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             IN and THROUGH Him, Catherine Heim

     I begin by asking a question. What is it to KNOW the Living SEAL of Approval, by the SPIRIT of TRUTH? The Living, Breathing, Pulsating Knowledge of the Holy ONE of ISRAEL, the FATHER, through the SON, JESUS CHRIST!!! What is a Living HOPE, even I would say, a Living FAITH, that would catapult one into the depths of His Nature, the very depths of His Character, the very depths of His WILL, that would lead one to acknowledge the SPIRIT of TRUTH, that is the SEAL of the LIVING GOD! The SEAL of the LIVING WORD!! The SEAL of the FATHERS’ APPROVAL!!!      To PLEASE the FATHER, through the SON, in the SPIRIT of His TRUTH!!! His Living and abiding WORD of TRUTH! To dwell in the Heights of His WILL, is to dwell in the KINGDOM of His dear SON, the KINGDOM of LIGHT, the KINGDOM of His Amazing GRACE, that leads one to green pastures, beside still waters, grazing on the Riverbed of His Treasurehouse of Delight, His Living Word!!! To AIM for the HIGHEST, is to AIM to PLEASE Our Father in the embodiment of His very WILL!!! Pressing toward the Mark of the High Calling of God in CHRIST JESUS, our Lord!!! To utterly rejoice in the flavor of His WILL!!! To REST in the GLORY of His TRUTH!!!      Is He not leading us today, as the GOOD SHEPHERD, staff in hand, yet gently bringing us unto the sweet perfection of His marvelous Living Word IN us, CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!! Did He not say, did He not FILL us to overflowing with the Good Pleasure of His Delight, His GLORY, the GLORY of the Holy ONE of ISRAEL, the FATHER who sits upon the throne of our hearts and lives, did He not say, "THIS IS MY SON, IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED!?" The literal SEAL of HIS APPROVAL, sealing us IN HIM, LIVING EXPRESSIONS of His WILL, LIVING EPISTLES of HIS GLORY, LIVING sons contained within the very SON Himself, JESUS CHRIST!!! As JESUS CHRIST is the express image of the FATHER, so to IN HIM, our we made IN His Image, made IN His Likeness, created for His GLORY, the PURPOSE of His WILL, to reflect the FATHER, through the SON. SEALED, SEALED, I say, with the SPIRIT of TRUTH, the SPIRIT of MIGHT, the SPIRIT of COUNSEL, the SPIRIT of the KINGDOM of His TRUTH!!! CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!!      Oh, what HOPE, oh, what FAITH, the Living Substance of things unseen, oh what a DAY to SING out a SONG, to SING out a NEW SONG, declaring the Living and Abiding WORD of HIS GLORY, to RISE to the FULL STATURE of a MAN, fully matured. Sweet Mystery revealed, even as Paul declared, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!! What a JOY to BEHOLD the FACE of His COUNTENANCE within, the KINGDOM of HIS WILL, the KINGDOM of His Marvelous LIGHT, the KINGDOM that reigns Victorious throughout all the AGES, in the KINGDOM of His DEAR SON, that abides as the LIVING WORD within our very beings. For is it not true, in fact, even a ROCK upon which we stand that "IN HIM, WE LIVE, AND MOVE, AND HAVE OUR BEING!!!"      I ask you, is HE not SOVEREIGN? Does HE not REIGN SUPREME? Is HE not the ONE, and only ONE, IN CONTROL over all nations, peoples and tongues!!! Is there anything out of His JURISDICTION? Is there anything not ordained from the beginning, from the very foundation of the world? Did not the CROSS stand even before the foundation of the world, and were we not IN Him!!!?      I beseech thee, brothers and sisters of the Living Word of TRUTH, to STAND in the POWER of HIS MIGHT, STAND in the fullness of His Living WORD, STAND in the PRESENCE or PAROUSIA of the GLORY of His WILL!!! For who has known the Mind of the Lord, yet we have the MIND of CHRIST!!! Renewed, Regenerated, Given unto us as a SEAL of His APPROVAL!!! "YOU ARE MY SON, AND IN YOU, I AM WELL PLEASED"!!!      Take JOY in the GOD of our SALVATION! Take JOY in the Living PRINCE of PEACE Himself!!! With JOY draw from the Living Wells of SALVATION, the Living Streams, Living Rivers that pour forth from within the HOLY of HOLIES that richly ABIDE within the SON, who reigns within!!! CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!!      