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As we go inward in growing communion with Him, we learn how to call forth the living water within us and release it in an outward flood that transforms lives.   11-14-20    V-8

The Lord Jesus Christ is inviting us to lift our vision up, above our circumstances and situations, to fix our eyes on Him and His Word. As we do this we can expect to see the glory of God fill our lives and those who we touch.  11-14-20  V-7

The Lord is bringing us up into a new place of love, so that if we see a fault or a weak area in another, we will choose to stand in prayer and intercession for them. See Ezekiel 22:30  V-10   11-15-20

God is waring on our behalf and sending angels to fight for us. Acts 5:19   V – 11  11-15-20

The Holy Spirit wants to change your thinking, and set you free so you can have Christ's perceptions (1 Corinthians 2:16).  V - 12

Tell God you are ready to be offered, and God will prove Himself to be all you ever dreamed He would be. V – 13  11-15-20

Jesus Himself has promised that when we live for the King's vision, the provision of the Kingdom will be ours – a hundredfold, now, in this time.   V-14    11-16-20

The pressure that comes through discomfort positions you for breakthrough! There's a blessing that comes with the pressure the enemy puts on us.   V-15   11-16-20

The praise and breakthrough that is coming out of your spiritual womb is far bigger than you can think or imagine and will carry and birth the purpose of God that's on the inside of you.  V -16   11-16-20

Your singing will change the spiritual climate around you so that authentic faith can arise. You may not feel happy. But you will be resolute. It will be a true sacrifice of praise.   V – 17  11-17-20

The Lord is downloading greater revelation to you right now of His plans for you - Don't remove your heart from expectation. What you expect is about to MANIFEST!  V – 18  11-17-20


The winds of His Spirit are beginning to blow fiercely, bringing restoration and healing into your life, and you will run with Him in new strength like never before.   V – 19   11-17-20


Although the darkness may seem to prevail, you are going to experience a move of the Holy Spirit just as He promised in Joel chapter 2 and Acts chapter 4.   V – 20   11-18-20


Declare your victory! Faith in the Christ anointing you carry will bring confidence, which is what you need in the time of transition so that you position yourself for the journey of the new season.    V – 21  11-18-20


Set things in order. Deal with unbelief, failures, and discouragement. The bridge by which we cross over into the new requires that we leave the baggage of the past behind.  V – 22  11-18-20


You are coming out of the stuck place. You are moving into God-speed acceleration, promotion, and increase. Claim this as the trajectory of your life this day.   V – 23  11-19-20


Your job is to usher in the heavenly perspective to earthly situations. Heaven must consume you, or the earthly agenda will hold you down.   V – 24   11-19-20


It's time for your own personal awakening! There is change in the air. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? Arise and run to the Higher Place in Christ.  V – 25  11-19-20


Do not despise what He has placed in your hands. A simple stone can kill a giant. Stop looking from a human perspective and with human understanding.  V – 26  11-20-20


Keep revival fires stoked. Keep the flames going. Keep your heart pure and keep intimacy first.  You and the Father get to set the world on fire for Jesus, together!  V – 27   11-20-20


This is your season to be established in HIM, in HIS HEART and in HIS PRESENCE. You can SHINE to the world when you are ESTABLISHED in His FRIENDSHIP, first.    V – 28  11-20-20


Those who seek His face shine His light -- their heart desire is to know Him, to be continuously transformed more and more into His likeness and to radiate His presence to others.  V - 29  11-21-20


He will use you and give you increase as you rejoice in the God of your salvation, as you come OUT of estrangement due to stagnating in your comfort zone -- NOW discovering your liberty in Christ.  V – 30   11-21-20


Lay hold of God’s purpose for your life, NOW. Lay hold of the goodness and faithfulness of your God. Expect a bounty to be poured out upon you beyond any measure you have operated from in times past.  V – 31  11-21-20


You are stepping out of the ring where you have been shadowboxing the enemy and are stepping into the 3rd Heaven current of His glory – to take down the giants around you.  Z – 56  11-22-20


