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We are called to be a gateway to heaven through which people can enter into and begin to experience heaven now!  V – 409  3-21-21



If you do not know how to fight the good fight of faith (how to stay in the faith fight until you win) your confession becomes void and of no use to you in this life.   V – 410     3-21-21


We call down the fire of God upon the altars of our lives, asking the Lord to burn up every wicked, arrogant or selfish thing in us. We are His burning ones, ablaze with His love for all people at all times.  V – 411   3-21-21


You have Kingdom solutions to a problem on this earth that you are called to help with. People need you and need what God has put in you. It's time to release that.  V – 412


People will recognize that you are one of God's people by your love...for the love God gives is not of this world. Let God’s love pour out of you endlessly into the lives of others.  V - 413


You did not come this far, letting go of all the weight that slowed you down, only to go and pick it back up again. You were set free so that you can move through what you are CALLED TO DO.  V - 414


Jesus did not pray a long drawn out prayer, begging and pleading with God to heal the sick and meet the needs of the people. He spent time alone with God in prayer, so that when He ministered to the people, He spoke the prayer command of faith and the work was accomplished.     V – 416   3-22-21   Facebook


God's way is to call those things that are not as though they are.  And because we are made in God's image, we can also call those things that are not as though they are!   V – 417   3-23-21



God changed the way Abraham talked by changing His name to mean “the father of many nations.”  I see the way God meant it to be – then I change the way I talk and start calling forth my miracle.   V – 418  3-23-21



The energies we expend in keeping our sins secret are the actual “materials” of which a stronghold is made.  The demon you are fighting is using your thoughts to protect his access to your life.   V – 419  3-23-21



Instead of conforming to the image of the world I begin to conform to the image of the reborn spirit within me – I confess that God is doing a new thing in me.   V – 423  3-24-21



Vision makes suffering and disappointment bearable.  Without vision, life would be a study in cyclic frustration within a whirlwind of despair.  Vision is the foundation of courage and the fuel of persistence.  V – 424  3-24-21



I make a quality decision to reconnect with my passion.  I see beyond my eyes and live for the unseen. My future is not ahead of me – it lies within me.  V – 425     3-24-21



God is sending you. Answer His sending. Pursue the things God has been speaking to you It's no longer time to ponder. It's now time to possess. Your provision is in following through in your next course of action.  V – 427  3-25-21


Don't focus on what you don't have or what you cannot do. We must focus from God's perspective. We create the environment as co-creators with God. Mindsets and focus are two things God wants to change for you. V – 428   3-25-21



Possessing what belongs to us requires change. Unless we choose to progressively walk beyond our own mindsets, we remain where we're at presently in life. Moving forward requires a change in our thinking.  V – 429  3-25-21


When we gain the perspective of the resurrection power of our being "in Christ", we will see into the invisible realm with the eyes of faith and pray into existence what seemed impossible in the natural realm.  V – 434   3-26-21



We cannot pray with power, confidence, and authority if our line-of-sight is only what we see taking place around us -- our prayers must be created and released from the perspective of Heaven.  V – 435   3-26-21



We pray the will of God into existence upon the earth from our heavenly position with Christ. To pray the will of God means that we must first understand His will.   V – 436    3-26-21



We will never be changed by seeing who we are, but by beholding who He is.  As we behold Him, we embrace and identify with His cross and His resurrection.  V – 439  3-27-21



The unveiling of Christ within us is the most explosive truth ever to hit the Church!  It fuels the flames of our passion to allow Christ to live through us and be all He longs for us to become.   V – 438   3-27-21


As we trim our lamps and go outside the realm of familiarity and meet Him, His full gory pours into us. To lay hold of Jesus is to become a mature vessel that He can use in the CALLING He has destined for each of us.  V – 441   3-27-21


"Christian sense" (vs. Common Sense), involves seeing adverse circumstances through the eyes of faith and exercising your God-given authority to change those circumstances.    V – 443  3-28-21



There is no adverse circumstance in my life that I cannot overcome with the God-Kind of faith. When my world is out of alignment I can get it back into alignment.   V – 444   3-28-21



I have Jesus indwelling me with a faith that believes His word will come to pass when I speak it and who will never let me get faint-hearted or weary in advancing His PURPOSE for my life.  V – 445   3-28-21


We are to rise up just as Elisha walked purposefully to release the power of the mantle given to Him,  It is time for us to arise with the same zeal and release the power and authority of Christ!   V – 451   3-29-21


When Christ’s light of His word saturates our souls, we become the light of the world so others can be awakened and live a transformed life in God’s Kingdom.  V – 450   3-29-21


God is breaking off the limitations of previous experiences that have hindered your ability to see beyond the present. To inhabit the new we must first be able to see it. It's time to go higher and further.   V – 449   3-29-21


Come and drink of His living waters and allow them (Holy Spirit) to well up in you like the well where Jesus invited the woman to drink of His living waters.   V – 453  3-30-21


What are you seeking in life? What goals compel you? Will the things you have achieved be transferable into eternal accounts? Will you have spent your time and energies on that which is void of true life?   V – 455   3-30-21


As I embrace the will of God for my life, as I live before Him in the righteousness of Christ, as I ask, knock, and seek to discover and fulfill His purpose for my life, nothing will be able to hinder my prayers.  V – 456    3-30-21



The great commission provides interesting reading for those who remember what kind of men God was giving His charge to -- greedy, prideful, angry, and self-centered.  Jesus called them to change the world.   V – 457   3-31-21



I can speak God’s word so much that it will eventually affect my heart, and I will begin believing it.    V – 458   3-31-21



Hold back nothing – none of your hidden agendas, selfish ambitions, old grudges, and unforgiveness. Repent from every sin that the Holy Spirit brings to your awareness and continue to ask Him for a revelation of Heavenly example.  V – 459     3-31-21



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