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Exodus 23:30 - "Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land."

God is unleashing something fresh from Heaven for you. Break out of your Great Depression of the past. It is a new season of provision and vision! God is blasting you into your future. His dream for you is greater than yours. Not one person in the Scriptures was mentally ready to step into what God told them, outside of Jesus. Each had to be blasted into their future, by His words and presence.

There Will Be Resistance, But Angelic Assistance Will Prevail!
Get ready to leave with the wealth of Egypt for your future! They received what had been robbed from their generations! There is a generational payback coming to those who will rise up and break the bondage. The giants are larger, and so are the victories!


Exodus 23:20 - "See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."

There is a DESTINY God has prepared for you. God is sending angels to guard your journey. There will be resistance, but angelic assistance will prevail! It will take an angel to get you there.
The word given to the Israelites to increase was to prepare them to receive their Promised Land. They did not increase and they missed what God had prepared for them. We must increase to participate in what God has for us. The anointing for increase is on you. You must increase to possess what is yours! What is waiting for you is awesome!

The INCREASE of men and women in the Bible ignited in encounters with God:

They saw Him larger.
They saw themselves larger in God.
They believed what God said and acted on it.
They went past their past.


1. Get rid of everything that causes spiritual decrease:
a. Fear.
b. Unbelief.
c. Doubt.
d. Break through the limitations that you have accepted.

2. Obedience/Discipline:
a. Every champion knows the work/discipline involved in victory.
3. Find the scriptures that show you who you are in Him -- Declare those scriptures out loud putting your name in them.
4. Ask God to show you what is your Promised Land.
5. Identify the giants. Identify yourself as a Joshua.
6. Get past the greatness of the past season and those who are no longer there to make it happen for you. Like Joshua, it is your turn.
7. Get past every dead issue and grief.
8. Believe what God has said about you and start acting on it NOW!
9. Keep His presence strong in your life.
10. Let the next breakthrough be a stepping stone, not a stopping place.
11. Plan as if you could not fail. Press the plan.
12. Pray with the expectation that you will receive.
13. Realize it is the Father's pleasure to give you the Kingdom, and you're part of it.
14. Be thankful for every step of the way and watch Him make a way where there is none.
15. Believe in the gifts and anointing God has placed in your life which will cause you to reach your DESTINY.

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