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At 2:32pm on July 20, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Ephesians 3:19 - “Be filled with all the fullness of God." 

 We want our whole being to be so full of the life of Jesus that the Holy Spirit can speak and act through us. We want the Word in our heart and the faith it produces. We want to live always in Him.

 We cry out for the inspiration of the God of power. We want to act in the Holy Spirit. We want to breathe out divine life. We want the glory, miracles, and wonders that work out the purpose of God for our life. 

We want to be absorbed by God, and we want to know nothing among men except Jesus and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2).

At 4:12pm on July 19, 2019, Albert Finch said…

2 Timothy 1:7 - “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." 

The innocent desire you have to protect yourself will cost you dearly when it comes to walking with God. It infected the Israelites to such a degree that they forgort the signs and wonders (Exodus 14:11). Suddenly they saw themselves as just people again - - not people with whom God dwells, but just people.

Satan will get you into a natural rather than a supernatural perspective – that you are just a natural person. That’s why you need to think with the mind of Christ. 

Affirm and meditate on His Word continually. Speak it to your problems…and watch faith rise up. Then you’ll have the right perspective and victory will be yours!

At 2:16pm on July 10, 2019, Albert Finch said…

John 3:29,30 - “The bride belongs to the bridegroom….He must increase, but I must decrease.”  

His life is manifested power overflowing.  We must decrease if the life of God is to be manifested.  there is not room for two kinds of life in one body.  Death for life – that is the price to pay for the manifested power of God through us. 

As we die to selfish desire, there comes a fellowship within, perfected cooperation, you ceasing, God increasing. 

God in us is a living substance, a spiritual nature. You live by another life, the “faith of the Son of God” (Galatians 2:20).

At 4:23pm on July 5, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Mark 16:17 - “And these signs shall follow them that believe;…" 

Because of the tense used with the Greek word for "believe”, this verse would be better translated “These signs shall follow them that are constantly believing…”  In other words, these signs don’t come automatically just because a person once walked aside and gave his heart to Jesus. These signs follow those who are constantly believing for them to occur. 

Like everything else in the Kingdom of God, signs and wonders are activated by faith. Ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle the flame in your heart to see the supernatural signature of God on your life or your ministry. For the miraculous to occur, He needs you to be constantly releasing your faith – for it is your faith that activates the supernatural!

At 6:59pm on July 4, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Isaiah 10:27 - “And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off your shoulder, and his yoke from off your neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”  

Jesus is the Christ. The Greek word for Christ means “the Anointed One”.  And since Isaiah 10:27 tells us the yoke of the devil is destroyed by the anointing, we don’t have to run scared when the devil comes against us. You are destined to overcome. You have that anointing – the Anointed One – residing on the inside of you if you are born again. 

Stir up that anointing.  Stand up in the midst of the storm. As you speak to it with all the power and authority that’s been given to you, you’ll dominate the storm. 

At 2:23pm on July 2, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Romans 8:33 - “Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect?  It is God who justifies."  

The book of Job tells us that Satan came to God’s throne and complained about Job. (Job 1:6-12) God’s throne is the most holy place. So why did God allow Satan to come before Him in the most holy place? Because of Adam’s sin, He had the right to take Adam’s place and come before God. 

So, what happened to Job cannot happen to us.  Job longed for a mediator, but he had none. (Job 9:33).  Today we have Jesus as our Mediator, mediating the New Covenant between God and man.  However, since the devil cannot come before God any more, he comes to you on earth and accuses you in your conscience. Satan cannot come before God to accuse you because it is God who justifies you through the terms of the New Covenant. Jesus’ holy blood has given you perfect standing in the presence of God!

At 1:04pm on June 22, 2019, Albert Finch said…

2 Chronicles 16:9 - "The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him."  

So often we try to figure things out instead of just trusting God and doing what He says in His Word.  As a result, we end up in disobedience -- which always leads to unbelief.  Don't let the giants in your life scare you into hiding.  Let God know you'll trust Him and His Word no matter what the circumstances say or look like.  Then worship Him knowing you'll see Him demonstrate His power and faithfulness on your behalf.  

