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"Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things." - Revelation 4:1, AMP

As we set your our agendas aside and come to Him -- we receive more than we could ever ask for and move you into a position that we never knew was possible."


1) Schedule consistent time to spend with the Lord, as you would any appointment.

2) Set aside your normal agenda and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

3) Steward well the revelation and instructions you receive through intercession, discernment, and declaration in agreement with God's word.

God's invitation has been extended to all who desire to come and receive revelation. The revelation we receive is to be birthed this season. Declaration of these revelations will ignite the sparks for His upcoming move.


It is time to step all the way over the threshold (Revelation 4:1) to receive clarity. We will not be able to fully see if we are straddling the doorway. We have to be fully committed and step over. As we do, we will see the revealing of our next steps.


Just as Gideon originally believed he was the weakest and the least, and then came to know the truth that he was indeed a mighty man of valor, we also will come to understand our true identity in the Lord.

Once the truth of his identity was established, Gideon was given an assignment from God with a greater anointing that fit his true identity (Judges 6:12-15).

The Lord is calling you to step into your identity, so the greater anointing can come upon you. Like Gideon, when he stepped into his identity, the Holy Spirit will come upon you in greater power (Judges 6:34). As you step into your identity – you will step into God's PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE -- the greater anointing with greater power.


In the Old Testament, Israel moved with one purpose while being identified by the anointing in each tribe, not by their ages. Being known by our anointing will unite us. Being labeled with the truth not only unites us, but it also releases strength beyond our expectation. God is calling us to arise, as the called generation, and take our positions operating in our anointing to move His Kingdom forward.

Stand up and prophetically step over your threshold into this new season and declare:

• I am prophetically stepping into my season of revelation.
• I step into a new understanding of my identity as mighty and strong.
• I step into God's commissioning.


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