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Hebrews 3:7 - "Wherefore, even as the Holy Spirit says, TODAY, if you shall hear His voice, harden not your hearts."

The Holy Spirit says, TODAY. What does this mean?
God is the Eternal One. With Him there is no yesterday or tomorrow; what we call past and future are with Him an ever-present NOW. His life is an ever-blessed, never-ending TODAY.

Jesus has become the author of eternal salvation -- that is, a salvation which bears the character of eternity; its chief mark is that it is an ever-present NOW -- that there is not a moment in which Christ, who ever lives to pray for us, is not able to maintain us in it in the power of an endless life.

Even as the Holy Spirit says TODAY, satan's word is ever "TOMORROW, God's demand is too great for TODAY."

The Holy Spirit says, TODAY! That means that He who is the mighty power of God is Himself ready to work in us the CALLING He has on our individual life and asks; it is He who is each moment pleading for immediate surrender, for a present trust, because He bears with him the power of a present salvation.


TODAY, this very moment, the wondrous love of God is for me -- it is even now being poured out into my heart as I willingly receive it.

TODAY, all that Christ has done, and is now doing in heaven, and is able to do within me -- this very day --- to advance His Kingdom PURPOSE for my life.

TODAY, the Holy Spirit, is within me -- sufficient for every need, equal to every emergency.

With every prayer I breathe, and every longing that rules in my heart, there is the Spirit of promise whispering, TODAY!


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