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Once again I want to thank you for the great work God is using you to support the activities of Walk With God Ministries International! For those who did not receive the previous issue, this new E-Partners Update issue is the
brainchild of the Executive Board and staff of
Walk With God Ministries, along with partners and friends of WWGMI, and whom we owe deep thanks for their vision, perseverance and thoughtfulness throughout the planning process.

The conference took place in Victory Church Masaka, Nyendo Township. The local organizers clearly had sacrificed money, time and effort.
Special thanks and appreciation should be expressed to Pastor Godfrey Mulonde, Pastor Caleb Nahabwe, Pastor Godfrey Kasemberi, Administrator Mayanja, Apostle Mukisa, Pastor Saphat, Masaka
District Pastors Fellowship and WWGMI staff for all their hard work.

In this Township where the conference was held, is a poor area of Uganda and men struggle to find money to provide a meal for their families and send for they have been experiencing drought for two
years. Because the delegates were faced with financial constraints,
Walk With God Ministries International spent over $9,500 on
transporting, accommodating, and feeding all 481 delegates and 47
Pastors for seven days who came from all parts of Uganda.
Days before the beginning of the conference, Pastor Caleb led a team of worship and prayer Ministers to camp as they prepare the arena of-unusuals. Surely, the spirit of the conference was very good, the atmosphere was super

The ministry of all the speakers were well received and appreciated. Among the many speakers were: Pastor Daniel Amusu from Nigeria, Bishop Kiganda, Apostle Salongo Ntare, Min. Tom
Kyakwise and
Pastor Margret from Uganda and Doctor Keith A. Burton and Pastor Lewis
M. Lampley from USA. They ministered under the theme: Prayer Is The
Power That Disables The Power of Religious Spirits and Destroys The
Powers of Darkness.

After Pastor Lewis and Dr Keith, preaching twice each in two different churches in Kampala, Pastor Godfrey drove 122km to officially launch the conference on 24th January,
We had four teaching sessions everyday other than Thursday and Friday when delegates were
sent to
the town in groups of three for door to door evangelism. By the end of
the conference
more-than 100 people had
given their life to Christ, glory to God.

Recognition for Exceptional Ministering to Dr. Keith A. Burton and Pr. Lewis M. Lampley for the financial support to the conference (in order for it to run
successfully), donations they made towards the Churches, individual
orphans, and
Donated books written by Dr. Keith A. Burton to
over 50 Pastors.
They also visited Triangle of Hope Orphanage, where Dr. Keith and Pastor Lewis promised to sponsor some of the orphans.
Dr. Keith bought 40 mattresses for the Orphanage.
Pr. Lewis M. Lampley gave clothes,
and presents to all the 85 Orphans.

In all, we give thanks and glory to God for the
results of the work He started in the lives of Ugandans.

God's people have been healed,
delivered and blessed.
Below are the testimonies from non-believers, believers and Pastors who attended the conference:

………., “Pastor Godfrey before this conference, I felt unsure of which areas of my church I should focus on. I felt like I was on autopilot in my ministry. Preach on the weekend, put out fires
when they came up,
and deal with things when I was reminded of something, became the norm. This conference has given me extreme focus
and clarity about
which areas of my church I should be focusing on, and it's also given
me the tools and skills necessary to be able to do them”.

Another Pastor testified…
…………….,“Better than any leadership conference I have ever attended – and allows me to debrief everything you are learning. I learned more in this conference
than any other ministry experience or church conference I’ve
"When I was asked to
mobilize Pastors and Christians in our area, I really didn't know what
to expect – because I had never know Pastor Godfrey. But, what I
experienced has eclipsed any reservation I might have had. The speakers
passion for empowering, equipping and helping pastors translates
through phone lines. My church is has started bearing the fruit of this
conference. And, my personal life and goals for ministry have been
taken to new heights. Ministry can sometimes seem like a dry desert
land, but this conference has been a welcome oasis!"

Another testimony……
……………., "During the conference while dealing with Religious spirits and breaking satanic powers, I was challenged as a leader to raise ‘the bar’ for leaders in our church. -Assimilation has been huge!!! It has reinforced my need for personal development. I have learned (again) that the church will not grow beyond me. The teachings and guidances has sharpened me again. I was slumping in my personal growth before the conference.
This would have saved me several years of frustration had I been
able to participate in something like this 5 years ago.
I will be one of the sponsors come next conference, January, 2011.”

Another testimony……
……………., Since I attended the conference, my leadership skills have doubled. Since I started putting in place the lessons in place, my confidence in our church, reaching its full redemptive potential, has
So, in my opinion,
you'd be doubly foolish not to take advantage of the next awesome
opportunity to pludge my resources to support the cause!

Many other testimonies of healing breast cancer, doctors had given up and asked the lady to go home to her death bed. Brethren the lady is now well and the wound has dried and she is nolonger bed
Another lady by the names of Annet Businge, had spent 13 months pregnant was sent free from witchcraft and gave birth to a healthy boy who has been named Keith Burton. Named after
Doctor Keith A. Burton, Praise the Lord…
Many testimonies have not been put in this report, however all testimonies are being documented.

This location where the conference was held is known for its high rate of devil worship and child sacrifice. Actually, three months ago, this place was a scene of a
murder of a 12-year-old, Paul
Kasirye, formerly a Primary Three Pupil at Kayuggi.

This was no ordinary murder but sacrifice by one allegedly city tycoon Godfrey Kato-Kajubi. It is alleged that his gods, the evil spirits that gave him wealth, asked for blood and a head
of a child to be placed on the foundation of the building. He hired a
witchdoctor and his wife do accomplish the task.

As we toured around Masaka, we found people worshiping a dead Catholic Priest in a grave.

We learnt that people come from all over East Africa to
ask for blessings from this dead man since he used to do miracles and all his prophecies came to pass. Anumber of people said the intercession
through Msgr. Ngobya they got cured of a number of illnesses. People come to give thanks all what has been as an answered prayer. Among those who come
here for blessing are learned political
contestants, University students seeking wisdom, women seeking marriage
and to birth, etc.
This is what the Lord was telling us, the disease eating up this region and the country.

Their Uganda mission ended with visiting the Source of River Nile, the waters that Jesus Christ drunk while in Africa.

We are encouraged by

the ministering

efforts to develop a

platform for local Inter-Ministries connection, fellowship,and

the Pastors and build unity across the Body of Christ to Advance of the
Kingdom of God.

Serving in the vine yard
of Jesus Christ
Pastor Godfrey Mulonde

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