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As we approach our trip to India I sat down with Michael and watched videos we had taken while in India. The more we watched the more I wanted to watch…and that is what we did! We watched videos for almost 2 hours!

My heart was like putty, OK; the tears were flowing as I revisited memories from India. I would like to take you on a short journey or two in the next few weeks. It will be a journey into the past that will become fuel for our journey tomorrow!


Our First Steps lead to uncharted territories…

After we arrived in Guntur India I went for a walk with one of our hosts Joshie. We happened upon Andhra Pradesh Christian College, where he attended classes in the past. (In India College classes are equivalent to 11th and 12th grade studies and Universities are institutions of higher education.)

When we entered, Joshie was excited for me to meet some of the teachers and the Dean of Theology, Dr. Paul.

Did you notice the name? Me too! It is common in India for Christian parents to give their children the names of mighty men or women of God. And new believers ask for a “new” name, one that they will live by the rest of their lives. And their new name will become apart of their new identity in Christ!

As we shared our reason for being in India we discovered that the college, once founded to educate the children of missionaries in India, now accepted Hindu’s and Muslims as students. In fact, the majority of the students that enroll are not born again.

We were invited to come and share the Gospel during Chapel Service and several students gave their lives to Jesus! HalleluYah! By the way, this was also our first presentation of the Gospel in India!

We had not even considered that we would be able to minister in a school! And yet, because of you we were able to share the Good News in 5 other schools. Yes, Jesus taught us to “cast our nets on the other side of the boat” and it opened our eyes see the great potential for souls in every area of society.

Oh how the memories of yesterday become the fuel for tomorrows journey!


Stay tuned…for more memories as looking back helps us to look ahead while providing fresh fuel for our prayers!

~Evangelist Larry Walters

Matthew 24:14

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