Affirmation:  I keep my heart faithful toward God so that He shows Himself strong on my behalf. 

At 2:16pm on June 21, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Philippians 3:13,14 - “Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Press into God by “adding to.” Add a few minutes more to your prayer time, Praise a few minutes more. Stretch yourself. Press through the limitations your flesh has tried to impose on you. See yourself turning from the past toward the future God has for you in Christ Jesus.

Settle in your spirit and in your mind what you need to do to advance in God’s PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE.  Now, see yourself rising up and marching toward those marks with faith in your heart as the Holy Spirit leads you and give you His strength to get there.

At 1:59pm on June 20, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Isaiah 26:9 - “My soul yearns for you in the night.”  

What is the most worthwhile thing you can experience on earth? Nothing less than God Himself! What is the first and most important thing to be done each day?  It is nothing less than to seek, to know, to live, and to praise God. 

So begin every day of the year with the impassioned prayer of David:  “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you…in a dry and weary land” (Psalm 63:1).  As you persevere in this, you will learn to expect the presence of God to surround you throughout the day. 

At 6:20pm on June 19, 2019, Albert Finch said…

So be ablaze with His passion! And you will step into a new confidence this day. You will not be fooled by the voice of the intimidator, but you will rise up with more freedom and spontaneity than ever before. You will rise up "wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove"! (Matthew 10:16)

"And the God of peace will swiftly pound satan to a pulp under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you." (Romans 16:20)

At 9:38pm on June 18, 2019, Albert Finch said…

Revelation 3:20 - "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me."

In order to embrace the love of God, invite Jesus in and commune with Him basking and soaking in His love until you become love. Now you have the God kind of love flowing from your spirt in to the lives of others.

At 5:54am on December 20, 2012, Albert Finch said…

Emmanuel Thandu - Evangelist

Kindly pray for this work and lend your partnership in our outreaches and church ministry. 
Please pray for the following points:-

1. Please pray that we may be able to purchase a piece of land to build a church in Industrial Colony,
2. Please pray that we may be able to appoint few pastors to follow-up the work we started.
3. Please pray for our work at Volluru & nearby villages that many more people may be healed and added unto the church of God.
4. There are number of widows, Orphans and old aged people who need compassion and some financial support.
5. Please pray that God would support with a truck for the ministry 

Your support can be send to the following Bank Account. May god bless you and your family with his love and richness. Love and hugs from our family to you all. May Peace and Joy be with you always. Stay Blessed. 

Thanking you,
Sincerely yours

Brother Emmanuel Thandu

Email :

Skype : thandu.emmanuel

Website :

At 8:40pm on December 12, 2012, Emmanuel Thandu said…

Dear Beloved Loving Friends in Christ,

Warmest greetings and Love to you and family.
The Lord is so good and compassionate towards His people in all their circumstances. He led us and guided us all through these months in His vineyard to work for Him to bring many more fruits for the kingdom of God.

We had great privilege of visiting our targeted villages in the Ananthagiri on the mountain ranges of this region. But the Lord spared us all from the snares of the tribal areas. This place is situated over 3200 feet above the sea level hence we faced severe cold during day and night. The god of this age has blinded the villagers eyes and they are forced to live in the dogmas and practicing other cults. Most of these people worship the nature like Sun, Moon, huge trees and the mountains and big hills. As there was no proper follow-up from the pioneering Christian missionaries, these tribal people have turned to the old practices and cults.  We are now praying that the Lord may send some more missionaries who can do the work of Isaac in the land of Philistine (Gen 26). We see many hearts have been closed for the Lord and many were turned towards the paganism. We need to dig these wells one again in order to make their wells as the wells of bubbling joy of righteousness.

Each village has at least 24 to 25 houses. We presented the gospel to all these people. Many came forward to have the prayers for healing of their children, old aged people and for their spiritual nourishment. Many sick came forwarded to have the blessings and healing prayers from us. We all preachers laid our hands upon those sick and rebuked the demonic forces, which bounded them.

