of God in his life. And if we read the verse number 4, then Dawood says “Happy are those how trust the lord how do not turn to idols”

It is very must importain we belive to alive God, and wait the call of God in his life and in his work. Because in earth and in Heaven not give his other name, only give us one name is JESUS.  Without jesus we not freedom in his every problem.

If we see the life of ABRAM, Bible abram is honest man. And he wait the call of God in his life and in his work. Abram was belive on God. GENESIS Chapter number 15, verse 5. “ Abram have no descendants but Abram every time belive to God, and Abram wait the Call of God in his. Then in verse 5 to 6, God says to Abram “the lord took him outside and said, “look at the sky and try to count the stars; you will have as many descenants as that.” Abram put his trust in the lord and because of this the lord was pleased with him and accepted him.”

Bible says Abram was 100 years old age and her wife Sarah was 99 years old age. But Abram belive to God and he wait the call of God in his life. Then GOD give to Abram a child, GENESIS CHAPTER number 21 and verse number 1 to 3. “the lord blessed sarah, as he has promised, and she became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham when he was old. The boy was born at the time god has said he would be born. Abraham named him Isaac,”  if we belive to GOD and wait the call of GOD in his life then God do a big work in his life.

                                                 ( If we look the life of JOSEPH)

Joseph is very honest man, and he belive to God and he always wait the call of God in his life. Bible says Joseph, a young man of seventeen, took care of the sheep and goats with his brother, the song of bilhaha and zilpah. His father concubines, he brought bad reports to his father about what his brother were doing. Then we see all brothers of Joseph “Reuben heard them and tried to save josehp. “let not kill him, he said. Let’s sell him to these ishmaelites, and when we see in Bible GENESIS chapter number 39 verse 1 to 2. “Bible says Now the Ishmaelites had taken Joseph to Egypt and sold him to potiphar, one of the king officers who was the captain of the palace guard,”  IN Bible we see. Joseph was well built and good looking, and after a while his master wife began to desire joseph and asked him to go to bed with her. But Joseph fallow the God and we wait the call of god in his life. Because he refused and said to her. Look my master does not have to concern himself with anytihing in the house, because i am here. But although she asked Joseph day after day, he would not go to bed with her. But one day when Joseph went into the house to do his work, none of the house servants was there. Come to bed with me. “she caught him by his robe and said. Come to bed with me but he escaped and ran outside. Leaving his robe in her hand.

If Joseph want he do everyting with this woman. But Joseph fallow the God and he wait the call in his life and in every work. After this and had joseph arrested and put in the prison where the king prisoners were kept. And there he stayed. But the lord was with Joseph and blessed him so that the jailer was pleased with him. If we fallow the order of God and wait the call of GOD in his life the then God give us power and god must do a big work in his life because is problem of God. And we see the life of Joseph. Joseph go to jail but joseph fallow the God in jail wait the call in jail then after the God work of joseph. GENESIS CHAPTER number 41 verse 41, “i now appoint you governor over all Egypt. The king removed from his finger the ring engraved withhte royal seal and put it on jeseph finger. He put a ifne linen robe on him and placed a gold chain round his neck he gave him the second royal chriot to ride in, and his guard of honour went ahead of him and cried out ,

Because it is more importain we wait the call of God in his life and belive to god.


If we see the life of JESUS:  jesus allow the order of father. jesus In every time wait the call of father in his life. MATTHEW CHAPTER number 26 verse number 39. “ he went a little farther andfell on his face and prayed saying, o my father, if it is possible. Let this cup pass from me, nevertheless, not as i will, but as you will”  in verse we see one time JESUS says ” let this cup pass from me” but jesus belive to his father and then he says again not as i will but as you will.

Because jesus wait the call of father in his life . in bible PHILIPPIANS CHAPTER number 2 verse number 7 to 11, “but made himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondervant, and coming in the likeness of men. And beiing found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. Therefore god also hashighly exlalted him and given him the name which is above evcry name. That at the name of jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth,”

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