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Communion With The Holy Spirit - Prayer

Communion with The Holy Spirit - Prayer

(2 Corinthians 13:14)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I dedicate and yield myself to the Holy Spirit with greater passion and dedication than ever before as my best friend. From today on I pray that I would experience more of the exciting reality of His presence in my life.

Dear Holy Spirit,

I am sorry every time I have neglected you, every time I have grieved you, or affected or wounded you. I repent before you now. And today I declare that I don't want to do anything on my own initiative without you.

Wonderful Holy Spirit, I really , really want to know you. I ask you Holy Spirit to come into my life in a radical way.. Holy Spirit, would you come into my ministry? I want:

To love and honor you in every way possible.

To embrace you, feel you and hear you every day.

To be dependent on you, touched by your presence.

I need you to teach and counsel me. Please guide me into all truth. Holy Spirit - come please.

From this day forward I pledge my heart to you, I will love you. You are the Holy Spirit and I worship you. I honor you as God today. You are wonderful. There is no one like you. Your power is matchless and I can't do anything without you.

You are the greatest Evangelist!! Wonderful Holy Spirit!! You are are precious. I need You Holy Spirit, I need You!! Holy Spirit I want You! Take me and possess me. Fill me and take control - I want to live for you! I want to live for Jesus. I come to you Holy Spirit.......please use me!! Holy Spirit anoint me! And I will give you thanks and praise.

Holy Spirit, please let me know your presence in a new way. I will be faithful, whatever it costs. There is none like You.

Please touch me.....Holy spirit - I want to live in your presence and walk in your anointing. Please mainfest Yourself to me because I want an encounter with you (Let Him come, He is going to begin to move gently....... to embrace me I am being anointed, commissioned and released).

God, please begin to pour out an overflow upon me. Open up heaven. May the Spirit of God descend as fresh fire upon me today. Come Holy Spirit. I am not satisfied. I am hungry and want to know you more. I welcome you most glorious Lord. I want to know your emotions and what You are like......what makes you happy. I want to feel your pleasure and your delight. (Tell Him how beautiful He is. Tell Him how wonderful He is).

Father, please take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Never let me know a day that your presence is not with me.

Holy Spirit come in a new are so wonderful. Have your way. I wait for you. I want You to have your wonderful friend and counselor.

I pray for the glory and the anointing. I invite You, I honor you, I embrace you....I really want to know you Holy Spirit; I have known about You but I haven't known you as a person. I want to know Your anointing. I want to understand your emotions and I want to know your voice. I trust you Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit please fill me so I can magnify Jesus through my life.

Father today I honor Your Spirit. I am so glad He has come to my side. I thank you Father for pentacost. Holy Spirit please saturate me in Your river. Precious Lord, I yield to You, standing, sitting, lying in your presence.

In Jesus name,



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