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This is your time to advance. God is setting before us new doors of opportunity to step through. God is opening a way where the opposition before you cannot stand. God is the God of the breakthrough.  ZZ – 59  2-12-21



Breakthrough happens when we take the first offensive step against the barriers in our life. Breakthrough happens when we say, "I'm going to trust that God is going to supernaturally do the impossible."   ZZ – 60  2-11-21


The unholy spirit wants to entice us away from advancing in God’s purpose for our life by leading us to accuse, judge, and criticize because we are feeling pretty good about how we are doing.     ZZ – 61    2-11-21


Now is a  CRITICAL TIME to know that you are rightly aligned with your CALLING in Christ.  Don't get stuck in the familiar...know deep within, that God is calling you out upon the uncharted waters.  V – 45  2-12-21


Embrace the refreshing healing rain as you allow God to put your life into order and you yield to the refining fires!  Receive the healing rains of His presence…  Don't give up now... You are on the edge of glory!   ZZ -70  2-12-21


Once Christ has become our life, we are able to permit Him to live through us into the lives of others. This alone is the way to victory.  Christ is our substitute in death, so also is He our substitute in life.   ZZ – 71  2-13-21


We must place a high value on the time that we spend alone with the Lord, or it will be overtaken and replaced with activities. "Set apart time to be alone with the Lord" must constantly be contended for.  ZZ – 75  2-13-21


I stop thinking about my puny ability and what I can or can’t do. Instead, I start thinking about Jesus. I start thinking outside myself and inside the Word and let Jesus bless the world through me!   ZZ – 77    2-13-21



I invite the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Life, to come and breathe through me. I desire that my garden be filled with flowers and fruits and that its fragrance draw others to Him.   ZZ – 78   2-13-21



As we are first filled with the power to truly love others by receiving His love for us-- we will come to realize our need to DISCIPLE other new believers.   ZZ – 432  2-14-21


As I abide in the secret place in silence, I lift-up my heart to Him -- I resolve to get to know Him in a fresh way and experience new facets of His love.   ZZ – 463   2-14-21


Jesus wants to fan the flame in my heart!  I want to be a burning, shining lamp.  Today I ask God for new passion, new fire, and the gift of holy hunger.   ZZ – 626   2-14-21



Our adversary has been busy confusing our memory of who we are and Whose we are, where we've come from and where we're going – supplanting the reality of who God destined us to be.   ZZ – 105  2-15-21



I learn to live out of my spirit in every area of my life. The way I loose the Spirit of God into my life is through my words – through my right speaking. ZZ – 107    2-15-21


Change your worldview. Develop a consciousness of heaven within you. Start thinking: I am carrying Heaven with me wherever I walk during the day.  I am in heavenly places right now!   ZZ- 108   2-15-21



Jesus revealed that there is a dimension o human nature that actually can host an evil spirit and provide it a type of rest – it is our uncrucified thoughts hiding themselves in our attutudes that give them access.  ZZ – 111   2-17-21



Right now, the lukewarm, apathetic spirit of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14,17) is blinding the eyes of the Body of Christ -- the Lord is stirring up His Bride; filling her with deeper passion than she's ever known. ZZ – 112   2-17-21



If I am trying to deal with God out of my head or out of my feelings, then what I am doing is trying to deal with God out of my flesh.  ZZ – 113   2-17-21


I am no longer going to sit in the wilderness where the devil steals the blessings of God out from under me. I have God’s permission and His power and His ability to take the land.  ZZ – 115   2-18-21



Faith may quietly press in, or it may cry out very loudly, but it is always violent in the spirit world.  It grabs hold of an invisible reality and won't let go. Every believer has the power of heaven behind them.   ZZ – 116  2-18-21



The glass sea is a symbol. The sea around God is perfectly still and totally calm with no waves, not anxieties troubling Him.  All our victories flow out from being seated here with Him.  ZZ -118  2-19-21



 Pauperhood is relegated to the children of a lesser god.  He is the one who assigns them to a life of poverty, pain, and depression through a diabolical play of illusion. He hopes to conceal their true identity forever.  ZZ – 119  2-19-21



The divine nature permeates my soul, transforms my mind, transplants my heart, and transfigures my spirit. I was made to be a vessel of His glory and vehicle of His light.  ZZ – 120, V 92   2-19-21



When we AFFIRM OUT LOUD AND MEDITATE ON THE WORD concerning our authority (Mark 11:23), we hold fast to the Word until it is manifested in the seen realm.  ZZ – 121  2-20-21



I have an unrelenting hunger to watch the Kingdom break into this realm.  I am a co-laborer with Jesus in the Great Commission.  ZZ – 122  2-20-21



I don't run from the mountains of discouragement, sickness, or financial need in my life -- I face them with faith -- and shout "Grace, grace" to them and let God make them into "a plain.”   ZZ – 123    2-20-21



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