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About India
Location: Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Delhi (New Delhi)
Main Cities: Bangalore, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras( CHENNAI )
Population: 913,747,000
Area: 3,287,590 km2
Currency: 1 Indian rupee = 100 paisa
Languages: Hindi, English, Panjabi and many local languages
Religions: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian

More about India:

A republic in South Asia: history dates from the Indus Valley civilization (3rd millennium BC); came under British supremacy in 1763
and passed to the British Crown in 1858; nationalist movement arose
under Gandhi (1869-1948); Indian subcontinent divided into Pakistan
(Muslim) and India (Hindu) in 1947; became a republic within the
Commonwealth in 1950. It consists chiefly of the Himalayas, rising over
7500 m (25 000 ft.) in the extreme north, the Ganges plain in the
north, the Thar Desert in the northwest, the Chota Nagpur plateau in
the northeast, and the Deccan Plateau in the south. Official and
administrative languages: Hindi and English; each state has its own
language. Parts of the SE coast suffered badly in the Indian Ocean
tsunami of December 2004. Religion: Hindu majority, Muslim minority.
Currency: rupee. Capital: New Delhi. Pop.: 1 081 229 000 (2004 est.).
Area: 3 268 100 sq. km (1 261 813 sq. miles) Hindi name: Bharat

What do we need?

MISSION Partnership to Establish New rural churches and support them.
Training of pastors. children work, youth work women, church revival,
Pastor's training and support. Kanmalai ministries -India needs support
for Orphanage. Need new buildings and vehicles, film unit etc
........Kanmalai ministries -India needs $.60 per pastors for 100 rural
pastors.for 2 new buildings for ministry purpose.

We need mission agencies or churches to help us train the pastors and ordain them. We are a registered national NGO with Tax exemption and
accountability. We need Prayer Partners immideatly. To start Orphan
ages, Schools,Widow homes and vocational institutions, Bible collage,
Conducting Crusades, Church planting and Building Churches and
supporting the needed Pastors.we have Three churches in different
places. There is a lot of ministry to do.

We are working with faith we don\'t have any that we are not doing the justices. We are praying for the needed sponsors to build the kingdom
of the Lord in this area Prayerfull sponcers with burden to build the
Kingdom on our king Jesus in these last days. Two churches work was
stoped in the middle,so we need sponcers to finish the church


Future objectives and projects:

Village Care Program:
    * Education ~ we want to run free tuition centres in most village
areas and ultimately establish Christian schools using both Tamil and
English languages
    * Medical ~ we are aiming to establish free primary health care
centres and a mobile clinic for the welfare of poor village people. The
lack of local facilities is a strong contributing factor to their high
incidents of disease and death.
    * Aids Awareness ~ we would like to conduct Aids awareness programs amoung the village people who are often uneducated.
    * Village Improvements ~ many villages are undeveloped without
proper water and roads and we want to help provide these basic needs
and thereby demonstrating God’s love for them.
    * Build Permanent Churches ~ If we can build permanent churches for
communities to meet for worship and teach from God’s word this will
attract many more people who are often put off by meeting in peoples


“Reaching out with care …, Reaching in with love”

Bible College :

The aim of Kanmlai Ministries is to run a regular training program for
a minimum of 20 national students who have a desire to evangelise other
remote parts of India. A program would run for 12 months and provide
proper theological training, after which they would be sent out to 20
unreached villages so that 20 new churches would be planted.
It is likely that during this time they would need continued support
until they become self-supporting which could take up to three years to
happen. There are tens of thousands of villages that are unreached, so
this program is vital and needs to develop quickly if we are to spread
the gospel.

“And how shall they preach unless they are sent ….” Rom 10:15


  Please contact us if God leads you to support this project.


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