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Sermon outline at the conference

Essence of Succession

Prov. 27:23ff; Eph. 4:11ff.

v Succession in ministry rests on the principles of Continuity and Progression.

v It must be planned – it doesn’t just happen.

v Success without a successor is failure.

v Succession is the difference between life and death in ministry – it ensures the minister / ministry
never dies.

v It preserves the ministry.

v The leader who does not understand continuity in ministry will not mentor anyone and consequently his ministry will die with him – Prov. 27:23-27.

v It is the key to continuity – It breeds continuous life into the ministry.

v We have this ministry treasure in earthen vessels – 2 Cor. 4:7ff.

v The treasure is eternal but the vessel is not.

v The immortality of the treasure must swallow up the mortality of the vessel – 1
Cor. 15.

v God has always made the treasure more important than the vessel hence changing the vessel must not change the treasure – 1 Sam. 15:22ff.

You must be Replaceable

v What will happen if I’m not there?

v Always have an understudy.

v Evaluate your competence for the current job – (capabilities, abilities and availability).

v The work must go on with or without me.

v Follow Jesus’ example; He replaced Himself – Jn.17:^ff; Eph. 4:7-14.

v All leaders must be replaceable – Prov. 27:23-27.

Jesus was replaced – Jn. 17; 20:21.

v No matter, how powerful and anointed you are you will eventually be replaced.

v It is better to be involved in your own replacement; that way you won’t feel dumped and useless and your ego would not be crushed.

v Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Isaac and Paul were all involved in their own replacement

Succession needs mentoring

v Generally in mentoring –

Ø There must be by mutual consent.

Ø Either party can take the lead.

v In succession planning the mentor must take the lead, not the “mentoree”.

v This is the scriptural process;

v Elijah & Elisha; Paul & amp; Timothy; Jesus & His Disciples; Ananias/Barnabas

& Saul.

v This is because Leaders are called or appointed they don’t just take up positions on their own – Tit. 1:5ff.

Some Scriptural Guidelines

v Understand the following;

v The distinction between succession with respect to the Kingly & “Prophetic” anointings

v 3 dimensions to the anointing.








Ministry Gifts

Priests and Kings

v Priests minister to houses / families, while Kings minister to Nations/cities – Lk.

v After the Church enters into houses it is then called to enter into the city.

v No nation can fit into a local church building that’s why Priests were not primarily ordained to minister to

the nations but rather to families.

v Only the High Priest can minister to the nation.

Priestly Succession

v All believers are called as priests unto God.

v Priesthood being a holy order which allows one into the holy place defines the nature of the new creation.

v Priestly succession in general deals with us being able to raise our children in the admonition of the Lord.

v Our children are expected to be saved though we cannot force them to be.

Kingly Succession

v The kingly line deals with secular matters and should generally follow the natural family line of succession.

v The only time this changes, is when there is disobedience or rebellion.

v Succession with respect one’s secular business/profession follows this line – Mk. 6:1ff.

v It’s about preserving your name.

Ministry Gift Succession

v Ministry succession follows the Prophetic not the kingly line.

v The ministry is God’s business – Matt. 16:18ff; Lk. 2:49.

v It is not your personal or family business.

v The prophetic line follows a more spiritual family line of succession – Eph. 3:14-15.

v “Blood is thicker than water” – Prov. 18:24.

v It is about preserving God’s name.

Spiritual Sonship

v Prophetic / Ministry Gift Succession is based on the principle of Spiritual “sonship” and not natural

“sonship” – 2Tim. 2:1ff.

v Every Scripture that defines prophetic succession points to this pattern.

Ø Moses & Joshua;

Ø Elijah and Elisha;

Ø Paul and Timothy;

Ø Joshua and the Judges.

v In order to succeed you, your natural son must become your spiritual son.

v This pattern was established in Scripture and practiced by Jesus and His Disciples.

v None of the 12 Apostles were from Jesus’ natural family.

v Note that James Jesus’ natural brother connected spiritually with the Apostles before he became a

major Apostle.

v Spiritual “Sonship” guarantees ministry continuity & progress.

v This ensures that no flesh would glory in God’s presence – 1 Cor. 1:27ff.

Ministry Gift Anointing is not an Inheritance.

It is a call – 1 Cor. 12:28ff; Eph. 4:7ff; Rom. 11:29.

v God doesn’t guarantee that He would call members of your natural family no matter how anointed you are.

v But He guarantees that He would call and grace those who are faithful to you – 2
Kg. 2:9ff

The success of your successor is dependent on;

1. their divine call and

2. their faithfulness to you in the ministry – 2 Tim. 2:1ff.

To Establish Proper Succession

1. Prayerfully decide.

v Never make a decision on your successor on the basis of natural sentiments.

v Let God decide your successor.

v Moses, Elijah and Jesus all discovered their successors in prayerful fellowship with God –

Num. 27:18-23; 1 Kg. 19:16, 19-21; Lk. 6:12ff.

2. Are they Servants? – 1 & 2 Cor. 4.

v If they serve well they will lead well.

v Only servants can be leaders.

3. Are they loyal? – 2 Tim. 2:1ff.

v Always choose loyalty over ability.

v The principle demands that they must be firstly faithful/loyal then able to teach others.

Final words.

Once your successor has been identified you must;

1. Establish what should happen clearly before you leave the scene.

v Preferably write it down.

v There should be no ambiguities.

2. Settle all legal and other natural modalities.

v Let your signature work actively while you’re still alive.

3. Do your best to let it play out while you’re still around

v Monitor and guide the process.

4. Pray for them & set them in place before you leave – Num. 27:18ff; Deut.


v This will ensure that the congregation receive and respect them.

5. It takes supernatural not natural ability to succeed in ministry – Zech. 4:6.

v Be at rest the same God that helped you will help them – Jos. 1:5; Jn. 20:21.

Pastor Mulonde Godfrey.


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