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The Battle for Intimacy

1) Believe that you are loved and cherished by God, and that He deeply longs for intimacy with you.

2) Believe that you have been drawn into intimacy through the finished work of the cross. Let all striving go, and believe that you are already intimate. Rest in the truth.

3) Set time aside each day to worship love Him...and to pursue Him in faith. Write this time on your daily calendar as a priority. Do not let anything distract you.

4) If distractions come as you are worshipping Him and engaging in intimacy, fight them off and do not get discouraged. The enemy loves to discourage. Press through while resting in faith. The Lord will honor your fight. Even if you spend a whole hour battling off mental distractions, it is better than not spending time with the Lord. He will reward you. Continue to battle. You will get a breakthrough. Keep your focus on Jesus.

5) Journaling helps you to keep focused. You might like to write down what He reveals to you and also write love letters to Him. You can meditate on these precious things weeks, months and even years later.

6) Abide in the Word. Spend time in the scriptures each day, and allow the Lord to speak His heart to you.

7. This wins the battle in the heavenlies before it hits the ) War in the heavenlies. We can battle against the enemy’s strategies through prayer and declaration of the Wordearth. Contend for intimacy for yourself and the rest of the Body. What you sow into others you will also reap.

8) Throughout the day look for opportunities to express love to the Lord. Keep this as your priority in life. He loves your love. It is a gift to Him. Express you love both verbally and through silent prayer throughout your day.

9) Make intimacy a lifestyle. This is not something that you engage in for an hour a day; this is something that you live.

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