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"because the son of man came seek and to save what was lost."(Luke 19: 10). Christ said: "I came into this world for one reason: to reach and save the lost souls." However, it wasn't only the mission of Jesus. He made our mission also: "then he said to them: go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."(Mark 16: 15) Jesus spoke here to a small group of believer, about 120 people who had gathered in the upper room. And what task it entrusted to them! "Go to foreign nations, live among these people and learn their languages." Require the hands to the sick, cast out demons and proclaim the good news. "Go to the throne of Satan and preach is the power and the victory of the glorified Savior." We must realize that Jesus spoke to men and women ordinary, insignificant, without instruction. He put the future of his Church on their shoulders. They had to be completely overwhelmed. Can you imagine their conversation after the master returned to the sky? "Is what I heard?" How can we start a world revolution? We are without money and the Romans beat us up and kill us. "If we are treated in this way in Jerusalem, how will we be treated when we witness and accede to Rome?" Another could have said: "How can our Lord expect from us that we were going all over the world the Gospel while we do not have enough money to go to Jericho?" How will we learn other languages while we are without education? "All of this is impossible." It was a mission impossible. And our challenge at a time is current is just as intimidating! If all people who read this post allowed the Holy Spirit to make this living Word in them, search for it for his burden and his leadership, cannot predict the magnitude of the harvest that the spirit could harvest. The truth is that the greatest works for eternity are not made when large Evangelistic campaigns, but when a saint reaches a lost soul.

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