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Praise the lord. Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Jesus Christ. I am B.Samuel . I was born in village (KUBEER) in south India. It is very small village with back ward area. Minimum 15,000 people are living in the village. Mostly all of them are Hindus. There are 7,8 temples of Hindus. So no one knows about Jesus. So many missionaries came to that place but, because of all Hindu families they left the place. In my family I have five sisters, for a son my parents were pray to GOD from many years. During that time one missionary was there in our village. My mother told him to pray for a son. So he prayed and he told her a prophecy that definitely GOD is going to giving one son for her. So put his name Samuel, he could be a servant of GOD. Then my parents were very happy for they believed his words and doing continuous prayers for son. so, GOD listened their prayers and gave me to them. Praise the lord! . My parents felt very happy and they remembered the missionaries’ words they sacrificing one as a servant of lord and they put a name Samuel. i studied 10+2. After this i was discontinued my studies and i started a vehicle business. During business time i was captured by bad friends, i was started drinking and wasting so much of money for movies etc... Finally I was totally loosed money and my vehicle business nothing was left with me. I was totally embarrassed i was feeling guilty all of my friends left with me because I don't have money. i was mentally & physically disturbed. Then i came back to my home that time my parents explained me that i was born and how they sacrificing me for GOD servant. Then i understood what my life is. From that day on words i was totally changed. I left all of my bad habits just i started doing prayer so i was very eager to know about GOD. Then i went church, there the church pastor explained me about real lord Jesus, and about the Holy Spirit. That time some changes like new changes came in to my life. Then i took baptism. From that day on words i was continually started prayers so, i was felt very happy. Through the pastor i went to bible college (Gospel for Asia). There I completed B.Th. after my studies I married with Jyothi. Then I was independent pastor in one village. After one year GOD gifted us with one Boy child. His name is Edward Franklin. when my son was 6days old i was doing prayer, that time GOD showed me one vision that go to north India, Delhi then i told to my wife and family members the i am going to Delhi that which God has prophesied  me  . i left my home and came to Delhi and served there for 4 years then I prayed to start an organization .God has given me the name of the organization “FAITH AND LOVE GOSPEL MISSIONS “so I started it in  march 2013. I have many desires to serve God. My desire is to build the people to reach heaven at any situation                                   FAITH AND LOVE GOSPEL MISSION ACTIVITES:

     * Home bible school

  • Orphanages
  • Old age homes
  • Prayer groups

Please pray for the ministry and these activities

If u have any desire to serve God please join us to serve God in many activities  if you want to support us In these regard please contact us :


Contact numbers: +918686739311


. May GOD bless you. Thank you

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