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What is  it to abide in the Living Word of His Rest!?  What is it to abide in the Living  Word of His Glory?  To be literally "Clothed from on High, with the Heavenly  Mansion of His Word, His Living Word, His Living Will, His Mind, the Mind of the  Father, the Mind of Christ!!!
     There is  a place, a place in Him, a place of His Glory, a place of His Rest, a Secret  Place, where only the sweet essence of His Grace abides, even I would say unto  you, the very throne of His Grace abides, where those who are His, those chosen  in Him, come boldly before that throne, that inward throne that is firmly  established, firmly planted upon their heart, hearts fixed upon the author and  finisher of their faith, JESUS CHRIST!!!  It is in this place, that a voice is  heard, a voice that comes in the stillness, a voice that is quiet, a voice that  reflects the Mind of the Father, through the Spirit of Truth, and resonates with  the power of His Wisdom, His Knowledge, His Grace and Tender  Mercy!!!
     What a DAY that  unfolds to the understanding of such a one, who deliberates no longer, one who  is fixed and stayed upon a TRUTH, that STANDS victorious through all ages,  through all seasons, through all circumstances, that Our God Reigns, in fact  Reigns victorious in Living Stones, a Living Altar, of those chosen in Him, to  abide, in the DAY of His REST!!!  A DAY firmly established in the minds and  hearts transfixed in, with and through, the Holy ONE of Israel!!!  The Living  Word of TRUTH!!!  It is in this place, this Secret and abiding place of His  GLORY, the Place of His PUPOSE, the very Place of His WILL, that He comes forth  IN us, to declare a story, a parable revealed, to those with ears to hear, and  eyes to see, a Plan that was set before TIME, began, a plan that would unfold  throughout the  Ages, a Plan of Salvation, a Plan of Deliverance, a Plan of  Hope, catapulting one into a Living, Breathing, Pulsating Faith, in the ONE, and  only ONE, who dwells in hearts, that have been prepared to receive the GLORY of  the Mind of the FATHER, through the SON, JESUS  CHRIST!!!
     Here, in this MAN,  this "HIDDEN MAN OF THE HEART", a voice would come forth, a voice that is  simple, a voice that is clear, a voice that dispels all the doubts of the  troubled mind, a voice that resonates, with the clear distinction of TRUTH, a  voice that reverberates the Wisdom and Knowledge of the voice of a Shepherd, the  ONE, and only Shepherd of TRUTH, a Shepherd of the Eternal Wisdom of the Ages,  of the I AM that I AM, that spoke in a covenant of old unto a son, that was  "drawn from the waters", and taken to a Mount, in the midst of a wilderness that  even then, "was so much higher than I"!!!
     What a Mount this was, a Mount that, in the midst of the wilderness, ONE stood, in the heights of  His WILL, and received Living Testaments, two witnesses, reflecting, the Mind of  the FATHER, the FATHER of the INFINITE SUPPLY of a LIVING TABERNACLE, which  would never grow old, but would retain the Wisdom of His GLORY, which would span  the ages, and set the peoples free!  A people born of His Spirit, born of His  Wisdom, born of the very Spirit of His WILL, wedded or married to His WILL, a  many membered SON, who as a Body of of Believers, a "BODY OF CHRIST", if you  will, who reflected the Image of the FATHER, to a world, grown dark with the  reasoning of "self".  The reasoning of their own perceptions, which had become  distorted through a "veil", that could only be lifted, by dwelling in the LAND  of the Glory of the incorruptible Seed of Truth, the Spirit of TRUTH, in, and  through the NAME, above all NAMES, JESUS CHRIST, and through a people, Living  Epistles, Living Manifestations of the Spirit of  TRUTH!!!
     What is the Mansion  of His WILL?  What is the Mansion of His Delight?  What is it to be clothed in  HIM, the MIND OF CHRIST, regenerated and poured forth, His very WILL, to the  Nations, Peoples, and Tongues?  To be "Clothed from on High", to be the very  "Mansion of His WILL", is to KNOW the "MIND OF CHRIST", the Living Word!!!  We,  as Living Stones, are "TABERNACLES" or MANSIONS of HIS WILL.  Mansions of the  very Presence of the Holy ONE of Israel!!!  Each room revealing His WILL unto  His Own, which reveals the NEW SONG of His GLORY, the SONG of His WILL, unto His  Own, the SONG of the WISDOM of the AGES, revealing the PLAN OF SALVATION, the  SONG OF SONGS Himself, JESUS CHRIST, the Hidden Man of the heart, sweet mystery  revealed, CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!! Even, yes I say unto you, rising up  to the full measure of a MAN, JESUS CHRIST, our  LORD!!!
     Brothers and sisters  in Him, we are the LIVING ALTAR, and yet the LIVING SACRIFICE of LIVING STONES,  the Living Mansions of HIS GLORY, the GLORY of the sweet essence of His WILL,  FULLY CLOTHED IN HIM, who is the WISDOM OF THE AGES!!!  It is we, who are  enthroned in the Heavenlies of the MIND of the FATHER, through the SON, through  the power of HIS SPIRIT, who project His WILL, through the SPIRIT OF TRUTH,  declaring a "WORD" in due season", a "LIVING WORD', a springboard into the  eternal SON of His Wisdom and Knowledge, bringing one into the depths of the  treasurehouse of His Delight, ready to reveal the "hidden secrets" of the heart  of the FATHER, the very "Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of  Heaven", that reigns supreme, in the hearts of those redeemed, set free, bought  by the "blood of the Lamb" that was slain, slain for the sins of the peoples,  nations and tongues!!!
