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"For she said within herself, 'If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.'" (Matthew 9:21)

To touch God, we are to be properly positioned to endure the "press." The woman with the issue of blood pressed past the multitudes to "touch Jesus." As a result, she was made whole. This woman was desperate.  She suffered with an unclean condition and none of those who were considered "unclean" were allowed within the city gates. This desperate woman moved beyond religious tradition, pressed past religious legalism, and reached out to touch the Lord for what she needed.

To fully develop a Kingdom mentality, we must press beyond religious mindsets and touch the hem of His garment. As a result, our minds can be healed, our bodies will be strong, and we can enter into our new season in God’s purpose for our life with the mind of Christ and His Spirit of might upon us!

The word "whole" in this passage is a Greek word, sozo, which is translated as "to save" -- also "to heal". Put simply, if we touch Him, we can be healed from issues of fear, physical infirmities, and the stronghold of death and destruction.




The word "touch" in this passage refers to a "clinging to." It means "to fasten oneself and adhere to." Once you pour out your heart to Him in intimate prayer seeking understanding of His purpose for your life, then you just cling and adhere to Him and not let go! Another meaning of touch is to "set a fire," and "to fasten fire to a thing.

This is how we can become His "firebrands" upon the earth with new fruit bearing vision that advances His Kingdom with His glory!


Only by clinging to Him and His direction, do we become empowered to make a divine shift and remain in proper alignment.

It is time for us to align ourselves with our Christ identity and walking in the Spirit so we may advance God's Kingdom and shift into our new season. However, to totally shift, we must press beyond our circumstances and religious belief systems. We are being challenged to press beyond the pressures of our own abilities to make things happen and press only to look to Him.

Many of us thought it difficult to touch Heaven, as if we had to do everything right and perfect. However, touching Heaven is very simple, just:


If we do this, He promises to burn away everything displeasing to Him, and rekindle a fresh desire to serve Him.



Developing a Kingdom mentality requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. As we embrace the Kingdom message, many of us are challenged with RELIGIOUS MINDSETS, OLD BELIEF SYSTEMS, and OLD PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR.  To truly embrace the new will require that we let go of the old. The only way for us to do this is to trust the Lord and attach ourselves securely as we continue to touch Him.

Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth. As we gain further revelation of His PURPOSE FOR OUR LIFE, our lives will realign TO BE THE WORLD CHANGERS WE WERE DESTINED TO BE.  We need to allow His Spirit to "counsel" us because we cannot trust ourselves. We are limited to our knowledge of the past, and our mindsets can limit how we perceive God.

He wants to pour more anointing upon each of us. He is measuring our willingness and action in bearing Kingdom fruit that remains which proves our levels of faith and trust -- to receive His new levels of power and anointing.




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