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"And Goliath cursed David by his gods.  The Philistine also said to David, "Come to me, and I will give your flesh to the birds of the sky and the beasts of the field." - 1 Samuel 18:43,44


Goliath first used fiery darts against David (his words of negativity), believing that the negativity alone would cause David to cower down! Yes, Goliath's negative words were meant to be a "first-blow" against David to weaken him so that Goliath could move in quickly for the kill!


For us today, a Philistine spirit might sound like this:


  • You're too young (old) to be used of God.
  • You haven't attended Bible college, so you're unqualified to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.
  • You're not a good speaker.
  • Your family was poor. How can you ever consider yourself blessed of God?
  • You are not attractive, you're fat (skinny), or too short (tall).
  • You are weak. Just take a good look at yourself. Is there anything about you of which you can really be proud?
  • You failed. You sinned. God will never use you. God has abandoned you.
  • Shame on you!




Did you notice that this spirit targets our significance?   In other words, it targets our identity as a Christian: a blood-bought Believer, a child of the King, a son or daughter of God.

Satan desires for each of us to get stuck in cycles of feeling "insignificant." The dictionary describes insignificance as being unimportant and having no purpose in life  However, when we don't know our full identity in Christ, we remain in a continual search for significance. This is exactly what Goliath attempted to do with David...infiltrate his belief system concerning his identity and his relationship with God!

This search will remain on our wilderness wandering map unless we begin to rebuke the words (fiery darts and arrows) and begin to agree with what God says about us.




You are already victorious because of the Cross. Still we must possess our Promised Land through AFFIRMING and MEDITATING the scriptures in the epistles of Paul that have to do with our Christ identity as born-again believers.  Jesus paid the price for it – let's believe it and enter into it!




Our true identity has been on the line –do you understand your authority and dominion as a blood bought believer? What do you believe about God and your freedom in Christ? The truth must become established for breakthrough to occur. The fiery darts (Ephesians 6:16) are targeting our identity. The identity thief has a plan – to steal, kill, and destroy your future.


Let's exalt the Lord and declare His identity as "The Breaker"! Yes, He is the Breaker – the one who breaks forth on our behalf (see Micah 2:13). God is breaking forth for us. Jesus broke forth and gave us life by the shedding of His precious Blood. It's time for faith to arise once more. Raise up your shield of faith today! Lift up the name of Jesus – your shield, as you commence to bear fruit that remains for His Kingdom!




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