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26 - 03 - 2015, Good Morning to every Body By name of alive God, What is prays? Prayer is loving communication with God. Prayer is the ecpression of our inner spiritual needs. Through prayer we can find stenght of spirit, Guidance, wisdom , joy and inner peace. My dear sister and brother when we prays to God then God must reply his prays because he is Alive. 1) Psalms chapter number 118 verse 5 to 6 . 2) Psalms chapter 138, verse 3, 3) Isaiah chapter number 58 verse 9 to 11, 4) Philippians chapter 4 verse 6 to 7, 5) 1 Peter chapter 5 verse 7 And my all dear sister & Brother, we must spend his time in prays, in simpel prays is bread of his soul. The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus Spent a lot of time praying. He often went to a solitary place and prayed for hours at a time, especially at difficult times in his ministry. My dear brother and sister you know that JESUS more time spend in prays. Jesus every time communication with his father. And prayer is make to ready for face of every problems. it is most we more time spend in prays because our alive God spend time in prays , and jesus teach us about the prays. 1) Matthew chapter 14 verse 23. 2) Matthew chapter number 26 verse 36 to 41 3) Mark chapter number 1 verse 35 4) Luke chapter number 5 verse 16, 6 verse 12. God speaks to us Through the Bible God soke directly to Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus and a few other people in bible . we all wish God would answer our prayers immediately and personally, God does , however, speak to us through the Bible. 2 Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 to 17, Exoudus chapter number 20 verse 1 to 17 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and “love your neighbor as yourself” Matthew chapter number 22 verse 37 verse 37 to 40, Mark chapter number 12 verse 30 to 31, Luke chapter number 10 verse 27, John chapter number 13 verse 34 to 35, and my dear all sister and brother it is must important we love his alive God. With the help of prays, we make the love

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John 8:39 - "They answered and said to Him, 'Abraham is our father.' Jesus said to them, 'If you are Abraham's children, do the deeds of Abraham.'"Abraham was an alien and a stranger on the earth. The goal of his life was to have a place in what God…Continue

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