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In our identification with the Lord in the outworking of His PURPOSE for our life, we must develop an understanding of scripture that we rightly respond to Him as He guides us to spiritual maturity. V – 117  12-21-20


We step out of the box called “time” and live in the Spirit.  We learn how to hear God’s voice and live in His presence. We rise above the pressures of time and walk in the eternal life of God.  V – 120   12-21-20


As Spirit-filled Believers, we are to prophesy into the world. First, we eat the Word of God and then what pours forth, when we prophesy, is the Word. We embody a message and become the message.  V – 121  12-21-20


Walking by faith is never void of internal wrestles within—the "what ifs" questions that loudly try to sway your heart into submission to sense and reason. These temptations aid to preserve the flesh.  V – 124   12-22-20


Sometimes in our own minds we justify waiting in the boat. Do you think Peter did that? No. He got out of the boat of his comfort zone before his natural feelings could jump in to dictate the next step.  ZZ - 418  12-22-20


Breaking the power of natural law happens when the Word of God unites with our measure of faith.   ZZ – 792  12-23-20


Some of the Church has been living under a doctrine that we, as Spirit-filled Believers, are "still sinners" saved by grace. This lie keeps us in a state of helplessness and powerlessness to sin.    V – 128   12-22-20


Grace gives me courage, strength, and boldness to let my old way of seeing things be put to death.  Then, in Spirit, I learn how to live and to "walk" above every natural event.   V – 129   12-23-20


I know that if I measure everything by what has happened in my past, I will never grow beyond it. My confidence rests in what God has said. The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man will do to me.   V – 130  12-23-20


The life of grace far surpasses mere metal belief in the truths of God – it frees the spirit to fly powerfully above all things, with a kind of inner life that is beyond description.  V – 131   12-24-20


A non-confrontational attitude is not the role of God's end-time warriors! We must awaken. Now is the time to find God's PURPOSE for your life and the CALLING you were destined to fulfill.  V – 132  12-24-20


To purchase this expensive pearl, I have to give up my entire life to serve  Him and His cause without holding anything back for myself, living completely for Him.   V – 133  12-25-20


As long as we see only with our bodily eyes, we will continue to live like a blind captive, fumbling around inside a prison cell in the dark -- while the door that leads to our freedom stands open.  V – 134  12-26-20


When God gives you a vision, it's inspiring. Waiting is the hard part.  If you don't give up, if you're diligent to keep declaring the vision, it will come to pass in the kairos moment.  V – 135  12-25-20


As long as we see only with our bodily eyes, we will continue to live like a blind captive, fumbling around inside a prison cell in the dark, while the door that leads to our freedom stands open.   V – 138   12-25-20


As you celebrate the wonder of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, celebrate also your rebirth into eternal life. Allow thankfulness and praise to flow freely from your heart in response to His glorious gift.  V – 136    12-24-20


Make sure you are connected to the right people in this season. Surround yourself with only those who will help you walk in the purposes and plans God has over your life.  V – 139  12-26-20


Remember you don't get stronger in the good times but you grow the most during seasons of trials, tests and tribulation. Warfare seasons are meant to strengthen us so we can receive our breakthrough.  V – 140  12-28-20


Seeking an understanding of our true identity and allowing Him to flow freely out of us enables us to function with the greatest degree of success, thus discovering God's CALLING upon our life.   V – 141  12-26-20


Ask the Lord to propel you into the next level of your growth and destiny. If we lose sight of OUR PURPOSE that God has for us being here we will drift aimlessly into things that are not fulfilling.  V – 142  12-27-20


When we walk in fear, doubt, and remembrance of failures we are robbed of our boldness, and we become unable to step out in God's ability.  V – 143  12-27-20


The spirit of the resurrected Christ is in you -- find it.  That discovery releases extraordinary faith. That partnership positions you to redefine the nature of the world around you.  V – 144   12-28-20


We open our Bible and stir ourselves up with God’s great promises for our future. We read them out loud so our ears can hear what our mouth is saying.   ZZ – 1010  12-27-20


I refuse to sit any longer in a low place. I arise now. My provision is waiting at the next level. A new height, a new momentum, and a new strength enters my soul.  V – 145  12-28-20



Be encouraged in your faith, believe God for greater, keep moving forward! When God is big in your life you will live in sync with the Holy Spirit rather than following the fleshly mind.  V – 146  12-29-20

I am a “new wineskin.” Cleansed, emptied and capable of expanding with the new wine. My heart is a container into which the spirit of God is poured. – V 149  12-30-20


Jesus is sensitive about "room being made" for Him, as, when He was born into this world, there was "no room" in the inn. “Set apart time to be alone with the Lord" must constantly be contended for.   V – 150  12-29-20


I quit fishing in the same waters I've been fishing in for so long.  I go to new territories and get ready to catch more fish than I ever dreamed possible!  V – 151   12-29-20


I labor by forcefully quieting my soul of the fleshly thinking and soulish crying, which is a yoke of slavery around my neck, holding me captive in my own personal spiritual Egypt.  V – 543   12-31-20


You don't need a "prophetic word" to prophesy God's will—His will for your life is in His Word. Prophesy what God's Word says about you and what belongs to you. You will prevail!    V – 152  12-30-20


Every battle we face in life is over the word and whether or not we can build our lives upon the faithfulness and integrity of God.   V – 153   12-31-20


As I meet with God He comes living and breathing through the scriptures into my heart, hovering over me, transforming me into the image of Christ through the Word.   V – 154   12-30-20


I cannot build my house “in a storm”. My house must be built day by day, beforehand, by digging deep and building on the Rock of hearing, affirming,  and obeying the words of Christ.  V – 155   12-31-20


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