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True spirituality is measured in the depth of our hunger for God, where our souls pants “for the living God” like the deer pants after water. We press past intellectual for heartfelt encounters that transform.   V – 227  1-21-21



You may be barren now. God is alerting us to raise our expectancy. Our expectancy will become our spiritual currency to allow transactions with heaven.     V – 228   1-21-21



I remember that when Jesus arose, I arose.  When He came out of hell and defeated the enemy, I came out of hell and defeated the enemy.  His victory is my victory because I am in Him.   V – 229  1-21-21



Nothing that I seek can be as satisfying to my soul, no other answer as beneficial as seeking Christ with the eyes and understanding of my inner man.   V – 235  1-23-21



I have the exact word I need for every situation – a specific, quickened word from the scriptures, placed in my heart by the Holy Spirit. Now I have real sword power to use against the enemy!    V – 236  1-22-21



Confession doesn’t mean bringing up my past. It means agreeing with God about what He says to me and about me. When I agree that God is right, that is confessing.   V – 237   1-24-21



Since we are rooted and built up in Christ Jesus, we show others how to be neither barren nor unfruitful in the ways of God.  We teach others of a higher life in the Lord Jesus.   V – 238   1-23-21



We are living wells and it is important to steward, guard, protect, deepen, and open that well. Wherever we go, out of our bellies will flow rivers of living water.  V – 239  1-23-21



In the midst of the whirlwinds we focus on Jesus. The origin of the word “focus” is influenced by the Latin word used for “fire. What we focus on shapes our lives and determines who we will become.   V – 240  1-22-21



The rest that I seek is not a rejuvenation of my energy, it is the exchange of energy:  my life for God’s through which the vessel of my humanity is filled with the all-sufficiency of Christ Himself.   V – 244    1-24-21



Personal offenses are one of the main tools the adversary is using to keep us from moving into our land of promise – our destiny in Christ – the enemy is trying to keep us from going through our new gates.   V – 245  1-24-21



The Word is the guarantee of answered prayer. God is asking me to bring Him His Word, to plead my covenant rights. I am not to pray to God in ignorance but as a partner in His purposes.    V – 246   1-26-21



I stay focused on my calling in Christ and remain determined to do what God has lead me to do, even if I am assaulted by outside forces that seem to be beyond my control.    V – 247   1-26-21



Some debate whether the devil is on earth or in hell – can he dwell in Christians or only in the world?  The fact is the devil is in darkness.  Wherever there is spiritual darkness, there the devil will be.  V – 248  1-25-21




I arise and walk in dominion power, and lay a hold of the promises of God.  Each day I seek greater revelation of His purpose for my life.   V – 249   1-26-21



As we continue to engage with God – manifesting His Kingdom in such a way that the light of His presence changes atmospheres – His heavenly hosts will bring their assistance to us.   V – 250  1-25-21


When we do not live in our position of authority, it is because we do not recognize or accept our calling in Christ. Man’s redemption allows him to have dominion.    V – 251  1-25-21


I Cease struggling; I cease wrestling against Jesus for I am committed to surrender. My rest comes from becoming honest about my needs and allowing Christ to change me.   ZZ- 735   1-27-21


How do we “prepare a way for the Lord”?  Whatever has been standing in the way of the manifestation of the Word of God in your life – speak to it, shout to it – prophesy to it!    V – 254     1-27-21


Faith has focus and purpose.  For one who has faith in the Word of God, there is nothing impossible. There are no impossibilities when there is faith…and there are no exceptions.   ZZ – 792     1-27-21



Be who God made you to be. Don't be conformed to a teaching or a doctrine, be conformed to the image of Christ. We are changed from glory to glory as by the Spirit of the Lord as we behold HIM.    V – 256  1-28-21


God is calling us to be like those in Acts 2 in the upper room. God is calling your name and saying to "come and sit and wait in His presence" until the very thing He desires to impart and give to you comes.   V – 257  1-28-21


I am stirred to greater levels of hunger today as I leave the shores of familiarity.  I am being transformed as I wait, linger, and lay down in His presence as Jesus refuels me for Kingdom exploits.   ZZ – 804  1-28-21


Jesus is not looking at our intentions --He is looking at our works!  Are we allowing the grace of God to produce holy living and advance His Kingdom in our lives, or have we received the grace of God in vain?   V – 259  1-29-21



I confess and meditate on God’s word day by day. That Word decks me out – equipping, outfitting, and furnishing me with all the spiritual gear I need to take the adventurous trip God has planned for my life.  V – 260  1-29-21



With God’s Word fitted tightly in place, I am ready to set sail and follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads! I declare this by faith in Jesus’ Name!  V – 261   1-29-21



When you are praying for faith you are praying to believe. Such a prayer is really based on unbelief, and therefore it will not be answered.  Faith increases as we hear the word and put it into practice.   V – 264  1-30-21


Affirmation: I confess that I am exactly the kind of person God wants to use. Because of my attitude and willing heart, God is going to use me mightily to further His Kingdom on This Earth!    V – 265  1-30-21



You are hidden in His wounds. These wounds are clefts in the Living Rock.  He wants to hear your voice, and you are interested in no one but Him. Your face is beautiful, reflecting His.   V – 266   1-30-21



As Mary received Christ into her physical Body, we have received Jesus into our spirits.  Our destiny is not just to carry Christ inside but to reveal the fullness of His glory in this world.    V – 268     1-31-21



The temptation, when we first pray about something, is to lose heart or give up.  It is necessary to pray (pressing into Him) until you feel (and know) that your spirit is breaking through.  V – 269   1-31-21



I will stay in this place; I will use my faith; I will be steadfast, unwavering, and committed to seeing His promises come to pass in my life. I call those  things that are not as though they were.   V – 270   1-31-21



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