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                                   LIVING STONES
     I was in this place, that appeared to be a "house", a "home" if you will, yet I knew this place to be, as no other.  This was a "humble abode", in which was placed a "throne".  This was even that which was in a special place,
even a "Holy place", best described as "The Most Holy Place."  This place was truly a "secret place".  A place which can only be seen, by those of whom have been given eyes to see, and ears to hear, the perception or understanding of the Fathers' Will.  This is a place, where only the "ONE" voice, the voice of the "Spirit of Truth", comes forth. 
     I kept going from one place to another "in the Spirit of the Living God", and yet inwardly "knowing" that I never truly left this location, or the "place" called "home" if you will. Each "place" or "home" being larger than the last.
     For what I was "hearing" was the call to "press toward the mark of the "high calling" in Christ Jesus Our Lord.  To continue to "enlarge the place of our tent pegs", descriptive of our hearts, in which His "throne" sits, where the "mind of Christ", the Word of God, the Living Word, has now "encaptured" our minds and hearts, that we might "grow thereby".  Never ceasing in our Race of Faith!!!  Yet "resting" in His Divine Truth, His Divine Breath, as He breathes upon us, and our hearts and minds are enlarged to "see", to "hear" to "understand" His Wisdom, that gives us discernment to be One, with, and through the only Truth in which we grow thereby, the Spirit of Truth, that transcends all the ages, and brings us into the unity of the Father of Light, in which there is no variableness or shadow of  turning, and yet is fruitful in the Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We being "firstfruits" of His Good Pleasure, bringing us to completion in Him, suffice it to say, He being the firstfruit Himself, "bringing many sons to Glory", that only He, the chief cornerstone, of a Living, Breathing, Pulsating Temple, in which the "Living Stones", are Living Epistles, filled with the Glory of the Holy One of Israel, are revealed only IN Him, WITH Him, and THROUGH Him, Jesus Christ, the author of our Salvation, the author of our Faith.  The beginning, and the ending, the Alpha, and Omega, of our lives swallowed up in Victory, as overcomers of all that smells of death, to obtain the substance of Faith, the literal substance of His Will IN Him.  This truly, is what it means to be "HOME" in Him.  Growing up into the Head, Christ Jesus, Our Lord.  Becoming poured out drink offerings, laying down our lives, filling up the sufferings in the Body, yet always knowing "in our weaknesses His Power is made perfect."  Being "set apart", Holy in Him, not of ourselves, that we may boast, only in "the Lamb that was slain even before the foundation of the world", His blood shed that we might be found cleansed, and found spotless, a bride spotless, and made pure, yet bearing the name of a son, in Him, with Him, and through Him.  Innocent and yet seeing fully, the Face of Grace Himself, Jesus Christ!!!  Finished, and Complete only through the washing of the water by the Word of His Glory!!!  The Cross imprinted upon our hearts and minds, through a life, which was "lost" only to be "found" in Him, in us, as ONE.  One in the FATHER, through the SON, in the POWER of the SPIRIT, three yet ONE!!!  Now we die, that we might live... in the beloved, our One and Only Savior and King, Jesus Christ!!!
For is He not the New SONG we sing...
in this His DAY...Truly a New DAY in Him...
For Such a Time as This...
Pressing on to the Mark of the Upward Call in Christ Jesus
Our Lord...
That we might be the Temple of His Will, even the Temple
of the Spirit of Truth, "that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord..."
Living Stones of the New Jerusalem...
I ask you do you "hear" the call to "press on to the mark of the "upward call" in Christ Jesus our Lord?  Do you hear
the "call" to "come up hither"? 
                 In Him, Catherine Heim
"For the "sufferings of this world" do not even compare with the GLORY which shall be revealed in us."

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