Still there are hundreds of villages on the Ananthagiri mountain ranges. We will be visiting the areas for 3 days in each month. We continuously reach the same villages for follow-up our work. Kindly pray that the lord may make our ways wide so that we may go further to spread the good news of Lord Jesus Christ to the people who live on the mountains and in remote areas. This work involves much strain, walking, and endurance. Most of the times, we did not find food to eat. Sometimes our coordinators fell sick due to hunger and thirst. We take shelter in the open churches of the region. As the cold was so severe, we were forced to hang the mats to each window. Even then the cold is so severe that we could not get good sleep on the floor. We were so happy in those wonderful days of preaching and sharing the Lord of God in villages. We cannot forget the people and their situation. We are continually praying that the lord may bless them and bring them all into the light of his word and truth.

I request you to kindly take part in this ongoing ministry to the villages and mountain ranges. There are several people who were encouraged to support the Radio Ministry, Bible Printing Ministry, and TV Ministry, It is good and many are being Blessed through these ministries. But it is difficult and costly affair to have a TV in this region. Where as we the missionaries are going by walk to their own houses to present the love of Lord Jesus Christ. We are urging and convincing the people who are ignorant of the spiritual truths. Reaching the places where there is no TV and Radio is very difficult task and it involves much finances and energy to reach many unreached people of this heathen nation. Kindly pray for this ministry and lend your helping hand as and then the Lord inspires you to support.

At present we have the following needs in the mission fields:-

1. We need more Local language Bibles to distribute every new convert.
2. We need life saving drugs (medicines) to supply to the people living away from the modern living.
3. We need warm blankets to distribute to the children and old aged people of these mountain ranges. Each blanket would cost $4.50.
4. We need funds to take-up

At 8:01am on February 17, 2012, Imran Farooq said…

Hello brother in Christ,

how are you?i hope your fine in the name Of Jesus 

how is your ministries ?

I am Imran Farooq from Pakistan I am Servant of God.

I am Leading Peace Lover's christian Youth. we are working for the Development Of christian Community in Pakistan 

God bless you 


your brother in Christ,

Imran Farooq(President) 

Peace Lover''s Christian Youth Pakistan 

At 6:19pm on January 12, 2012, Devery Clare Penrod said…


Thank you Man of God!

Continue doing this excellent work in the Lord Jesus Christ Our God on High!

Best wishes to you, & I hope to visit and maybe preach in one of the Crusades Open Air Stadiums! amen+++God Bless You Mightily!

Dev. Penrod

At 2:14pm on December 6, 2011, Emmanuel Thandu said…

Greetings and Love to all


Please pray for my mission trip to Uganda, Pray that God would give me courage, Knowledge and fill with his spirit  to speak in the youth  conference and Crusades.  Pray that he would provide me with all sufficient funds for the mission trip.


At 7:13pm on December 3, 2011, Albert Finch said…
Emmanuel Thandu
Praise The Lord
Last five days I am on fasting, praying that God would give me courage, knowledge and fill me with His Spirit to speak in the youth conference and crusades at Kampal, Uganda during 11-17th December.
 Please keep me in your prayers. 
Emmanuel Thandu
At 7:00am on November 25, 2011, DEB said…
Thank you Emmanuel for the friend request! I will be happy to pray for the Ministry God has charged you with! I pray to God to bless your family and your ministry, and your safety! I pray many souls come to Christ, and many Pastors are equipped & encouraged by your speaking  mission. 
I will look forward to hear about the fruit that is born out of this mission! Blessings & Grace~~ Your sister in Christ, Deb
At 7:00am on November 25, 2011, DEB said…
Thank you Emmanuel for the friend request! I will be happy to pray for the Ministry God has charged you with! I pray to God to bless your family and your ministry, and your safety! I pray many souls come to Christ, and many Pastors are equipped & encouraged by your speaking  mission. 
I will look forward to hear about the fruit that is born out of this mission! Blessings & Grace~~ Your sister in Christ, Deb
At 5:32am on November 25, 2011, Kwenyi Bertrand said…

This is Awesome! May The Almighty God continue to uplift you in His field. Amen!


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