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Tries of campbell orphan children center uganda

Tries of campbell orphan children center uganda

Tries of Campbell orphan Children’s center Uganda is located in a village called Nansana in wakiso district in the central Province of Uganda and Lake Victoria is found in the district where we stay in . Tries of Campbell children center many elders call it kalules children , because of the merciful heart am having for the children . So Tries of Campbell orphan children center is the name runs the children center. The Orphanage began in 1997 with just 7 children a long time with my late sister and me in Uganda , ad now we are taking care of 45 children and 50-100 pending children who are not registered but at time gather with us for some occasion .these are young boys and girls who have lost their parents due, accidents , wars AIDS etc

From these humble origins, the orphanage has grown to house 45 children and 5 old ladies . the children are ranging from 0-13 years old, many of whom have lost their parents and have no one else to care for them. Originally, i Kenneth i housed the children in the rented home house and every month we pay for this house , but with the coming years we pray the orphanage will grow and we will be able to build the children house at the same thing with the farming garden where we will mange to grow food and farming in case God provide us with a some hug donation to make it up . now the children are housed in a rented house . Orphans in Uganda are frowned upon as they live with poverty line attached to has a result of not having any family members to help them out . This means they often find it very hard to find their needs , with out the heart full people like us to be on their side for change . so many do not get any education at all, but i have tried the best of my best to also give them a chance for education and we are teaching them at the center , The orphanage has found this one of the hardest things to cope up , has many believe that when the orphan children have food it means every thing is fine , yet on another side there is a hard task in life to give them education and its requirement , so with education i believe the orphans children to have a future key. At the moment am having some teachers at the orphanage who are trying their best to do what they can to teach this children and i always fine it hard to pay them , yet i need them , because i can not do every thing for this children , there is some where also i find that i need to hire some skilled people to help me with the children . so this orphanage is run by a group of trustworthy and selfless individuals and the financial support that the orphanage received from various friends some time is testament to this. To further highlight what a fantastic place it has become in 2014 , it won and got renewal of its certificate again to carry its work of caring for the orphan children center Among the Best best CBO , CBO means community based organization in the Uganda

The orphanage rented place we live is consists of children resting rooms and kitchen, dinning room , a small office, children classes known with 4 small rooms, There is also an outdoor open area in the middle of the compound that serves as a playground for the children. . i will be happy if friends all of u pray and one day God helps us with a sound donation to set development for the children like building and having garden land . God bless u
Kenneth kalule
Tries of Campbell orphan children center Uganda 7065 Kampala Uganda

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