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There would have never been a resurrection if they had not rolled the stone away. You may be buried in your grief, or pain, but until you roll the stone away, you can't experience RESURRECTION power! It's time to roll away the stone in your life!  V – 573    5-1-21


When was the last time God was nourished by your fellowship?  How deep is your longing for God?  How would you describe your pursuit of God's fellowship?   V – 574     5-1-21


God is speaking all the time. He doesn't speak intermittently, we just hear intermittently. Our own active mind is our worst enemy.   V – 576  5-2-21


Live with the expectation that the God who said that His sheep hear His voice and who gave His life to restore relationship with each of us would like to communicate with us. Faith leads us to lean into His voice.  V – 577  5-2-21


If we are not walking in the blessings that God has promised in His Word, it is because we have not positioned our lives in that place where God can use His power to bless and to save.  V – 578    5-2-21


God wants us to get in a place of prayer - fight the enemy by speaking the Word, - break free from our limitations! - break free from our history.   V – 579   5-4-21


Maybe you feel like your dreams have died, your hopes have died, and your prospects have died. God has a perfect track record, and His resume for doing special things during dark seasons is flawless.   V – 580    5-4-21


We cannot continue to embrace worldly conformity and expect His Holy Spirit to rest in us with His abiding presence.    V – 581      5-4-21


The Jews looked for a Messiah who would subdue all the outward enemies, not recognizing the enemy --"self"-- who is the great and supreme opposer of God and all good, residing in every heart since Adam's fall.     V – 583    5-5-21


Let go of negative people who don't believe in you or God’s purpose for your life; they are not your audience or your partners in this next phase of your journey.  V – 584      5-5-21


Truly rejoicing in Him requires that you stand on the truth that you are accepted by Him where you are.  Rejoicing requires you to acknowledge that His faithfulness is more real than your present difficulty.  V – 585   5-5-21

Believe who you are in Christ and know the importance of your destiny. Exercise the unique gifts the Lord has given you and step into His CALLING on your life at this strategic time in history. Arise for this is your finest hour!    V – 586       5-6-21


Did the multiple warheads of fear, disappointment, and sensual distraction cause you to abandon your destiny in Christ?   V – 587       5-6-21


The increase of Divine life is by the way of a yielding up of our own interests. There is no life except by death - no gain except by loss.  V – 588   5-6-21


He Wants to increase the fire of our pursuit as we need to seek Him now like never before. God shows us things as an invitation to come and seek Him with a greater intensity that we may see promises fulfilled.  V – 591    5-7-21


If we allow the Holy Spirit to move through us, we will be constantly searching for those whose lives are formless and void.  We will become a bridge for them into the glorious, creative purposes of God.    ZZ – 356    5-7-21


You have beend prepared for a harvest. You have been comforted by the Lord so you may disciple others, living them & equipping them for life.  ZZ – 432     5-7-21


Inactivity of faith is a robber which steals blessings. Increase comes by action. Your life must be one of going from faith to faith in advancing in God’s purpose for your life.    V – 592   5-8-21


God intends to clothe with the same anointing that rested upon His Son, those who have the same heart for the face of God that Jesus possessed.      V – 593    5-8-21


We need to see and hear in the realm of the Spirit. We need to walk, talk, pray, sing, and live in that mighty, eternal realm.   V – 594      5-8-21


If you would like to receive all that God has for you, set aside 10-15 minutes daily to praise God and confess His Word out loud. Confess His Word over yourself and over any situation that concerns you.    V – 596      5-9-21


Love your neighbor without expecting his friendship. People will come and go -- let them do as they please. See only God.   V – 595     5-9-21


The Kingdom of God comes as we labor with the Lord to bring it in. We start working with the Lord to "bring in the Kingdom" from within our spirit where God has deposited our Christ calling.   V – 597    5-9-21


God is the river, the flood, and the One who breaks forth with an outburst through the glory of His Spirit. He is the One Who breaks forth, springs forth inside of us driving out all resistance to His Presence and Person.    V – 599     5-10-21


Does my faith make me dare to do anything with and for God?  Am I willing to daily invite God in -- to dwell in Him, walk with Him, talk with Him, and sup with Him?    V – 500       5-10-21


The antichrist spirit is seducing us into believing that our own works, deeds, religious doctrines, or religious performance is our door to salvation and freedom.  V – 601      5-10-21


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