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Dear Praying Friend,


 I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you for the prayers for the ministry we are doing here in India. Once again we as Revival family and Agape Children Home thank you from the depth of our hearts for all your prayers.


Here is a prayer request… we are rescuing, feeding and educating kids who are most neglected and unwanted. Now we have 13 kids in Agape Children home and no one has individual sponsor. The money you raise has an incredible impact in helping to overcome hunger and poverty of the poorest of the poor kids in our area. Every $30 raised by you or by your group can help feed and care for a child for a month and $45 will help a pastor’s family in remote village.


And 45 Pastors are in RPF (Revival Prayer Fellowship) and they also have no sponsors. Please pray and share about these ones and if someone who is interested to sponsor Agape Kids / RPF Pastors please prayerfully encourage them. I think you may have a lot of commitments and burden but there will be some people who are interested and help the ministries in India in the form of little amounts and small gifts encourage them. Those may not be regular but can be seasonal.


All the kids and RPF Pastors are praying for you and for the family. I along with my family and Agape kids and RPF Pastors pray for you. And we love to see you in India with a Team. Prayerfully plan to visit India? We are looking forward for your visit. And I would like to stand beside you for interpretation.


Please pray for this and encourage this ministry. We are praying for you and all please continue to pray for us.


Here is a special prayer request….


You see the pictures of Indian Krait which we found in our campus. This snake is 15 times poisonous than cobra. Few months ago in July 2011 we found one meter long fully grown krait and killed thinking somehow it entered the campus. But three days ago the kids while playing one girl found this small Indian Krait under a small cloth piece. Which shows there may be many. Please pray for the kids. We are planning to buy 3 Three tire cots (Three level bunk beds). Each cot costs about US$ 220. Now the kids are sleeping on the floor in our house. Please pray for this desperate need.


Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


Yours in His amazing grace,

Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi


Our contact address is......

Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi,


270, A P H B Colony,

TANUKU - 534 211, A P , India.

Phones: +91 8819225500, Mobile: +91 9440104543

E mail:

Agape Children Home Kids

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1 found in July 2011

2 found in July 2011

3 found in July 2011

4 found in July 2011

5 found in July 2011

6 found in July 2011

7 found in July 2011

Snake 2 found in Feb 2012 - 1

Snake 2 found in Feb 2012  - 2

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