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“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.”  Jn. 15.7

     I ask you, what is it to abide in Him?  What is it to go into “The Secret Place”, of the Most High?  What is it to be a living, breathing, pulsating, habitation of the very Spirit of the Living God!?  The Spirit of the Living Word?  The Spirit of the Living Truth?  The Spirit of Hope, that has become the Spirit of Faith, which is the substance, and I say unto you again, substance of things unseen, even the Spirit of a Wisdom that resonates the heartbeat of a Father of whom declares the “end from the beginning”, “the beginning from the end”, and declares “IT IS GOOD”!!!
“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father, which is in secret; and the Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”  Matt. 6.6
     I ask you once again, what is it to abide in the Secret Place of the Most High?  Do we physically go into a closet and shut the door, and call this “The Secret Place of the Most High”?  Are we not the temple of His Spirit, and are not His Words, Spirit and Life?  Spirit and Truth?  The “Mind of the Father, revealed through the SON of His Glory, JESUS CHRIST, SON of the Most High!!!  Yet, those of whom has known His Name, those of whom has known the Word of Life, in a FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER IN JESUS CHRIST, in the intimacy of sweet communion, where the water is turned to wine, and the understanding is clothed with the revelation of who He is, IN us, and amongst us as ONE!!!  That He might be glorified IN us and we IN Him, that we might KNOW the TRUTH Himself.  The TRUTH made FLESH!  EMMANUEL, God with us and IN us!!!  CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!!
     It is only the Living Word, that brings life IN JESUS CHRIST Himself, bringing the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE alive, that we might be ONE.  Glorified in Him, and Him in us!  Not another religion, but a PERSON that came that we might live!!!  That came that we might KNOW the TRUTH, that sets us free.  Free to KNOW Him in the power of His Word that so richly abides IN us, as we go from “understanding to understanding” or from “revelation to revelation”, “glory to glory” in the Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!  Where we SING out His Praises, Sing of His Glory in the Newness of “Fresh Manna” daily.  “The letter killeth, whereas the Spirit giveth life.”  A LIFE to BEHOLD!!!  A LIFE to take hold of, with a firm foundation that shall never sink, as sinking sands.  For it is only on the foundation which is true in JESUS CHRIST, that most assuredly is a solid ROCK, upon which we stand, and yet out of that Rock flows LIVING WATERS!!!   It is IN this Rock that we must abide, it is the Rock of His TRUTH!!!  The ever-living WORD of GOD!  It is only IN ONE Voice that we partake of this TRUTH, hear a “Livng Message”, a Living, Breathing, “SCROLL”, that is opened and revealed on the tablet of our hearts!!!  The SCROLL of His Wisdom, the SCROLL of His WILL, the SCROLL of His thoughts toward us, the SCROLL of His TRUTH, the SCROLL of His heart, the SCROLL of His MIND, the “MIND OF CHRIST”, THE LIVING WORD OF GLORY!!! 
     On this SCROLL, in which we eat, we partake of His Living Word, and we hear His voice, ONE voice that penetrates the darkness, and reveals His Light, His “Living WILL”!!!  A Living Testament or Covenant, New Covenant of His Grace and Tender Mercy!!!  For as sons and daughters of His Glory, have we not inherited His Living WILL!!!  The Living, Breathing, Pulsating Word Himself, JESUS CHRIST, SON of the Living God!!!  Is He not our portion in this life?  Our Inheritance!?  The True Riches!!!  Our MILK, our BREAD!!!  Our MEAT!!!  Oh, HALLELU-YAH!  HALLELU-YAH!!  HALLELU-YAH!!!  Are we not transformed to become ONE with the Living SCROLL Himself, the Mighty Living Word of God!!!  The Living Substance of Faith, that catapults one into the heavenlies of the “MIND OF CHRIST”  that we JOY in the abundance of the wonder of His NAME, the wonder of His Glory, the splendour of the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL!!! 
“Eye has not seen nor ear heard what the Father hast prepared for those who love Him”.
Ah…., but for those born of His Spirit, born from above, those who have been given “eyes to see” and “ears to hear”, there is a call of intimacy, a call to worship, to come into “THE SECRET PLACE”, where His WORD abides IN us, and we IN Him, where we become ONE in the HOLY OF HOLIES, where He takes root downward, and we ascend upward, into the very “heavenlies” of the “MIND OF CHRIST”, and fruit comes forth, the fruit of His Ways, the fruit of His TRUTH, the fruit, which transcends all the “shakings of the trials and tribulations, yea, I would say, even the “storms”, that would assail from all sides, and the “Inner Man of the Heart”, CHRIST JESUS, OUR LORD, stands, and we are strengthened in Him, in the midst of the battle.  For it is IN that “SECRET PLACE, the Most Holy Place, where His WILL becomes our WILL!!!  “Where no weapon formed against us shall prevail”.  For I say unto you my brothers and sisters in Him, “If He is for us, who, and I say it again, who, can be against us”!!!  For it is IN this place, this “SECRET PLACE”, where the water becomes wine, and we are clothed in His Presence, clothed IN His Glory – even I would say unto you, Clothed from on High!!!
     It is in this PLACE, in this “SECRET PLACE”, where we see (BEHOLD), if you will, the Presence of the LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN, THE LION OF JUDAH roars, and the voice of “MANY WATERS, is heard, and we partake of the LIVING SCROLL, the Living, Breathing, Pulsating Word of God, and we pour forth out of our mouths a RIVER, a RIVER OF HOPE, a RIVER OF FAITH, a RIVER OF LIFE, the ONE and only LIFE, JESUS CHRIST, and we STAND on the feet of His Spirit of TRUTH, and declare in ONE VOICE, the Voice of the FATHER, through the SON as He declares “IT IS FINISHED!!!
     When laying down ones’ life daily, and picking up the CROSS, when dying that He might live, in filling up the sufferings of Christ Jesus Our Lord, in the body of believers, we become the “Waters of SHILOH”, to the nations,  that they might experience the “touch of the masters hand” and be healed!!!  This is a RIVER, in that whomever it touches, is HEALED!!!
     When our hand, IN His Hand, is stretched forth in the power of His Wisdom, His Truth, a Mighty substance comes forth, the virtue and substance of Faith, coming forth as a RIVER from our innermost being, “CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY”, and whomever we touch in Him, is set free, delivered, healed, risen up whole, by the electrifying presence of the TRUTH Himself, JESUS CHRIST!!!
     When the Father says “GO”, “I command you in My Name and WILL, “GO” we “OBEY” for to OBEY is better than sacrifice.  To be “obedient” is to walk in a HOLY, which means “set apart” path, declaring the Mighty Ever-Living Word of His Glory!!!  Are we a man pleaser, or a God pleaser?  I ask you again, are we a man pleaser, or a God pleaser?!!!
     It is in the “SECRET PLACE”, the MOST HOLY PLACE, the HOLY OF HOLIES, we partake of the meat of maturity, that grows us up in the head, Christ Jesus, Our Lord!!!  His thoughts become our thoughts, His Ways, become our Ways, His Purposes, become our Purposes, and we see Him as He is.
         Lost in Him, only to be found in Him.  His Delight, is our Delight, our mind regenerated in the ”MIND OF CHRIST”, the WORD OF GOD, the Living, Breathing, pulsating TRUTH, the LIVING WORD HIMSELF – JESUS CHRIST!!! 
Just a son in the making, Catherine Heim

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