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Is. 45:1-3; Lk. 15.

The riches you “don’t have” are “hidden” from you.

Hidden simply means obscured from view i.e. out of sight, unseen, covered, veiled, concealed or buried;

Hidden riches can be due to the following;

  • Never discovered or unknown Hos. 4:6
  • Lost Lk. 15.
  • Stolen Joel 1:1-4; 2:23ff; 1 Sam. 30:1ff.
  • Concealed (Not packaged the way we expect them to be) Neh. 4:1-4.
  • Destroyed Jn. 10:10.

Mystery, Misery, Mastery and Merry – Hos. 4:6ff; Prov. 24:12-14.

  • When something is hidden or missing it provokes or produces mystery.
  • Mystery leads to miseries.
  • Every misery is the result of a mystery.
  • Mountains (miseries) are the result of ignorance (mystery).
  • When you discover the secret to a mystery you gain mastery
  • Once you have mastery you will have merry.
  • Merry is the opposite of misery.
  • Discovery is the mightiest key to being merry Lk. 15.
  • Discovery unlocks hidden things.

Embracing hidden riches involves discovering and mastering certain laws;

  • The Law of the right Potential/Power (Prayer and Anointing) In times of financial crisis the first thing you do is to locate who you really are and what you really have Lk. 15; 1 Kg. 17; 2 Kg. 4.
  • The Law of the right Placement (Location) where you are is important.
  • The Law of the right Person (Connection) you need divine connections.
  • The Law of the right Privilege (Honour) this deals with your ability to adapt.
  • The Law of the right Principle (Seed-time and Harvest) this is your practical action.

To discover you need the A.S.K principle – Matt. 7:7ff; Lk. 11:11ff.

  • Ask and you shall receive.
  • Seek and you shall find.
  • Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

The above principles are governed by the heart of expectation – Mk. 11:24.

Expectation is the key to embracing what is yours no matter where it is hidden – Prov. 23:17ff; Heb. 11:13.

The Power of Expectation is your greatest discovery for hidden riches Prov. 23:17ff.

Your expectation governs your Passion

  • Expectation made the shepherd look for the lost sheep.
  • Expectation made the woman look for the lost coin.
  • Expectation made the father look for the prodigal son.

Many principles though applied, have failed because of lack of expectation.

  • Expectation made the widow give to Elijah 1 Kg. 17
  • Expectation made the widow obey Elisha 2 Kg. 4.
  • Expectation made Bartimaeus shout for Jesus Mk. 10:46ff.
  • Expectation made the centurion go to Jesus Matt. 8.
  • Expectation led Jairus and the woman with an issue of blood to Jesus Mk. 5.
  • Expectation made Jesus go to the cross Heb. 12:1-3.

God said He would give us hidden riches; believe Him & expect it – Is. 45:3.

The anointing for wealth / abundance releases hidden riches to us – Lk. 4:18; Is. 60:1ff; 2 Kg. 4:1ff; Lk. 5:1ff.

Expect Hidden riches to come and they will come in the form of;

  • Raises Expect raises in your income.
  • Bonuses Expect bonuses.
  • Miscellaneous Income Expect miscellaneous income. If there can be miscellaneous expenditure then of course there can be miscellaneous income, so receive it now.
  • Supernatural Debt Cancellations If God forgave our sins He can forgive our debts.
  • Revival of Dormant seeds Expect resurrection power to work and dry bones rise again
  • Supernatural I.C.Is Expect Ideas, Concepts and Insights from God.
  • Uncommon Unstoppable Favour Expect God to connect you with important people.

Your expectation will never be cut off – Prov. 23:17ff; Prov. 24:12-14.

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