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We fail to reach into God enough.  As Christians, we need to spend more time listening to God than anything else. When we do hear the Lord, creative power and life flow through His words.


Determine in your heart that you want to reach the highest place in God -- learning how to live each day in pure, loving oneness with Him.  And once you have set your heart on this upward path, you will have to choose it every day.



The Holy Spirit does not draw us so we can hang up a "Do Not Disturb" sign and sit in our little comfort zone singing love songs to Jesus the rest of our lives. As fellow heirs with Christ, we are to ask, seek, and knock until we come to an understanding of God's purpose for our life so we can effectively advance God's Kingdom and be empowered in ministry to bring others into their DESTINY in Christ Jesus.


Is your spirit longing for a new awakening to the wonderful, satisfying love of God?  Do you want to know Him intimately?


"Eternal life is not a length of life, but rather a quality of life. Eternal life is intimacy with the Father & Jesus"  - John 17:3




God is asking us to RESTORE the altar of devotion as an inward response to His glory. The outward manifestation of such devotion will be fruit that will last for all eternity.


The most profound experiences we have, take place in the inner sanctum of our hearts, where the Lord creates moments of holy intimacy with us in which we are forever changed.


Jesus longs to hold each one of us in a personal face-to-face encounter. When we behold His face, we are enabled and motivated to become His hands reaching out to a hurting world. The birthing of multitudes is born out of the secret place. The secret place of Christ, the Bridegroom King, is where His inner gaze captivates our hearts as His love flows into our heart so we can go and heal the world spiritually and physically, bearing fruit that remains for His Kingdom.

Time alone with Jesus enables us to surrender in adoration to God's will. Coming aware of our Christ identity and understanding our right standing with God is a precursor to a lifetime of walking in the Spirit so we can partake of the revelation of the living DESTINY He has prepared for us on earth and seeing His power manifest in our lives.




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