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John 1:38,39 -- Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, "What seek Ye?" They said unto Him, "Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest Thou?" He saith unto them, "Come and see."

There are many reasons one comes to Christ. Yet, as the Lord asked John and James, so He asks each of us:

What are you seeking in life?

What goals compel you?

Will the things you have achieved be transferable into eternal accounts?

Will you have spent your time and energies on that which is void of true life?

Like James and John, we too, "behold the Lamb of God." Just as He asked them, so He asks us, "What are you seeking?" It is possible to barely know Jesus because we never actually spend time seeking Him.

In response to Jesus' probing question ,"what seek ye?", the disciples did not ask Him for greater power or one of His many spiritual gifts. Instead, they asked Jesus something more personal and intimate: "Where dwellest Thou?"

They wanted to know where Jesus lived. They were searching for the dwelling place of God.

Inside the heart of a God-seeker is a quest for more. We are in search of the "dwelling places" of God. In truth, our hearts have been divinely programmed. There are within us "the highways to Zion" (Psalm 84). Our destination is nothing less than oneness with Christ. All fruitfulness comes from living in spiritual union with Jesus.

The disciples answered astutely, "Rabbi, where dwellest Thou?" May this become our prayer as well: To all who feel similarly, Christ says to us what He promised to them: "Come and see.


Dear Master, I turn to You now. You are my life's greatest goal. I desire to live with You, to abide in the wonder of a life united with You.






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