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How will your life change as you become more extreme with your faith? Can you visualize how your relationship with the Father is changing?   V – 540    4-21-21


God wants you to burn with the fire of His presence.  He wants you to be totally free from everything that has recently hindered you. Choose today to align yourself with God.    V – 541     4-21-21


You cannot retire too much from the mindless chatter of the world. You don't need much time to tell God that you love Him! Lift your heart to Him. Worship Him in the depths of your spirit.  V – 542     4-21-21


Be intentional with your time. There is no time to waste time. God is recalibrating you in every way and realigning you and your heart to advance His Kingdom through His calling on your life.   V – 544   4-22-21


Christ has no hands on Earth but yours. No feet on Earth but yours, no eyes of compassion on Earth but yours. He has no body on Earth but yours -- Who are you influencing for God?    V – 545   4-22-21


Our lives are building something...Are we building strongholds of the enemy or building testimonies, founded on God's words, and established in faith? Fight back like Jesus did—with God's words!  V – 546    4-22-21

The Bible says to decree a thing, and it shall be established (Job 22:28). What will you decree to happen in your life in 2021? What will you dare to believe God for?   V – 549    4-23-21


If His blessings were dependent upon my "good behavior" or "religious performance" there would be no confidence to boldly run to Him for grace and empowerment to transform - only more failure and disappointment.   V  -  550     4-23-21


By not speaking, desiring, nor reasoning, we reach the central place of the inward walk -- that place where God speaks to our inward man.  It is there that God communicates Himself to our spirit.   V – 551     4-24-21


Faith is able to move mountains, and it will move on everything that stands in its way. True faith makes the road; it does not follow one. That is why true faith is true freedom; no shackle can be put on it.   V – 552   4-24-21


You are to arise and to shine. You are not called to hide in the darkness, but you are called 'the light.'  You are a living epistle -- alive in His Word and His Word is alive in you!    V – 553    4-25-21


Uncover the enemy with praise and thanksgiving, for he comes under the umbrella of murmuring. He accuses, and accuses until you stand with your head down, as one who's been accused and condemned.   V – 554  4-25-21


Take up your position in 2021, for the King of Glory longs to come in -- but will you recognize Him? How will you recognize Him? What if you're asleep in your spirit? Wake up! Wake up!   V – 555     4-25-21


By praying the scriptures in the epistles of Paul that pertain to our inheritance in Christ we come to know who we are in Christ; the power that is flowing through us, and the authority over life’s issues.  V – 556   4-26-21


As you stop your mind, and you direct your attention inward to your spirit where He abides -- you are willfully knocking on the door that divides the earthly realm from His realm -- you are seeking Him.   V – 557    4-26-21


Endeavor seven times a day to withdraw from business and company and lift-up your soul to God in private retirement.   V – 558    4-26-21


Without a revelation of what God intends to do in our lives regarding our CALLING in Christ, we cannot move in overcoming faith. Jesus had in mind more for us than survival.  We are destined to overcome.   V – 559   4-27-21


Today!....I make up my mind that I'm going to speak life to my situation and circumstances. I am going to the word of God to find out what He has to say about me and my situation, and I'm going to say what He says.   V – 560      4-27-21


The only way to receive wisdom from God is to come before Him (submitting your spirit to Him) -- pushing away every bit of understanding you think you have gained and offer yourself as a servant to do the lowest job.  V – 561     4-27-21


It is vital that you, as a Christian, be dedicated to sharing your faith and maintaining your motivation in the face of persecution.  To not share the Gospel means you hide the medicine for the patient who is dying.    V – 562      4-28-21


To follow the Holy Spirit, you have do what God wants you to do. He wants you to CONFESS the Scriptures so He can perform them for you. So why wait?   ZZ – 1010   4-28-21


Make it your goal to become so emptied of self that you can be flooded by the presence and power of Christ that comes only from above.  V – 564      4-28-21


It's time to step out of the crowd and cross the threshold into the realm of, "With God ALL THINGS are possible," and you are invited to walk in complete surrender to the Father just as Jesus did.  V – 566  4-29-21

We need  to know who we are in Christ. We must war for the Kingdom of God rather than be distracted by a noise from the camp of the enemy which is built upon self, idolatry and individualism.  V – 567    4-29-21


Are you tired of shallow-water Christianity, and you want the deep things of God  --  the strong food that is mentioned in scripture? Are you ready for the deep, deep things of God?  V – 568      4-29-21


Jesus is the stone we lay our heads upon. Each night as you go to sleep, focus your attention on God's presence. Remind yourself that you are in Jesus and He is in you. Lay your head, your thoughts, completely on Him.   V – 570   4-30-21


As we advance the presence of God in our lives we experience a series of little deaths in which we are asked to release many forms of attachments and to move increasingly from needing others to living for them.  V – 571  4-30-21


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