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                                            THE RICH DELICACIES OF HIS
                           LIVING WORD OF TRUTH!!!
    What, I ask you, is the difference between the “Rich Delicacies” of the Living Word , the Word of Life, the Word of Truth, the Living Word of God, compared to the Principles, Law, or Commandments of our Father?  The ONE who brought forth a SON, who by His own death, brought LIFE, to whose who would believe on His Name!  His NAME, His LIFE alone, JESUS CHRIST, SON of the Living GOD!
    Does not His Word, His Glorious WORD declare unto us, as sons and daughters of the Living Word of Truth, that it is the “fear of the Lord that brings WISDOM”?  Yet we know that the ”fear” represented here, means “honor”or ”reverence” due His Name.  Wisdom of His Thoughts, His Ways, even the understanding of His Life.  
    Oh, how we can rejoice “that the Lord is Good, and His Faithfulness endures forever.”  Great is His Faithfulness, to those who believe, those who believe on Him!  For those who believe that His Word is Living, and sharper than a two-edged sword, that penetrates deep into the heart of man, ready to divide, separate, if you will, to tear asunder between the thoughts of man, carnal, and His Living, Breathing, Pulsating Word, that sets the captives free!!  Free to KNOW HIM in TRUTH!  Free to KNOW HIM in the Secret Place of the Most High, in the Tabernacle of their hearts, enabling them to see with the eyes of the Spirit, bringing understanding to explode on the horizon of their minds, which brings MERCY, FORGIVENESS, and LOVE, literally on the ARC OF THE COVENANT, in JESUS CHRIST, upon their hearts, that “inner man” that dwells within.  
    This is where the “water is turned to wine”, NEW WINE, the rich full embodied flavor of His WILL enthroned, imprinted upon our very beings, where the LAW and GRACE kiss, in ONE who LAID down His LIFE, that we might KNOW the FATHER of all Spirits and TRUTH!!!  That His Wisdom or TRUTH might be fulfilled IN us.  His WILL, and our WILL enjoined with and IN the FATHER, through the SON, by the SPIRIT of TRUTH, the SPIRIT of GRACE, unmerited favor bestowed upon us, as we BEHOLD Him in a FACE TO FACE encounter in the “inner man” of the heart, CHRIST JESUS our Lord!!!
    Oh, to KNOW Him, to WORSHIP Him, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, to grow up in HIM, the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our FAITH, to lose our lives in HIM in order that we be FOUND!!!  Alive, filled up to good measure, understanding, perceiving, that is, KNOWING HIM in all of His WAYS, for is HE not the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!!!?  Where we are able to leap over the many thoughts, that come into steal, kill, and destroy, bringing one even to despair of life itself.  Yet He has given us “hinds feet in high places” in order that we might “hit” the heights by the reason of His Mind, “the MIND OF CHRIST”, the Living WORD!!!
    In the Psalms, David himself cried out to the Lord, and said, “OPEN my eyes Lord, that I might see wonderful things “in thy Law!”  IN THY LAW?  How can we possibly see wonderful things in the Law?  How can we possibly see “wonderful things” “enshrouded” in the Law, the List of COMMANDMENTS, given unto Moses, placed into the ”ARC OF THE COVENANT”, where the MERCY seat is between the two cherabims of His Glory!!!  Of what is the symbolism of the LAW, the COMMANDS, which we must OBEY, or judgement will come?  What is this Covenant of OLD?
    Is it not only through the BLOOD of a sacrifice of a LAMB without blemish, upon the altar of our very own hearts that we can see and BEHOLD the very heart of the FATHER, who through His only begotten SON, JESUS CHRIST, the unblemished LAMB that was SLAIN, that the DOOR of the Knowledge and Revelation of His MERCY and FORGIVENESS might INDWELL upon the very throne of our hearts,  His WILL established, His thoughts revealing the tenderness of a FATHER toward a many membered SON!?
    Oh, Hallelu-YAH to the LAMB!!!  Does not the LAMB who was slain for the sins of the many, does He then not arise to declare the VICTORY over all death, that death might be swallowed up in LIFE!?  His SPIRIT of TRUTH, given unto them who believe ON HIM, of whom shall be given the understanding or revelation of His GRACE, as it unfolds like a ROSE, blossoming in their hearts, and giving the fragrance of His LOVE, the height, the depth, the width, the length of the riches of the fullness of His Kingdom, that most assuredly is not of this world, but of a KINGDOM that reigns victorious throughout ALL the AGES, of an order of an endless LIFE, and assures us of the SEAL of His SPIRIT of TRUTH, the downpayment given unto us of our full inheritance IN HIM!  The clothing of His GLORY, the redemption of our bodies to wit!
    What, I ask you, does the Covenant of OLD, have to do with the Covenant of the NEW?  The Covenant of His MERCY, and GRACE, is most assuredly the KISS of His CHARACTER, awaking people to STAND UP, to STAND TALL, upon the ROCK of their salvation in JESUS CHRIST!!!  Putting on the GARMENTS of their salvation, to RUN the RACE with ENDURANCE, to DIE, that they might LIVE, to LIFT UP the weary hands that hang down, to fight the fight of FAITH, allowing MERCY AND FORGIVENESS, to be the enabling GRACE, that sustains and brings forth the fullfillment of the LAW in the ARC OF THE COVENANT, enthroned upon the temple of your hearts, in JESUS CHRIST, the Living, Breathing WORD of TRUTH Himself!!!
    Listen now as the STILL SMALL VOICE that abides within your heart speaks:
    ”Hear now My sons and daughters, My own, rise up to embrace, yea I say unto you, embrace, the Wisdom of My Word, My Truth, and you shall go forth filled with the Rich Delicacies of My Living Word, the revelation of My Grace, for A TIME SUCH AS THIS.  Be strengthened in the “inner man.”  Allow Me to fill you the the full, with the Wisdom of My Word, to put a SONG in your heart that will never grow old, that you might HEAR, and KNOW the JOYFUL SOUND, that you might have a FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER with the FACE of GRACE Himself IN JESUS CHRIST, the SON of My GLORY!!!  My LIVING WORD!!!  For I say unto you, My sons and daughters of My Living TRUTH, “Godly sorrow brings forth repentance unto life”.  
    ”With JOY you shall draw from the Wells of Salvation.”  Are not My Words, Spirit and Life?  So look not to yourself, but look unto the AUTHOR  and FINISHER of your FAITH,” and you shall be filled with the “PRINCE of PEACE”, and a NEW SONG shall issue forth out of your innermost being, and NEW WINE shall come forth, for a NEW DAY of REJOICING is here, “FOR TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!”  “TODAY IS THE DAY OF THE LORD”!!!  For it is written, and has its fulfillment in the GLORY OF MY PRESENCE, THE LIVING WORD OF TRUTH, IN CHRIST JESUS YOUR LORD, THE SON OF MY GLORY, THE SON OF MY TRUTH!!!”
 In, With, and Through Him,  Catherine Heim

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