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     What a Joy to behold the Majesty of the King!  The Majesty of the Living Word…, even of His Presence!  The Majesty of the Glory of His Name!  The Name that is above all Names, that every knee shall bow to the Glory of the Name of Jesus Alone!  Oh, to know Him, and to perceive Him in the inward man, to have the eyes of our understanding open to the Knowledge of His Majestic Will, as He clothes us with the Mind of Christ.  The Word of God.  A renewal, if you will, of our minds, reconciling us, through the blood of the Lamb, to the very heartbeat of Our Father.  The Father of all Spirits, quickened by the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Grace, where Law and Grace kiss, and we behold His Glory, the Glory of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of Grace and Truth…, and communion is established once again in the hearts of mankind.  EMMANUEL, God with us, and in us!!!  The inward working of His Spirit, the Spirit of Holiness and Truth, as He applies the Fire of His Will deep within the hearts of His people.  A fire that refines and purifies all the dross.  All the preconceived thoughts and misconceptions of our minds, that keep the flow of the streams of our understanding from accepting the Knowledge of the Son of God, yet the Son of Man, where the veil is removed and the perception of His Will is fully acknowledged as the only Way, the only Truth, the only Life!!!
    “There is a city, which makes glad the children of God!”  Those that drink deeply of an eternal well of salvation that flows from deep within the hearts of His people!  A people bent on the knowledge of the Living Word, the Holy One of Israel.  The Rock that is higher than I, Jesus Christ!!!
    The Word which was spoken, and declared to a people, a nation devoid of understanding, the Spirit, the Person, behind the law.  Two tablets written by the finger of God, two faithful witnesses of a voice that spoke from deep within the inner recesses of the hearts.  Two witnesses declaring the Law, declaring a Truth, for out of a Rock would pour forth living streams of Revelation Truth, Revelation Knowledge, which would never run dry, but would change the callous hearts of man to become the very countenance of the Face of Grace Himself, Jesus Christ!!!
    Oh, what Victory!!!  What a Rejoicing!!!  What a Song to declare and bring forth!!!  The Living Hope, the Living Word of Glory, breaking through on the horizon of our minds to bring a perception of the Fathers’ Will!!!  To obey is better than Sacrifice – Obedience – the clothing of His Will upon the minds of our understanding.  Not just a semblance of the Fathers’ Will, but a full revelation of the Glory of the inner man – “Christ in us the Hope of Glory!”  The inner man maturing to the full stature of the Fathers’ Will!  To press on to the upward call of God in Christ Jesus, bowing in full submission to the Spirit of Truth, in which the law has danced upon the doorstep of our hearts, and taken a firm hold, strengthening the feeble hands that have hung down, and establishing us firmly upon the Rock in which we stand.  A solid and sure foundation, Jesus Christ!!!
    To be “caught up in Spirit”, is to be caught up in the Glory of the Living Word gently unfolding His Presence within, in the inner recesses of our hearts.  A Rose, whose Presence become the petals unfolding upon the eyes of our understanding, the Wisdom of the Ages Himself.  A Lily, where each petal proclaims, “Our God Reigns!!!”  “Our God is in Control!!!” “Our God is Able!!!”  “Our God is the Breath of Life, that brings forth a Word in due season!!!”  “The God of all Comfort!!!”  ”The God that SAVES to the uttermost!!!”
    Oh, the depths of the Knowledge of the Riches of the Inheritance of the Saints of the Most High God!!!  “Deep is the Wisdom in the hearts of man, and blessed is the man that draweth it out!”  “Christ in us, the Hope of Glory!!!”  An eternal weight of Glory!!!  A Revelation of the Most Holy Place deep in the heart of man!!!
    Here is a moment when the eyes of our understanding, the ears of our hearing, are opened to perceive and know the Face of Grace Himself, Jesus Christ!!!  “…And we behold His Glory, the Glory of the Holy One of Israel, and the incorruptible seed of the Living Word, is brought forth in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, and Hope is born again, in a Living Substance, a Living Truth, a Living Life, and Faith stands personified in the man Christ Jesus!!!  The Word of Glory!!!
    For I say unto you, my brothers and sisters in Him, shall not His Will prevail upon the perception of our understanding, that we might know the heights, and lengths, widths and depths of His purpose for our lives.  As we draw forth from His Wells, we shall bring forth His Wisdom, the Mind of Christ, the Word of God, as Living Pearls, in which we will explore, and know His Name, His Nature, and His Character.
    Stand tall upon the Rock of the Ages, that you might grow thereby.  Feed, yea I say unto you, feed your spirit, upon the Word of His Glory.  For are not His Words, Spirit and Life to your soul.  Swim, yea, I say unto  you, swim in the ocean or sea of His Delight, which is the Word of God, and let your heart sing with the pleasure of His Will, the Mind of Christ!!!  Dwell, yea, I say unto you, dwell in the land of milk and honey, which He draws us to, and you shall truly know Him, and the Power of His Resurrection, and the fellowship of His Sufferings, being made conformable unto His death.” 
    Does not He breathe forth the veritable Word of Life, filling us to full measure with the Spirit of His Presence, and we shall stand clothed with His Will, pressing toward the mark of the upward call of Christ Jesus, our Lord.!!!
    So, I would declare unto you, my brothers and sisters, be focused, set your house in order, and be blessed with the Mansion of His Will, and we shall see His Face, the Face of Grace, and as amber waves of His Glory fall upon us, we shall shine as the stars in the heavenlies, as Flames of Fire, Flames of Glory, Flames of the Holy One of Israel, we shall be…trumpeting forth the New Song, of the New Day, which is the New Covenant, in Him, the written word as wine upon the pages of our hearts!!!  The Body of Christ, One New Man, The Word of Glory prevails, and once again Law and Grace Kiss!!!  Sweet Mystery Revealed, “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!”  
In His Majestic Name, Catherine Heim 

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