     This is a DAY to  awaken unto the Knowledge of the SON of GOD, to be KEPT, by the Living Word of  Glory, the Living Word of Truth, the Living Word, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF  GLORY!!!  To STAND STILL, and KNOW that HE is GOD!!!  To be JOINED, as ONE, in  the place of His REST!!!  To allow our understanding, to become flooded, if you  will, with the MIND of CHRIST!!!  To open our eyes in the Spirit of His TRUTH,  and hear with the ears of His Spirit, discerning His WAY, the only TRUTH, and   to hear with the ears of His Spirit, discerning by His SPIRIT, revealing the  FATHER, through the SON, JESUS CHRIST, yet many membered as ONE, and declaring  forth the two-edged sword of the Living  God, the Living Word, dividing between  soul and marrow, discerning between that which is of the flesh, carnal, and that  which is of the Spirit, and submitting to the TRUTH of His WAY, setting the  captives free!!!
     Let us go forth IN  Him, WITH Him, and THROUGH Him, and we shall be LOST in Him, only to be found IN  Him.  Our lives as poured out drink offerings, that others might KNOW, that it  is only IN Him, that they LIVE, and BREATHE, and have their BEING!!!  He is the  only ONE, the only GOD, the only WORD, that has come forth in TRUTH!!!  Surely  He is the ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and the end, of our very own  "selves"!!!  The veritable DAYSPRING from on HIGH!  THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR,  that has arisen in our hearts, that we might declare His Glory, filled up, and  clothed WITH, and IN the MANSION OF HIS WILL!!!
     Listen, and hearken  unto the very heartbeat of the FATHER, and lay your head upon the LAND of HIS  REST, the LAND flowing with MILK and HONEY, the LAND of our inheritance IN the  saints, and hear His Still Small Voice:
     "Am I not the Voice  of the GOOD SHEPHERD, that MAKES you lie down in green pastures?  Pastures fresh  with the insight of the Mind of My GLORY, the "MIND OF CHRIST, the LIVING  WORD!!   Is this not a LAND of plenty?  Plenty, with the abundance of My WAYS,  truths that set one free!!!
     Chew or meditate on  My WAYS of TRUTH!!!  Let each morsel be unto you a TRUTH that will electrify the  POWER of My WORD IN you, and free one from the grips of condemnation, from the  grips of a world under the effects of sin and death.  As you come into the ways  of My Truth, the abundance of My Hope, and Tender Mercy, it becomes, clear to  all that see, and becomes, a LAND rich with the WISDOM of the Holy ONE of  Israel!!!
     This is a LAND of  clear distinction, clear insight into the mysteries, or parables of My Living  Word.  It is a LAND, filled with Living Streams, and Living Rivers, that flow  within the hearts of My Own, My SONS, as they listen and hear that STILL SMALL  VOICE OF TRUTH!!! 
     Come into My Favor,  the place of My abundant REST, filled with the RICH MEAT, and TENDER MORSALS of  My Saving GRACE!!!  Hearken and hear, for TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!  TODAY  is the DAY to reveal the MANSION OF MY DELIGHT,
in My many membered SON,  the BODY of CHRIST!!!  Eat of Me, and Drink of Me, in such a way, that will  allow you to come forth as Living Epistles, in the DAY ahead, yea, I would say  unto you, Living SONS, Living DAUGHTERS, declaring the WORD OF THE LORD, for the  DAY is at HAND!!!  FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!!
     Allow nothing, or no  one to oppress, "For if I am for you, who can be against you"!!!  Be caught up,  and I say unto you again, caught up in the flavor of My WILL, and you shall be  as FLAMES, FLAMES OF FIRE, FLAMES OF THE LIVING GOD, FLAMES OF THE  LIVING TRUTH!!!  Coming forth as SONS, SONS OF THE LIVING GOD, SONS OF THE  LIVING TRUTH, SONS OF THE LIVING WORD, manifested FOR, and IN My  GLORY!!!
     Rest in My TRUTH  unto you, and you shall declare My WILL, My Purpose, for SUCH A TIME AS THIS,  and you shall see MY FACE, in a FACE TO FACE encounter, in which you shall never  be the same.  For you shall see My GLORY, the GLORY of the Holy ONE of ISRAEL,  and you shall KNOW Me, and be likened unto Me, for we shall be ONE, ONE in the  Spirit of My WAYS, My TRUTH and My LIFE!!!
     REST in this Land of  My Living Word, and dwell in My understanding, breathing IN the sweet scent of  My SON, and you shall breathe IN the fragrance of My GRACE, My Living Word of  TRUTH, filled and encompassed about with the arms of My GRACE, enabling you to  STAND ON THE FEET OF MY SPIRIT, as My Own!!!  My Own, My Sons, My Living STONES,  the TABERNACLE of the MOST HIGH, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!!  THE NEW  JERUSALEM, a City set on a HILL!!!  MT. ZION, City of the Living God, the ROCK  of TRUTH, upon which you STAND, the everlasting and Living foundation of TRUTH,  sons and daughters, as ONE, SONS of the Living Word of  TRUTH!!!
In  the Spirit of His Majestic TRUTH, His Majestic WILL, Catherine Heim 

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