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For long I have been contemplating sharing my testimony and life journey that led to my salvation.Today I have felt it important and necessary to share part of my life with my friends herein.

I was born from one of the poorest family in our village. We were born 6 of us to one father and mother in a family. However, one of our sister died of liver cancer sometimes back in 1997.We were raised up under several step mothers. My father was a polygamist and he loved exchanging wives every now and then. My mother divorced due to my Daddy’s marital unfaithfulness. In spite of all these challenges, God was with us.

When I was in Senior Secondary School in Senior two, my father died and there was no one else to pay for my tuition. I therefore dropped out of school because of lack of tuition fees. I never gave up. I tried to enroll myself in some institutions but in vain because my academic qualifications were quite below the required standard. I had no academic credentials at all.

Some time later, I joined army because of frustration. My mother did not consent to the idea at all. My sisters and brothers too, could not endorse my idea of joining the army. When failed to gain their support, I deserted army after three months and fled to the Capital City-Kampala. I survived in Kampala on odd jobs, carrying things for people on my back in exchange for some little money that could only buy a plate of rice. Life became so difficult that I thought of dying at that moment.

Somehow, I enrolled for teaching but still lacked basic academic qualifications. When time came to register as a teacher, I wasn't considered because I lacked Ordinary Level Certificate. In Uganda, the basic qualification that one can use to access any tertiary or higher institutions of learning is Senior Four certificate of Education.

In 1996, I was so fed up of life and I wanted to die. Twice, I attempted to take poison and DDT insecticide a kind of tropical vector control spray in order to die but God saved my life, Knowing that I did not die, frustrated me even the more. Life was absolutely meaningless to me. I remained struggling in a state of quagmire.

I attempted another suicide in 1997. It was when my lovely sister succumbed to liver cancer after only three months of sickness. Life was so harsh and horrible to me. Considering that my sister was my best friend and source of both emotional and material support, it was a big blow to me for her death. She is the person I used to confide in for all support.

My journey to salvation began when I was contemplating committing another suicide. Again I thought of swallowing some other very dangerous drugs. A still voice echoed to me as though someone was speaking from a distance. The voice was saying; "Even after all these incidences you still don't want to get born-again?" I was so deeply troubled and engrossed in deep thoughts. I immediately looked for a church where the leaders could pray for me but did not find any. I became even more miserable than ever. So, the year 1997 passed without getting saved.

On 2nd May 1998, I met with a team of Missionaries who came from Singapore to preach the Gospel. They were carrying out door-to-door evangelism. The team was made up of very young university interns. They explained to me the Gospel in such a simplicity yet very interesting that I couldn’t resist getting born again. I was greatly inspired by their message. I didn’t waste any time. I immediately surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Two weeks later, I went through Water Baptism and was Baptism by immersion, something I had never been through. As soon as I was water baptized, I was also baptized in the Holy Spirit and soon after begun preaching the Gospel to anyone I would meet on my way. Ever since, I have never stopped preaching the Gospel. It has been and will continue to be my passion in life. My life was worthless but now my Redeemer has put great value out in it.

In 1999, I enrolled in my church discipleship class and successfully achieved my objective. In the following year, 2000 to 2002, I started several preaching points that were like Para-churches in my locality. I was overseeing Home Cells, prayer cells and training local leaders to become Watchmen. I got actively involved in Church ministries including Praise and Worship. I wasn’t all that a good singer, but God made me what I am today. I can as well sing for His glory.

In 2003, after training, I led a small team of 6 trained young men, full of vigor, to start a new church plant in Rwanda-Kigali. While in Rwanda, I, together with my team mates were bound in prison because we were suspected to be among the rebel groups fighting to topple the Government of Rwanda. By this time, the relationship between Uganda and Rwanda was so volatile. We spent 10 days in prison but something so amazing happened while in prison. We managed to influence the inmates who were with us.

In the prison, we started discipleship groups right in the prison cells. One of us had a small Bible in his pocket.-It was the Gideon small blue New Testament Bible with Psalms and Proverbs included. It was enough resource for us to use in the prison cell. While in prison for the ten days, each one of us had read that Bible over three times; something we had never done before. God is amazing! We used to joke around saying; “We dodged reading the Bible but God allowed us to be imprisoned in order to read it.”

After only two days, a small illegal church begun in the prison cells, Hallelujah. I call it illegal because it was not allowed at all. Twice we were reprimanded not to fellowship in the prison cells or else we would be transferred to another dangerous prison cells. Each day, we waited for midnight hours then prayed fervently, with praise and worship. A number of inmates were baptized in the Holy Spirit and would often speak in tongues. The prison Warders thought we had run mad. However, they saw how bold we were. No one had any fears. We could spend several hours without food. I personally spent 4 solid days without eating anything and neither drinking.

On the 10th day, just as the LORD had spoken to us, I fell very sick in the prison cell. I was then thrown out of the prison to die and maybe later dump my corpse in the mortuary. In the government hospital of Rwanda, there was hardly any drug, so my health situation deteriorated even the more. I was dumped in a ward where people were waiting to die, people whose medical condition had been impossible for the doctors to handle. The good news is that I got healed amidst the very sick and dying in that ward. I began to pray for them while still on my sick bed. God honored my faith and many came to life in that ward. This was so amazing considering the fact that people's life expectancy in that ward was almost only 5%.

We were deported in June 2003 but came back to Rwanda again on 20th July 2003.When we returned to Rwanda-Kigali this time, we immediately started a new church. I stayed there for one year and by the time I left, I had raised up over 10 local leaders. That church has grown so much that it has opened another branch at Kanombe International Airport in Rwanda-Kigali. Praise is to God.

In 2004, I went with another small team to the Western part of Uganda to start another church. We successfully pioneered that church. That church has now planted and opened other smaller churches in the villages. The same year, I enrolled for a Certificate course in Christian Service with our local Bible College here in Uganda. 2005,

In 2008 I went for practical Mission training with Iris Ministries based in Pemba-Mozambique. I successfully completed the three month training in a practical essence from September to December. While Training with Iris Ministries, I was involved in a number of churches planting in the villages and bushes of Mozambique. Altogether I went for four outreaches whereby we planted four new churches.

I enrolled for Associate diploma and 2010 for diploma. I have been enrolled for a degree program but if I get the funds, I will study. I should believe God for fund to do my degree in Theology. Well, it calls for prayer.

To round up, God called me to full time Ministry and I am more than willing to suffer for Christ. I have the passion to take care of the fatherless (orphans) and the poor or needy children in our communities and beyond as the Lord leads me. I also have the passion to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth in accordance to the Great Commission-to go and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


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