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Where precisely are the gates of hell?  The mind is the gatekeeper of the Kingdom of God.  It is the place of access, transition, and power.  It follows that the gates of hell are set up in people's minds.    V – 495       4-11-21


When you've been given the Spirit of God, you lose the privilege of claiming, "I'm only human."   Paul rebukes the church at Corinth for behaving like mere men.    V – 496        4-11-21


I am a gateway for Heaven’s reality to take over every part of my life, and the lives of people who I influence, no matter how big or small the specific situation is.    V – 498        4-11-21


God wants you to become an intercessor. Not only through intercessory prayer, but also through your life, through your actions as well as your words.    V – 500  4-12-21


The Christian life is a call to be last, to serve all, and to take up our own cross.  It is, paradoxically, by becoming a servant of all that we become most like the Lord of all.     V – 502       4-13-21


The Kingdom is more than the redemptive act resulting in our going to Heaven.  He has empowered us with His Spirit, and therefore the power of Heaven is within us.  Our DESTINY here on earth awaits!    V – 503    4-13-21


God's fiery seal of supernatural love comes upon your heart to empower you to love a lost world with the very love that Jesus has. It's a mature, fiery, passionate love, full of flames of fire.   V – 506    4-14-21


Get ready to go to a new level of walking more deeply with Him.  Spirit to spirit, deep to deep, and let Him refresh you now with His rain knowing that He will establish you in your DESTINY and CALLING!   V – 507  4-14-21


Our best days are yet to come! God sent us to do a job and we're going to reap because He is the one who sent us to do it!  When we launch out at His Word, we're going to catch what we need to catch   V – 508  4-14-21

One of the major ministries of the Holy Spirit upon the earth today is intercession. It is the Holy Spirit Who lays a burden upon our hearts for others and calls us to intercede.     V – 510     4-15-21


Fasting helps us keep our balance in life. How easily we begin to allow nonessentials to take precedence in our lives. How quickly we crave things we do not need until we are enslaved by them.   V – 511     4-16-21


Some would rather hold to on their past mistakes and feel bad about them, thinking that they are being humble and holy when they do this. But this is nothing more than self-righteousness.    V – 512    4-16-21


We become contagious carriers of the anointing from God Himself that propels you into action. This true supernatural flow of the Holy Spirit gives you an insight into another's need and it enables you to understand their pain and heartache.    V – 7     4-16-21


The devil cannot take away the word from our hearts if we hold it close and protect it through: Affirming It Out Loud -- Meditating on It -- And visualizing it coming to pass in our lives.  V – 514   4-16-21


When our hearts are yielded to His Spirit, we yield the fruit of that life, dedicated to advancing His Kingdom, which includes actively investing ourselves in the spiritual lives of others.  V – 515   4-16-21


He's waiting for those to arise who will lay down their own lives and agendas and are willing to stand against any amount of scorn, ridicule or persecution to declare God's truth without compromise.  He is willing. Are we?    V – 516    4-16-21

The Lord is inviting you to rise up in faith and see the path before you with faith-filled eyes. The Lord is taking you to a higher level of trust in Him, knowing He is ordering your steps.   V – 518     4-17-21


There is indeed a holy radiance surrounding a true Spirit-filled Christian. But when you harbor sin, "your light" becomes "darkness". The devil can traffic in any area of darkness.    V – 519     4-17-21


As we DISCIPLE others into God's PURPOSE for their lives we set them a pathway that involves Spirit-inspired confessions of who they are in Christ, who He is in them, and who He is in all the earth.   V – 521     4-18-21


When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead our lives, He will always take us to places that require greater risk and faith.  When we press past our fears and insecurities, we'll experience and encounter greater realms of glory.    V – 522        4-18-21


It is time to live like those who know that HE IS ABLE! "Go possess the land." (Numbers 13:30). We need to quit limiting our expectations -- advancement to our DESTINY depends on it.   V – 523   4-18-21


DOMINION over this earth is ours again because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and wherever we are, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  We now have AUTHORITY to take DOMINION of satan’s earthly kingdom.  V – 524          4-18-21


In facing their threshold or brink, marching through the "GATES" out of captivity in Egypt, Israel has to make a leap of faith.  If they took the leap of faith, would God come and bear them up on eagle's wings?  V – 526    4-19 – 21


We get impressions from the Lord but think they are our own imagination, or something else, and don't act on them.    V – 537     4-21-21


Begin speaking in the present tense, rather than the past. Say the dream God has put in your heart. You may be surprised at what will begin to happen as you supersize what God is unleashing through you.  V – 538   4-21-21


Powerlessness demands an explanation or a solution. Blaming God seems to be easier than it is to take responsibility and pursue an encounter with Him that changes our capabilities.  V – 539   4-21-21


There must be an aspect of the Christian Life that is impossible without divine intervention that keeps us on the edge and puts us in contact with our true calling.   V – 527       4-19-21


We are to start in faith and stand in faith until that which we are believing for arrives.  So if you are believing God's word for something, that Word is the Starter and the Finisher!   V – 530       4-19-21


Shake off the weariness, and break out of grief and disappointment! Rise up as warriors empowered by Holy Spirit and take your land. Press through the night to the dawning of your new day.  V – 534  4-20-21

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