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Deeds, Claims, and Promises of Jesus - Exercise One

Deeds, Claims, & Promises of Jesus - 1

 Read Matthew Chap. 3 and Luke Chap. 4


Have the class (or individual) read aloud each of the ascribed scriptures. Then dictate the indicated summary. The student is to recite the summary of each of the scriptures 5 times per day until the next class.


John 5:18-22; Jesus has the authority to raise the dead. All judgment is committed to Jesus.

John 8:12; Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus will free the believer of any system of false beliefs.

Matthew 28:18; All power is given to Jesus in heaven and earth!

Matthew 8:13; It Is God’s will to heal.

Matt 9:18-19, 23-25; Jesus has the power to raise from the dead.

John 6:8-13; Jesus can overcome lack.

John 4:9-10, 14; Living water is available to the believer.

John 6:39-40; The believer has the promise of resurrection.

Matt 5:20; Being a good person and doing good works will not get you into the kingdom of heaven.



Matthew - Chapter 3 - Quiz

1. What did Isaiah prophecy about John the Baptist in

Isaiah 40:3 ?

Answer: The voice of him that __________________

in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make

straight in the________a highway for our God.

2. What did John the Baptist say was present?

Answer:________________is at hand.

3. What did John the Baptist instruct the religious leaders as

well as the people to do?

Answer: ___________for the________is at hand.

4. What is going to be cut down and cast into the fire?

Answer: ___________which bringeth not forth good fruit is

cut down and cast into the fire.

5. Who will baptise with the holy ghost and with fire?


6. What power did Jesus receive at Baptism?

Answer: The power of The_________________.

7. What realm was penetrated at the Baptism of Jesus?

Answer: The_______________.


Luke - Chapter 4 - Quiz


1. How did Jesus answer satan?
Answer: With the_______________of God.

2. What power was Jesus operating under?
Answer: And Jesus returned in the power of the

3. What was Jesus anointed to do?
Answer: ______________the gospel to the poor,
______________the brokenhearted,
______________deliverance to the captives
______________to the blind,
______________them that are bruised.

4. Of the ones that came to Him, how many people did
Jesus Heal?
Answer: And he laid his hands on_______________
of them and healed them.

5. What did God send Jesus to preach?
Answer: I must preach____________to other cities
also: for therefore I am sent.


Quiz Answers

Matthew - Chapter 3


1. Crieth, desert

2. The Kingdom of God

3. Repent, Kingdom of God

4. Every tree

5. Jesus

6. Holy Spirit

7. The heavens


Luke - Chapter 4

1. Word

2. Spirit

3. Preach, heal, preach deliverance, recovering of
sight, set at liberty

4. All

5. The Kingdom of God

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