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A. DEVOTIONAL STUDY (To be used in teaching)

Go directly to the Blble and read over a few times the portion to be taught. Then try answering the following questions:

1. What does this portion teach about God the Father...the Son...the Holy Spirit?

2. What does it teach about man?

3. Are there any warnings to heed?

4. Are there any commands to obey?

5. Are there any promises to claim by faith?

When completing this exercise, draw some conclusions you can apply to your life or to the lives of those you are teaching. Then read over the teacher's manual or a Bible commentary to see if it agrees, clarifies, expands or qualifies what you have discovered. You will find this process will make the material more your own. You will be able to remember it better and share it with greater confidence.

Be sure to give homework assignments -- to give the students introspection and reinforcement.

eg. Questions to Ask Myself?

Two or three questions that apply to WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST, limitations they may be putting on their spiritual advancement, and seeking their DESTINY in Christ.

The work they do alone in answering these questions will benefit them more than many hours of Sunday School teaching.

Also give them several verbal affirmations highlighting their inheritance in Christ which will be from points in the lesson. By verbally affirming their re-created status they will not be as likely to skim over the lesson and eventually forget it.


B. TOPIC TECHNIQUE (To be Used Individually)

1. In this Bible study technique you CHOOSE A TOPIC--not a random topic but a topic that you feel the you need further revelation of.

Examples of Topics:

High Calling






Spiritual Gifts










2. Pick out several books to study in the New Testament.

3. DEVELOP A CONSCIOUSNESS of the topic by meditation on it and by arousing some eager expectation of revelation to come.

4. As you focus on the topic begin reading the scripture. Write out the passages that have to do with the topic and ask the Holy Spirit for a deeper understanding.

5. At the end of the study session WRITE OUT A LIST OF AFFIRMATIONS that affirm the written out scriptures and carry them with you throughout the day to say out loud and meditate on.

6. Share any revelation you have received with others in the body of Christ.



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