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"From faith to faith" means we are to begin and finish in faith. We are to start in faith and stand in faith until that which we are believing for arrives. We go from "faith to faith" not faith to feelings.   V – 273  2-2-21



The Lord often asks us to go beyond our abilities. Our usual response is to express our limitations -- not realizing that Jesus is asking us to place our limited ability in His hand, so He can multiply it.   V – 274  2-3-21



Affirmation: When I get outside of myself and begin to think inside the word of God, I get outside of my limitations and into the limitless power of almighty God!     V- 275   2-3-21



Affirmation:  Jesus is my great High Priest, and He is interceding for me right now.  I boldly confess that I am fear- free and that anxiety has no place in me! I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!  V – 276  2-2-21



You become so pure in the arms of your beloved (Jesus) that you seem like a breath of air consumed by the fire of love. You flow upward, coming forth to the wilderness of faith to rest in God.   V – 277  2-3-21



You are God's plan for the hour. You, standing in your divine authority as His dominion steward in the earth, are His solution in your sphere of influence. Your time is now. Your impact is now.  V – 282  2-4-21



The eyes of my understanding are being enlightened, and I understand the incredible greatness of power and authority I have to affect change in the earth to the glory of the Lord.    V – 283   2-4-21



I am bold in advancing the Kingdom in the earth – realizing I have the victory and enforce it anywhere and everywhere I see the enemy try to raise up a stronghold.   V – 285  2-4-21



Allow Jesus to uproot anything in your field that hinders growth. Jesus provides water from His pierced side and again, as He promised, "You will be like a well-watered field, like a spring whose waters never fail."  V  - 287  2-5-21


The word is a seed that contains the very life of God. God's best is for me to take the seed of His word and plant it in my heart where it will naturally and effortlessly produce the changes that I desire.   V – 288   2-5-21


To be sealed means to be stamped with an image. That means, when we were born-again, we were stamped with the likeness of the Anointed One.  We were made to look like the Lord Jesus Christ on the inside.  V – 289  2-5-21


Ask the Lord to come into your vineyard. Let Him prophetically reveal to you the fruit you are going to bring forth in the future. Enter into His PURPOSE for your life.   V – 291  2-6-21


Do you have a vision? How can God give you provision for the vision if you don't have a vision? Write the vision so you can operate in the PROVISION!  Write the vision (Habakkuk 2:2).   V – 292  2-6-21


I have been “doing time” in the prison of my mind, because I have been deceived by the devil. He has tricked me into believing that I can’t be forgiven and that God doesn’t love me anymore.   V – 293  2-6-21


If the Word is a reality only in my head or mind, feelings will get in the way of my acting on the Word.  But if the Word is real in my heart, I have an anchor to hold me steady when emotions try to shipwreck me.  V – 294  2-7-21


I have the abiding Word and the ability of God active inside of me because God Himself is active inside of me, watching to make sure that His Word is fulfilled for me.  V – 295  2-7-21


His Kingdom in you; this is dominion, your CALLING in Christ, your place in His Kingdom. Step out of the boat and walk on the water in this New Faith Realm-- ONLY BELIEVE and you will receive.   V – 296  2-7-21


God deals with us on a personal level to interrupt someone's regularly scheduled program of sickness or depression outside the four walls of the Church and bring them news of a Kingdom that is at hand.   V – 298   2-8-21


AFFIRMATION:  I dominate my mind and my body with my spirit since I maintain my spirit properly – feeding, strengthening, and dominating my inner man with the word.   V – 299  2-9-21


The verse does not say that faith is the evidence of things that do not exist.  God says what He has promised is already a reality.  Yet it won't become a manifested reality in my life until I believe it is real before I see it.   V – 300 2-8-21


The Word of God can become the strong tower in my life that can demolish strongholds. The Lord through His Word can push out that satanic force that’s been holding me captive.   V – 301    2-8-21


I curse those things that don’t bear fruit for God in my life.  Since I bear and keep on bearing lasting fruit for Jesus, whatever I ask the Father in Jesus’ name he will give it to me.    V – 302        2-9-21



Distractions, reasoning, fear, and doubt are tools the devil uses to rob us from achieving God's purpose for our life.  Victories are won by continually affirming and meditating on God's Word and doing the Word.   V – 303  2-10-21



A season of trials is a SEASON of promotion. You will triumph if you don't quit. He's allowing you to have the opportunity to step into a new level of the boldness and courage in Christ.   V – 304    2-9-21


We accept His invitation to come up higher by focusing on Christ our Redeemer, Deliverer and Healer, not our difficulties. God has NEW FRONTIERS OF THE SPIRIT for us to explore and higher mountains of faith for us to climb.   V – 284  2-11-21



Align your heart with His and listen to hear Him speak. Take hold of the new assignments and positions that the Lord is giving you and step out with boldness, knowing He will equip you with everything you need.  ZZ – 21  2-10-21




I don’t quit believing! I don’t quit confessing the word. I don’t focus on circumstances or talk about them --  instead, I talk to them.  ZZ – 57   2-10-21



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