DWELL, I would say unto you my brothers and sisters in HIM, DWELL in the riches of HIS GLORY, in the riches of the INHERITANCE "IN" His SAINTS, those washed, cleansed by the blood of the LAMB, the BLOOD that poured forth a RIVER, for those who were given "POWER" to "BECOME" SONS OF THE LIVING GOD! SONS OF THE LIVING WORD!! SONS OF THE LIVING SUBSTANCE OF FAITH, THE KINGDOM THAT REIGNS VICTORIOUS THROUGHOUT THE AGES!!!      PARTAKE and eat of this LIVING SCROLL, EAT the RICHES of the MEAT of the INHERITANCE that ABIDES IN HIM, IN US, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY!!! Be filled with the SPIRIT of HOLINESS, which is SEPARATION unto His NAME, FOR HIS GLORY, the GLORY of the written word made LIVE, WATER Turned to WINE, in and of His SPIRIT of TRUTH, and the SEAL of the LIVING WORD shall declare "YOU ARE MY SON, AND IN YOU, I AM WELL PLEASED"!!! The SEAL of APPROVAL of A FATHER toward, HIS SON, a many membered, BODY, even a FIRSTFRUITS. For JESUS CHRIST, being the firstfruit , was not ashamed to call us brethren. Listen now, each one, individually and yet corporately as ONE in HIM, as He speaks forth His Living Word of GLORY: "I have given unto you the SEAL of My SPIRIT of TRUTH, that you might KNOW as you are fully KNOWN!!! That the promise of my inheritance in the SAINTS, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY, might be fully revealed. Cherish, yea, I would say unto you, Cherish this Glorious Truth, in the expectation of the fulness of My Glory, as I fully clothe you in My WILL. There has been much preparation for the DAYS ahead, where those who are Mine, those of My Purpose, those of My Mind, My Living, Breathing Word of Glory, those of whom have gone from Glory to Glory in the understanding of the sweet essence of My Grace, My manifold grace, as I have poured out through My Good Pleasure an abundance of the REVELATION of the GRACE and KNOWLEDGE of My SON, JESUS CHRIST, to "know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God." "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power".      Know that I have given unto My Own, My Own Sons, My Own special and unique Children, yet those of whom have been raised up in CHRIST to be My Voice, to be My Trumpet Call, to be My Sword, the Sword of the Living Word of TRUTH, to declare My Mind, to declare My WILL, to declare My Purposes, to literally donn My Mercy and bring the hearts of peoples, nations, and tongues back to their FATHER, to be as Ministers or Messengers of Reconciliation, as My Enabling Grace surrounds them with the arms of a Father, drawing and wooing back unto Himself, through a many membered SON, a MANCHILD caught up in the full FLAVOR of the MEAT of MY WILL!!!       Do not hold back from the "High Calling of God in Christ Jesus," but continue to press toward the Mark of the High Calling, and I say unto you, you shall enter fully into the REST of Your FATHER, fully clothed in the GLORY of the Living Word, MY SON, and you shall ARISE "IN" Me, "WITH" Me, and THROUGH Me, as SONS of My GLORY, SONS of MY COUNTENANCE, for you shall see clearly, in a FACE TO FACE encounter, in the SPIRIT of MY TRUTH, in which the "seeds" of Faith shall be multiplied, even as the "Oaks of Righteousness", for the healing of the nations!!! For you shall be as a "TREE OF LIFE", in the midst of My GARDEN, the GARDEN of MY WILL, PARADISE, the KINGDOM OF GOD, the KINGDOM of HEAVEN, sweet mystery revealed, "CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY"!!! "Blessed our they who come in the NAME of the LORD!!!" FLAMES OF FIRE, FLAMES OF MY GLORY, FLAMES OF MY TRUTH, FLAMES, YET I CALL THEM "SONS, IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED!!!" MY SEAL of APPROVAL, the SPIRIT of TRUTH!!!"                                              In and through Him, Catherine Heim

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