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To be prepared for greater victories, we need a greater revelation of Jesus Christ;  we need to see him as a Holy warrior, dressed for battle.  ZZ – 163   3-1-21



Before I frame my world the way I want to have it framed, I know that I am going to have to scrape off some of the old ways of thinking, believing, and speaking which have been limiting my progress.  ZZ – 164  3-1-21



We speak as God's earthly representatives. By releasing the voice of the Lord through the power of the spoken word, we can decree a thing and it will come to pass -- it's all done by speaking words of faith.   ZZ  166  3-1-21



The imagination brings in the creative dimension God wants to use so He can enter into it and express Himself in a much grander way to us than just by knowledge or by intellect.  ZZ – 169  3-2-21



When I find myself in trouble, I use praise as a key to unlock the “prison doors” of my circumstances. When I praise God, He raises me out of my situation.   ZZ – 170   3-2-21




In Hebrews 2 He says He is going to bring many sons to glory.  It means that He is going to clothe them with His glory -- may that be our vision.   V – 68   3-2-21


We, as His people, are His seed. As you plant the the Word in your heart, He is releasing you to deposit it in lives you touch that are the ground work for advancing His Kingdom in the earth.  V – 5   3-3-21


Who's voice echoes in your ear? Do you agree with what you see or what God sees for you?  He has chosen YOU! When God commissions something, He is sure to bring you victory.    V – 306   3-3-21


What giants are holding you back? This is YOUR season of victory, and those giants that have kept you in bondage are now being shackled -- prepare for victory!    V – 307   3-3-21


Praise transports us into the realm of the supernatural and into the power of God. He eagerly awaits the fragrance of our affections, desiring to manifest His sweet presence and power in our midst.  V – 308   3-4-21



Let the "High Praises" of God be in your mouth – not the low praises. High praises are the release of THANKSGIVING and HONOR given directly to the Lord Jesus Christ.  V – 309   3-4-21



What is the joyful sound?  It's the sound of High Praise that brings the transforming Glory of God!  In the joyful sound, believers rejoice all day long, for the Lord is their strength.  V - 310   3-4-21


We are the victory of almighty God!  We are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.  We are everything to the Father that Jesus is. V – 313  3-5-21


I was born again -- I wasn't half re-born.  I wasn't made half-righteous or a quarter-righteous -- I was made the righteousness of God in Christ!  I am a joint Heir with Him.  V – 314  3-5-21


We have accepted the call of God to leave the low life behind and we are following the Spirit of God to a higher realm, where we will live in continual peace, joy, and victory as we advance His Kingdom.  V - 315   3-5-21



A testimony prophesies what is possible again.  All He looks for is someone who will add his or her faith to the testimony given. Because He is the same today as yesterday, He will to do again what He did long ago. V – 316   3-5-21



We are to be transformed from "glory to glory."  When we fall into the trap of trying to change ourselves, it results in looking at ourselves instead of Him.  This will lead to the black hole of self-centeredness.  V – 317   3-5-21



It's the "God encounter" that makes the concepts powerful.  We must be transfused with the love of God to the point that we seek His face until we are "clothed with power from on high!"   V – 318   3-5-21



In the world "self-made" men and women are esteemed, but not so in Christ.  Our goal is to be fashioned and established by the grace of God, not our own efforts.  In this way we are his workmanship, devoted to becoming what he wants us to be.  V – 319   3-6-21



We never again settle for what was yesterday; this is our time for impact for today. The past is not our reality! We must come out of old mind-sets and into the mind of Christ where we receive His strategies to touch and impact.  V – 320   3-6-21



God didn't save and deliver us so we could preserve His gift in a sealed jar and live life as usual.  He expects us to PLANT our life, our gift, and our inadequacy in the soil of faith and DIE so He can live through us.  V – 321   3-6-21




I plant myself in the Word (through affirmation, meditation, and seeing myself in the Word) and in a place where the Word is prevalent and the people around me are continually speaking and living it.  V – 324  3-6-21



The Beloved (Jesus) speaks to you and invites you to come quickly out of yourself. He commands you to rise up – He asks you to come out of yourself and follow him to be possessed by God alone.   V – 325   3-6-21



If I am trying to deal with God out of my head or out of my feelings, then what I am doing is trying to deal with God out of my flesh.  V – 327   3-6-21



When we believe in our identity in Christ, we are strengthened and built up in the faith, but when we exchange His truth for some other identity, we open our lives up to be victimized again by the devil.   V – 329   3-7-21



Now is the time for the sons and daughters of God to arise in truth, favor, and authority. Now is the time for you to arise and walk in your CALLING in Christ that you were appointed to display to the world.  Now is the time!   V – 328  3-7-21


It is important to understand that grace does not mean only undeserved favor. Grace is also the release of supernatural ability, an ability to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask, think or imagine. V – 330   3-7-21

The neck is the strength of the soul – being compared to the tower of David because your only true strength is in God. The shields that surround you are built with the abandonment that you have toward your Lord.  V – 334   3-8-21


If I am sitting around waiting for Jesus to decide to heal me… I am in for a long wait.  Because that’s not Jesus’ decision… It’s mine.   V – 336    3-8-21


A religious spirit is a demonic presence that works to get us to substitute being led by our intellect instead of the Spirit of God.   V – 337   3-8-21


God is continually speaking to our potential.  We speak to every mountain that attempts to discourage us or cause us to doubt what God has promised. Every door is now unlocked or open.   V – 339   3-9-21


           The word "image" refers to spiritual character, while the phrase "in our likeness" means "to function like."  We were created to live according to the nature of God and to function as He functions in the world.  V – 340   3-9-21



If you try to function in any other way than faith, you will malfunction.  That is why worry is ungodly and fear makes your vision short-circuit.  You were never meant to be afraid. V – 341    3-9-21



Become the bold, brave, radiant warrior you are called to be. Arise, lift your head -- walk with confidence and assurance that God is with you --  we have a PURPOSE -- we have been chosen by God.   V – 345  3-10-21



The goal is to finish the course saying with all confidence, "I've kept the faith and stayed on course, accomplishing the task set before me" ( 2 Timothy 4:7). It is to that individual Christ will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant"   V – 343  3-10-21



The curtains of Solomon represent your humanity which conceals the Word of God made flesh within you.  He has caused you to partake of His beauty – the cross makes you like your beloved (Jesus).   V – 344   3-10-21



Our shining attracts His glory!  And it's His glory released in and through us that brings about the greatest transformation in the lives we touch.  The breakthrough is in the presence of God upon us.  V – 346   3-10-21



We must learn how to be still and quietly listen to Him;  as we hear, our call is to then ascend higher to the dwelling place of love that floods our being with Himself.   V – 347   3-10-21



I know the miracle of resurrection for me is – that same power that raised Jesus from the dead enables me to rise out of my adverse circumstances and step into the purpose of God for my life.   V – 348   3-10-21

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Ephesians 2:10 - "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."The most important thing we can do once we are born again is to find our DESTINY in Christ. To get…Continue

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