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In a glorious vision of a night season, I had a glorious depiction of what it is to be at REST with the SPIRIT of TRUTH Himself, THE MIGHTY COMFORTER!!!  In this beautiful vision I beheld the Living Word Himself, JESUS CHRIST, giving unto me a large a glorious COMFORTER!!!  One that you would put upon a large BED of REST!!!  As I beheld this COMFORTER, I saw that it was a dazzling white, one in which it was difficult to even behold unless one were looking or gazing with the “eyes of the spirit”.  This comforter was filled with a “substance” that was “sound, and sure”, in fact a “substance” that is not easily shaken, but is firm and solid as a Rock!!!  The very ROCK OF THE AGES!!!  The TRUTH of His SPIRIT, the LIVING and ABIDING WORD!!!
    I felt an intensity to inspect, to peruse if you will, FOCUS my attention, upon this COMFORTER, and as I did, I had a desire to open this COMFORTER, to see, and BEHOLD what TREASURES were within.  As I began to “search out that which was within”, I realized that the TREASURES that lay within, were of a magnitude, that defied all reasoning of the carnal, or fleshly mind!!!  To see these ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, of the WORD of GOD, I used the “eyes of the Spirit of TRUTH” given unto me in JESUS CHRIST!!!”
   As I began to “see in the SPIRIT”, I beheld glorious TRUTHS!!!  Glorious TRUTHS, not only to set me FREE, but would “set the captives FREE!!!”  Oh HALLELU-YAH!!!  FREE to KNOW Him in the “POWER OF AN ENDLESS LIFE”!!!  The WORD of GOD is Living, and Active, as a two edged sword, able to cut assunder, between soul and spirit, able to distinguish between that which is TRUE, and that which is FALSE. 
    This COMFORTER, which we have been given, is the COMFORT of the Knowledge of His WILL!!!  The COMFORT of the Knowledge of His Grace, and Tender Mercy, toward us who believe in the CROSS, in the shed blood on CALVARY, by the SON, JESUS CHRIST!!!
The LIVING, BREATHING, PULSATING WORD OF GLORY HIMSELF!!!  He gave us His Spirit of TRUTH, His Spirit of COMFORT, to enable us “to comfort those with the comfort we have received.”  To enter “INTO HIS REST”, enter “INTO HIS GLORY”, for from “GLORY TO GLORY” we go!!!  “That we might GROW in the GRACE AND KNOWLEDGE of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!” 
    “His Words are SPIRIT and LIFE”!!!  We must “take a shower” daily, in the water of the WORD, to be changed to the NEW WINE, of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH!!! Not just “fresh manna daily”, and not just “fresh bread daily”, but taking us on to “fresh meat” daily, that we might KNOW that we KNOW the COMFORTER HIMSELF!!!
     He serves us His WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE, and we BECOME the “FRAGRANCE” of His GRACE, and TENDER MERCY to others, leading them to STILL WATERS, where they to can KNOW Him, the only WAY, the only TRUTH, the only LIFE for themselves.
    His WORD becomes LIFE!  His WORD becomes the LIVING WORD, where we are COMFORTED, by the GOOD SHEPHERD, JESUS CHRIST!!!  Allow the COMFORTER Himself, the Mighty, Ever-living WORD of GOD, permeate your very being, that you might be filled with the TREASURES of His COMFORT that will fill you to the FULL, with the RICHES OF HIS GLORY, that you might be lifted up, above, and not the tail, growing into the HEAD, CHRIST JESUS, YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, and be able to STAND, STAND TALL upon the ROCK OF YOUR SALVATION, being OVERCOMERS in this the DAY OF THE LORD!!!  For we are most assuredly of the DAY, and not of the night, that this DAY shall overtake us.  We STAND in HIM, not of a double-minded man, unstable in all His ways, but we STAND filled with the HOPE of the COMFORTER HIMSELF, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, in the NAME of JESUS, who being the FIRSTFRUIT of the Brethren, was not ashamed to call us “brethren”.  
     So REJOICE, again I say REJOICE for the TREASURES of His COMFORT, are EVERLASTING!!!  
     “Take pause, and listen, harken and hear, for I have given unto you TRUTHS, My Wisdom and Knowledge, that you can REST your heads upon.  Take delight in My Words unto you, for they are as a RIVER of LIVING WATER, springing up from within, to COMFORT you in the DAY of darkness.  My Word unto you shall never fail, never falter, never make you stumble.  Do not listen to the “accuser of the brethren”, for I am able to make you STAND in the DAY of My GLORY!!!  You are My sons and daughters, in whom I am well pleased!  I have raised you up for a DAY SUCH AS THIS!!!  I did not come to CONDEMN, but to SAVE.  To SAVE to the uttermost!!!  Put your trust in Me, and I shall COMFORT you with My TRUTH, in which you can STAND!!!  I raise up the broken hearted, and COMFORT them with My WORD, My Spirit of TRUTH, which reveals My heart, the heart of your FATHER, My WILL unto you, and you shall be FREE, that you might SET the CAPTIVES FREE, that you might OPEN BLIND eyes that they too can see, and partake of My WORD of TRUTH!!!  COME NOW THOSE WHO ARE HEAVY LADEN, TAKE MY YOKE UPON YOU, LEARN OF ME, FOR MY BURDEN IS EASY AND MY YOKE IS LIGHT!!!  Return unto Me, that you might receive “pools of refreshing” in the wilderness of “despair”.  Take JOY in the GOD OF YOUR SALVATION!!!  For My Mercies are NEW every morning, Great is My Faithfulness, for those who believe!!!  With JOY you shall DRAW from the WELLS of SALVATION!!!  You shall BEHOLD My GLORY, the GLORY of the NOONDAY SON, and you shall be FREE!!!  For I say unto you, this DAY, IF I AM FOR YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU!!!  For what is IMPOSSIBLE to man, is POSSIBLE to GOD!!!  So REPENT, turn around, come back to the TRUTH, your HOME, the WORD of GOD, and you shall be COMFORTED, once again, with the MIGHTY COMFORTER, and you shall see MY GLORY, in a FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER in the Inner Man of the heart, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY, THE EVER-LIVING, BREATHING, PULSATING PERSON OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, My SON, in whom I AM well pleased, and we shall be ONE!!!”
               In Him, Catherine Heim                     

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