Worship is sacrifice -- all the other things that get in the way have to die so that He can have the fullness in our lives. He now speaks to us as those who are set apart to Him.  V – 32   11-22-20


To walk in the maturity of Christ in us we can't be weak. We have to be people strengthened in our inner man, so as to completely fulfill and be finishers of that which is given us to do. V – 33  11-22-20


Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for a true friendship—a length, width, depth, and height of communion together greater than you have ever known. Then the deep things of God will be revealed.  V – 37  11-24-20


As a Believer, you can wake up every day in refreshed anointing; you can live as an overcomer. You can be a finisher of the race that God has called you to run.  V – 36    11-24-20


You can do beyond anything you can imagine, according to God's power that works for you and from you. Every Believer has the potential to see the impossible become possible.  V – 35  11-24-20


It is time to deal with the things which hinder our relationship with Christ. As we allow God to cut away everything that exalts itself against His knowledge, we are making room for new growth.  V – 34   11-25-20


Be willing to let go of the false comforts and old garments that won't adorn you appropriately for your place of breakthrough. Your faith will increase as you make God’s Word real to your spirit.  ZZ – 897   11-25-20

Know that the enemy will make it look like it is nigh impossible to escape. He'll make it look as though prayer is futile. He'll try to take away your courage and bring your spirit into bondage.  V – 38  11-25-20


You are becoming more united in your heart to the One who loves you. He’s the lover of your soul -– and now you can walk free from burdens that once made you stumble.  V – 39  11-26-20


No longer do you need to be tossed to and fro -- no longer are you going to be subjected to the whims of others. He has goodness to show you that you have never dreamed of.  V – 40  11-26-20


You have been adrift and helpless, caught in the tides of changing winds and seas. Grow and stretch as you fly with Him right now. He has made you strong – He is growing you, pushing you, nudging you.  V – 41  11-26-20


Today, declare that the power of every negative word being spoken against you is broken, in Jesus' name! You are free to fly. You are moving into overflow!  V – 42   11-27-20


Today, receive the courage to stand firm against forces of distraction that have sought to come against you. You are free to make progress in what God has called you to do. V – 43    11-27-20


Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Listen past the noise of the pressure the enemy has been placing upon you and Hear the sound of the NEW LIFE coming forth. This is the hour of manifestation.  V – 44   11-27-20


Vision makes suffering and disappointment bearable. Vision generates hope in the midst of despair and provides endurance in tribulation. Vision inspires the depressed and motivates the discouraged.  V – 47  11-28-20



It’s time to defeat the giant in your life and move beyond your past and believe for empowerment to rise up with courage to advance in your Christ calling.  V – 45  11-28-20


We allow Him to restructure and realign our life. As we position ourselves properly in this season and prepare our heart with courage and steadfastness, He empowers us and "carries us" into the NEW!  V – 46  11-28-20


Exhibiting expectation is the key to hearing from God and is the key to miraculous power. If we have no expectation, our faith has nothing to rest on, and God can do no more than we exhibit faith for.  V – 48  11-29-20



The mystery is that Christ is in you. That is your hope of glory. This suggests, then, that our task is not to get Christ into us, but out of us. What God sees when He looks at you is Christ.  V – 49  11-29-20


Focus on Jesus – Immanuel. If you live on the surface of life by focusing on everchanging phenomena, you will find yourself echoing the words of Solomon: “Meaningless! Everything is meaningless!”  V – 50  11-29-20


People going through the motions don't want to hear about the deep things of God. You know the Lord is preparing you and moving you from glory to glory. You were created for "such a time as this."   V – 52  11-30-20


Bind up those evil spirits! Rebuke doubt and unbelief! Bind up the evil hordes who oppress, defeat and discourage! We have been given the keys to loose the will of God on Earth.  V – 51   11-30-20


The culture of the day has begun to influence the way we see, think and feel. Be strong and courageous! It's time to step out of the herd and cross the threshold into the life of freedom Jesus offers in Him.  V – 53   11-30-20


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